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  1. The one thing that always astounded me was that you could read the numbers on the speedometer and the radio face....somebody had to be blind because of that.
  2. I, too, have many colors of fingernail polish that I wish to use on cars. My question is how do you get the paint out of the bottle for airbrushing. All of the ones I have seem to have that sleeve inside the neck of the bottle that wipes the brush down to just having enough to paint a nail with. Of course, with that sleeve in there there's no way to pour the paint out so how do you guys get it out of the bottle??
  3. Which is why I e-mailled him and inquired. His answer was quick. He said anything I ordered would be 6 months out, so I refrained from ordering at this time. That's all it takes to avoid so much heartache.....
  4. Jeff, you just hang in there and put yourself first. If some peple can't wait till you get to it, to heck with them. I'd wager each and every one who orders has PLENTY to build till they gettheir stuff. I know I do. When you told me it would be 6 months before you could get to anything I'd order I held off. I have plenty to build in the queue. Steve Prange
  5. I would wager that Round 2 has the molds since they have, and use, all the Ertl truck kit molds.....
  6. I disagree. Why would you want it to liike no-one has cared about it for years. You KNOW Steve Bolander would have taken care of it after college (If he ever went).
  7. The Police/Fire version of the Revell Ford Wagon comes with Fire Chief decals, I built mine as a Chief's Buggy and used the kit decals.
  8. Just ask Ertl they built a whole company around it.
  9. Scrwdrvr came thru for me again, thanks, buddy. Steve
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