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  1. The "Little known" one in that series would be the Jordan Playboy...
  2. Went to the ST Supply website and didn't find any of Scenes Unlimited products offered for sale. I hope when they do show up, shipping costs from Canada won't make buying them prohibitive. Steve
  3. That figures, I never got a chance to order anything from them. Bummer. I hope someone saves the cabs that they were selling that were mastered by Charlie Rowley. Steve
  4. Got what I needed, thanks everyone.
  5. Still need some, thanks. Steve
  6. Think I'll pass on that one, thanks though.
  7. 1st 700 Quad


    If anyone has any of the skeletons from the Boot Hill Express, Rommel's Rod or the Li'l Coffin or parts thereof that you aren't planning to use I'd be happy to take them off your hands. Thanks Steve
  8. Got the part I needed. Thanks so much?
  9. I REALLY wish he'd update the website. Everything, I mean EVERYTHING, I've asked about is out of stock and will not be recast,
  10. Thought I had this coming but now I can't get a response from the sender. I still need this...anyone?
  11. Greetings; I have lost the "off to the side" stock air cleaner for the stock 259 V-8 engine for this car. Anyone putting another engine in theirs? Let me know what you need for it. Some stuff to trade. Steve Prange
  12. Bought two wetbikes in a plastic bag at a swap meet. What kit did they come in?
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