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  1. Very nice project and great attention to detail ?? Mike
  2. This is super. I especially like the last pic with the pick up truck with this Fire truck. Very nice ??
  3. Super!! I have this Trumpeter kit but wasn’t sure if I wanted to use the container or not but your build gave me another idea ?Thanks for sharing ?
  4. Another cool build. I would love to have this in my glass cabinet ?
  5. Very nice and cool project. You cannot help but love these old trucks. Simply amazing build. ??
  6. Completely amazing build. Makes me want to pull my kit out of the storage and start building it. Btw, is that kit engine? ?
  7. Pardon my ignorance, but what does COE stands for?
  8. Hey Mike, Yes, I understand his work is quite a bit scratch build but I was thinking I might be able to do part scratchbuilding and part kitbashing. His work is truly marvelous and pleasure to see. So, I’m slowely going through this forum and finding his builds. It’s a slow process but well worth the time ?
  9. Cool build Charles. Larry, can these Cabs be still purchase? I like to do similar to what Charle’s did above. Of course, i’ll need to figure out what kit to use it with. So, let me know sir! TIA Mike
  10. This turned out great Charles. Glad you made this conversion. I’ll be grabbing one for sure to use it for fire truck.
  11. Nice, I really like that GMC truck. Sure is different. Good job all around ? Mike
  12. Nice start. I was eyeballing this kit few days ago. May I ask, is this 2 n 1 really has 2 complete kits or just option to do 1 or the other? TIA Mike
  13. Oh man, photo bucket sucks. It’s taken away all the old photo through out the modeling forums. So, you gonna light this big boy up? Cool beans, hopefully new photos will be viewable soon.
  14. Thanks for the item number and your right it sure it OOP and fetching a good price on fleebay.
  15. Nice, I have the same kit to build in future. It would be nice if the reissue the trailer for it.
  16. I know, i’m Digging up the old thread but it’s worth diggin’ as this looks awesome. Great job sir! Mike
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