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  1. Mike Martin added a topic in Drag Racing Models   

    Johan Enderle Bug Catcher

    I am new to this forum and am looking for help locating an Enderle "Bug Catcher" scoop/injector that was produced by Johan. Back in the late 60's and early '70's I was actively involved in local (San Francisco Peninsula) model car contests. I built several freelance Funny Cars that all had one thing in common - Johan's Enderle injector. Hands down, it was the most accurate of all the offerings I have ever seen. It was molded as a single piece. Back then, I would buy the Johan "Stinger" Hornet Funny Car just for that one part. (Yes, it was that good.) However, today the kits are going for a King's ransome and are very scarce. On the other hand, I just saw a vintage Johan Challenger kit in an auction that may have the same part. The pictures were inconclusive - Does anyone know for certain if these kits (or others) shared that part?

    I recently attended the NNL West 2008 show in Santa Clara (I have created some pages of photos I took there at: Mike Martins Photos of the NNL West 2008 show). I have since been to several hobby shops and I have seen many cars that I'd like to build. However, just like 30 years ago, I am dissappointed in the Enderle injectors that most kits contain. The push I need to get back in the hobby is a source for a really accurate (read "good looking") Enderle bug catcher. With no disrespect to the resin industry, I have been unable to find anything that comes close to the Johan part.

    Is there anyone out there that can help me find an original Johan part, (or an accurate reproduction)?

    Thanks in advance for any leads.

    Mike Martin

    P.S. Here's an awful photo of the last car I entered in a contest - it has the Johan injector on it.

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