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  1. What I wouldn't giove for that Fox to be produced. It's GOT to al least be as good a seller as a garbage truck is going to be. Steve
  2. For those of us who build fire apparatus here's about the best. https://www.shapeways.com/shops/downrangeproductions1-35th-scale?li=pb Thanks Steve
  3. Would love to see a 68 Olds 88, my first car.
  4. I'd like to see "Non-Skid" treaded Model T tires for the AMT Model T kits.
  5. A bare block for the GMC 702 c.i. V-12 engine. Basically two GMC V-6s joined into one block. Thanks Steve
  6. You mis-spelled it, it's "sadly" that is a real car!
  7. For being only 16 years old and on a tight budget you are doing very fine work. Let us know when you plan to start selling these cabs. I'm in for a few. There have been quite a few fire apparatus (what I typically build) built on this chassis and I can't wait to replicate some of them. Steve
  8. I'm very interested in one. Couple of questions. Are you using a vacuum tank for your RTV and are you using a pressure pot for your resin? Great looking work.
  9. Found what I needed, now I have a complete set of Weird-ohs, Frantic Cats and Silly Surfers.......
  10. I have a "Buy it when I see it IF I can afford it." With resin kits and their respective prices that's not always possible. And don't get me started about Modelhaus...
  11. The roof lights are accurate representations of a Miller Meteor item from the period.
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