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  1. I started this today as part of the annual 24 Hour Rolex build...Revell Foose Cadillac Eldorado...all parts have been primer and painted after major bits were assembled. I will let everything dry while I nap for a few hours.
  2. As I sit here waiting for the start of the Rolex 24 Hour Race from Daytona, I have finished up a small diorama titled, 'The Bachelor's Modelling Pad', based on a 24th scale Japanese doll house kit that I found online.
  3. ..also makes an interesting police sedan...
  4. Several years ago one of the decal guys made up a few sets of decals for this car with proper lines, you may be able to find a set.
  5. What to do on a quiet Saturday...how about a trip to a car museum? Only 2 hours from Toronto, the Buffalo Transportation Pierce-Arrow Museum is worth a visit. I have been there twice before but another visit is always good. One of the highlights is a new donation to the museum, a 1904 Pierce (before the name change), fresh from a private collection. There are about 100 cars plus bicycles (Pierce built bicycles and motorcycles before cars), hub caps, gas pumps, period clothing, models, the 'Frank Lloyd Wright Filling Station' (no Goober at the pumps) and much more! I took a few photographs and added them to my album listed as .December 2019', enjoy https://public.fotki.com/howardcohen/pierce-arrow-museum/page4.html
  6. I am not sure what the kit is but it looks larger than 1/24th.
  7. I took these shots at the Fleetwood Country Cruise in London, Ontario in 2013, they should help with a few details
  8. People keep asking me where I find this stuff...it's easy, I open my eyes and there it is Okay, I look online and I give out lots of cards at shows and they sometimes call me with items for sale. In the past few weeks I have picked up two collections, one of 19 cars and the other of a dozen trucks and a few cars. The trucks went to a friend's home as he collects them. I am keeping the cars for myself for now. Sometimes I go to buy a few models and I end up with a few dozen as they want to get rid of everything at once, so I oblige them Here are some of the built models I picked up...and no, they were not free
  9. I have not seen it yet but some guys in my racing club did and were able to pay a few extra dollars to get 'movable seats' that moved with the film and drivers and cars...they said it was worth it! A few weeks ago I watched the docudrama 'The 24 Hour War' on Netflix about the same theme, Ford vs Ferrari, about LeMans and some endurance racing added in. It was done more as a documentary with interviews with real racers and builders. It was very good, although a little sad when they showed the Mercedes accident at LeMans, some real crashes, talked about '1 in 4' drivers in the 60 had a serious crash. Watch this and the movie and compare the two.
  10. 'Warping' on an old acetate promo is really the air escaping from the swiss-cheese plastic that causes the plastic to deform. You may be able to reshape it with warm water. To stop the deforming, you would have to seal the plastic with some type of coating, like clear coat, paint, primer, etc. Acetate is not like polystyrene plastic.
  11. I bought some of that tape but there was a problem...it was vinyl, did not bend well and lifted about a week after I put it on.
  12. This show has grown faster than anyone expected with a few hundred models on display and a few hundred vendors helping to fill your stash They have a display area with some full size cars, which they fire up every once in a while They also have a working 1/4 mile scale drag strip. I took several photographs and talked to lots of people and bought a few things I also stopped in at Pasteiners on Woodward Saturday for their weekly 'Cars & Coffee', did some shopping and had a great time. Follow the link and enjoy... https://public.fotki.com/HowardCohen/detroit-area-auto-m/
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