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  1. NNL Nationals,,,more photographs :)

    HI Greg - I hope that I was not the only one to see your amazing collection of fire apparatus. I remember displaying with you many years ago and how much fun it was then. If the NNL attendees missed it, maybe they will see my photographs and go 'doh!', I missed it As next year is the last, I suggest bringing out a handful of your favourites...and sign the magazine
  2. The 'Early Ford V8 Foundation Museum' is in Auburn, Indiana. It is currently being overhauled and the finished building will be about three times larger than before. It looks great even as it is now and I am looking forward to visiting it again. https://public.fotki.com/HowardCohen/early-ford-v8-foundation/
  3. Yup, lots of models, great crowd of people, tons of fun...all wrapped up in only 700 shots https://public.fotki.com/HowardCohen/nnl-nationals-2018-/
  4. Thanks for the pictures. I would have gone but I was in Toronto at the Group 25 show. Hopefully next year the weekends will work out better with London the previous week.
  5. Model Car Kit Collection

    The only problem I see is that you need to organize your kits better so that: 1 - you can easily read all the boxes without turning your head 2 - arrange them flat so the parts don't shift and break. 3 - get them off the floor, especially if they are in a basement that gets damp.
  6. Michaels in Canada

    Another reason why it is good to support your local hobby shop if you have one
  7. Wings and Dreams...

    ...is the title I gave to today's photographs. There was a classic car display at the Warplane Heritage Museum in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada this weekend. The idea was to show vintage cars mixed with vintage airplanes and I think the mix worked very well! Here are the photos I took today...fyi, the Cord at the beginning (and some others) was a special photo-shoot for one of the organizers, hence the duplicates. FYI2...KOOKS is the nickname for the Auburn-Cord-Duesenberg Club in this area. https://public.fotki.com/howardcohen/kooks-2018-warplane/
  8. Small Resin Companies and Copyrights

    Past experience has taught me that you can copy the logo as long as you do not sell it. If it is for personal use, even a few friends, you are okay. If you sell it, Ebay, shows, internet site, you are liable to get a notice from the copyright holder or their law firm. Several years ago, a friend made decals for a Nascar team and sold a few to friends. He received a 'Cease and Desist' order. He sent a letter apologizing and explained that he was only making a few sheets and that he sold them just to recover costs. He received a letter back telling him that was okay but not to do it again. He stopped making decals. If you are going to use some company or someone else's name or logo or design, be prepared, just in case. That includes making a model car or parts, decals, nameplates, etc., even using photographs that have a copyright logo on them.
  9. GM Design Studio Drawings, Clay Models, & Prototypes

    There have been several articles about styling over the years and a few books written by stylists. Collectible Automobile did a few articles many years ago. I wonder how many clay mock-ups were done for each model. For example, the Camaro seems to have more than a dozen styles, so there may have been a few dozen clay mock-ups. The '67 clay car has some great artwork on the back wall and they look so much like the '69 Camaro. Many years ago I met a man who did clay carving of dashboards for Pontiac. He would start with a series of drawings, then carve a dash and add instruments. His supervisor would then inspect the dash. If he didn't like it, he would take a hammer to it. If he liked it, it would be sent to the next step, whatever that was. Even with all the computers today, they still use clay to make the first model.
  10. https://public.fotki.com/howardcohen/cobble-beach-concou-2/
  11. This past weekend was the 6th Annual Cobble Beach Concours d'Elegance just north of Owen Sound, Ontario. Set on Georgian Bay, this Concours has fast become one of the premier events on the continent. With cars from all across Canada and the United States, cars of all backgrounds, the quality is just amazing! How many of you have seen an OSCA Coupe? There is only one and it was at the Concours. How about a Triumph Italia 2000GT? Maybe Mohs Safarikar? Cadillac Prototype Coupe de Ville? Mercer? Saturday started with a 100K tour around the area and a Cars & Coffee onsite...check out the Packard With support from some great sponsors, the Concours draws some very interesting cars including the Buick Y Job from General Motors...yes, it runs and yes, the top works! Oh, Saturday I went for a drive and found this very interesting road sign. Check out my photographs and see for yourself. Enjoy https://public.fotki.com/HowardCohen/cobble-beach-concou-2/
  12. Ottawa Canada Contest Sept 2018

    I will be vending at the London show that day; Group 25 show the following weekend.
  13. AMT Vintage Racers

    Not the same car The AMT is a 2C, you show a 2E, totally different
  14. AMT Vintage Racers

    I have the Chaparral as well, one built, one in the box
  15. AMT Vintage Racers

    I just finished up three vintage AMT road racing kits, basically slot car bodies that AMT sold as curbside kits. I purposely left off the decals for two reasons...the old decals are not very good...I wanted to show the great lines of the cars without the decals being a distraction. They are all painted with Tamiya spray cans: the Hussein is TS44, Brilliant Blue; the Lola is TR54, Light Metallic Blue; The McLaren is TS 50, Mica Blue, all over Tamiya fine white primer. I will have these at NNL Nationals in Sylvania in a few weeks...see you then