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  1. Just finished a great trade with khils aka Kevin. I would trade with Kevin anytime.
  2. I'm ready for fall, also. Unfortunately freezing weather & snow come soon after.
  3. Awesome build! I've had this kit laying around a couple years. I'm not very good at making plastic wood look realistic, so I haven't built it yet.
  4. I got my internet back on after being down for 3 weeks. I made 5 different app with my provider to come & fix it & they never showed up at any of them so I changed providers.
  5. I found a sealed one on a Goodwill auction site last night & put in a bid for $5.00 & found I won it this morning. Thanks for offering to pick one up for me. I wish we had an Ollies around here. It sounds like a great place for cheap models. Never heard of them until people started mentioning it on here.
  6. RIP Gregg. So many rockers from the 60's & 70's have been passing the last couple of years. When you're young you never think that the people in the groups you grow up with are going to one day get old & die.
  7. I'm thinking of ordering one of these. Has anyone built one? I know some of the old Lindberg models have a lot to be desired & I want to make sure this isn't one of them. Is this model actually 12" long?
  8. I wish A Hobby Lobby would be put up closer to me. The nearest one is over 40 miles away.
  9. I've had the truck over 6 years & It's always been reliable (until lately). The rust is what stops me. When I bought It there was very little & now it's spreading all over. Even the body mounts are starting to rust through. I can keep it up mechanically but I don't think the body's going to make it through another Indiana winter. It's a shame how devastating road salt is to a vehicle.
  10. I doubt I fix it. Northern Indiana's winters have taken their toll on the body & the rust is getting pretty bad. It's worth a brake line but not a transmission. As High Octane said It's a money pit & I don't see It ending.
  11. My falling apart '99 Dodge Dakota. I put new hub bearings & all four tie rod ends in it in Feb. & was then told all four ball joints & the tranny mount needed replaced. Got that done. Then came a new exhaust. Leaving work yesterday the trans. stuck in first gear so I drive 10 miles home at 15 mph. As I pull In my driveway a brake line pops. Over a thousand in it so far & it's beached again. I think it's time to say goodbye & start looking for something else.
  12. I need to strip a model painted with Short cuts white spray paint. I tried the purple pond & had no luck. What's the best stripper for this paint?
  13. Those burns hurt. I bought my first motorcycle back in '91 & the morning after I got it decided to move it under a tree to wax it. I had shorts on & figured to start it & ride it in the yard. About the time I got in the grass it fell, muffler side on my leg. It was an 1100cc & was a near impossible to get it off my leg. I still have a scar where that happened. A friend of mine had a '67 Chevy many moons ago with sidepipes that fried many a leg.
  14. I needed a set of gauges for the '66 Buick Wildcat. He didn't have these so he made a couple sets he thought might work & sent them to me for free.
  15. I've gotten quite a few from him & he also has a big selection of old license plates for most of the states.
  16. I like It. I fit in the intermediate category. I started Moebius '61 Ventura a couple weeks ago & could enter that. It's painted but nothings detailed or put together.
  17. 1956 Mercury Montclair ( my stepdad bought me one of these for $40.00 in Sept. 1970) 1955 Olds. 98 starfire conv. ( my Mom had one in the late 50's ) 1963 Olds. 88 conv. ( first car I bought on my own in 1971) 1951-54 Pontiac 1966 Olds. Toronado 1957-59 Cadillac Eldorado conv. 1959 Buick 1971-72 Grand Prix
  18. No pics yet. Just got Polar Lights chamber of horrors guillotine from a trade with vintagedragcrazy.
  19. Another great trade with Vince (vintagedragcrazy). Always happy with our trades.
  20. I think It's great they're still together & played this free concert. I got to see them for my 12th birthday in Nov. 1964.
  21. One at a time for me, too. Any more than that & I'd never get one finished.
  22. I know I should have been more careful. By the time I got to foiling it I was pretty fed up with all the problems I was having & didn't take my time to do it right..
  23. Every once in a while you can get a model where nothing goes right. This was one of those. I had to repaint it twice. Dropping it the first time right after I painted it & then putting a big thumb print on it. Then my elbow hit the chassis knocking it off the table breaking two tires off, part of the front suspension & the rear end. Here it is finally pieced back together.together. I painted it Mythical maroon.
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