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  1. Splash Paints LLC Order

    I've ordered twice from Splash Paints and on both occasions the paint got to me blazingly fast and were well packaged. Haven't used any yet but they look great. Keep up the good work and I'll be ordering more. Steve

    I've said this before, since George is dead we'll never know the answer to this BUT, I've heard many comments about how ugly some of the stuff George did was. Has anyone, besides me, ever considered just how much of the work that George did that's considered ugly was done that way because the customer, PAYING THE BILL, was standing over George saying, "I want it this way or else." A lot of his stuff was unattractive but look when he had a chance to create or embellish on his own, we got the Batmobile, THE Batmobile, the only Batmobile that matters. Sure it was an embellishment of the Futura but still...it's beautiful, made more so by the alterations to Bat-ify it. We'll never know just how much of each creation was Barris and how much was a customer with bad taste. George is still King of the Customizers and I miss him to this day. I wish I could have met the man.

    Call me stupid if you like but I put in for one copy of the kit at $25.00. I've spent or lost more and gotten less many times in the past. If he's successful and I get one, great. If not well, I'm not out that much and it was gone so long ago that I'll never miss the $$ anyway.
  4. Resin custom Studebaker caster ID?

    To be an early Batmobile it'd have to have a bigger fin.
  5. Wheel source for a 1937 wrecker

    I have one of those as well and for that build and many others I would love to find a good source of good "spider" wheels for bigger trucks like this.
  6. 1952 Reo Gold Comet

    When you get this REO done, how far behind can this be?
  7. What Model Is Your Sentimental Favorite And Why?

    My sentimental favorite is the AMT Silhouette show car. I've tried and hopefully succeeded in obtaining an issue with every box art that it had been available in. Second fave would be the AMT Deora and the same goes for the collection of Box Art although I am missing the "Alexander's Drag Time" box.
  8. Auto Quiz #327 - FINISHED

    Oh My!! Ugly it's NOT! I only wish this was available in scale. I'd love to build one of these in 1/25th!
  9. Rattle Can Primers

    The most forgiving primer I have found is Testors Lacquer Primer. It goes on smooth with no runs or orange peel. It's available in grey for use under dark colors and white for use under light colors. It's sometimes kinda hard to find and I have had to have it special ordered for me at the LHS. There's an Enamel primer but I haven't has as good a luck with it getting runs and for some reason the Enamel one spits sometimes. I have never had the Lacquer one do that. MY .02.... :-) Steve
  10. Warped Promos

    Sadly it would be the only way I can afford to get some of the cars that I want. Vintage kits costing several hundred dollars are out of my league.
  11. Warped Promos

    Just had an idea........cast the warped body in resin, fix the warp in the resin body using the warm water technique then either use that body or make a new mold of the repaired body......expensive rubber wise but if it's the only available way to get certain stuff.....
  12. warehouse and loading dock (scale 1/25)

    I love that all the trucks are COEs. Where did you get that cab for the red International??
  13. Pearl paint

    I always get looked at funny when I buy several bottles of the same color fingernail polish at the dollar store. There are some great colors, though, that will look great on models. Steve
  14. Is there anything that can be done to "fix" warped promos? I know they are not styrene or resin but, usually, some form of ABS or acetate plastic and over time they warp. Can anything be done to bring these back to the proper shape? I know you can fix resin with warm water but does this work with acetate or ABS? I see so many cool promos that I would like to add to my collection or upgrade by cutting the hood open and adding an engine, etc but some are so badly warped that all 4 tires don't touch the ground at once anymore. Anyone have any remedies?
  15. A while back; someone, somewhere posted a picture of a mid-60s Suburban that had been converted into what I can only call a Timing and Scoring Truck. It had a platform of some sort built up in the rear, a hole cut into the roof with a framework raising that portion of the roof and chicken wire filling the gap. Apparently scorers would stand on the platform and look out thru the chicken wire to do their jobs. I THOUGHT I saved a picture of this in my Model Reference Photos folder on my computer but apparently I am mistaken. I can't find it anywhere and with the new Suburban out I could build it now. If ANYONE has ANY idea what I'm talking about and has this picture I sure would like to see it again, I have done every conceivable search in Google Images and it just does NOT come up.....HELP!!