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  1. Howard Cohen added a post in a topic 1/24-5 Can-Am Kits, Plastic & Resin. Let's make a "Catalog"   

    Some of the static AMT kits started out as slot car kits and were released in two fashions, slot and static. Monogram did the same with the Chaparral 2D. I can't remember if the McLaren-Elva and Lola raced in the CanAm or only the USRRC. 

  2. Howard Cohen added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    I picked up a few things this weekend  
    Revell - 
    Paddy Wagon - no figuresPontiac Grand Prix SEOutlaw - sealedHurst Hair Olds - no Linda figure56 Ford custom pickupMonogram - L'il Coffin - 50th - sealedAMT -Penske PC-17 indycarMarch 88C indycar37 Chev modified76 Chev Caprice - no trailerGarlits Wynnsjammer - sealed6 assorted showcases
  3. Howard Cohen added a post in a topic Modelhaus going, going Gone !!!!!!   

    I wonder if right now Don and Carol are regretting their decision to give so much notice without putting a limit of the size of orders. I wonder what the modelling community would do if they decided to just close up, return all the money, say 'Thanks, we are done' and go on a very long vacation  
  4. Howard Cohen added a post in a topic Modelhaus going, going Gone !!!!!!   

  5. Howard Cohen added a post in a topic Modelhaus going, going Gone !!!!!!   

    Oh, so buying and reselling is wrong...too bad because every time you go to a hobby shop or show and buy a kit from a vendor or from a collection, that is exactly what you are doing  
  6. Howard Cohen added a post in a topic '65 Impala   

    I left some of the trim without foil as it looked too heavy with it. I wanted the gold trim to be stronger. 
  7. Howard Cohen added a post in a topic '65 Impala   

    Testor's White Lightning is a very transparent metallic/pearl white, almost like a candy. If you see primer, get your eyes checked  
  8. Howard Cohen added a topic in Under Glass   

    '65 Impala
    Revell '65 Impala Foose kit, painted testors White Lightning with some gold trim added to the wheels, interior, rear bumper and on the Lindberg chrome treadplate base  

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  9. Howard Cohen added a post in a topic Modelhaus going, going Gone !!!!!!   

    I don't think their son will be making the tires, I believe he was the son that died last year  
  10. Howard Cohen added a post in a topic Will 3d printing at home work?   

    What I find interesting about this conversation is how it relates to resin casting and photo-etching about 25 years ago. Back then I recall many people saying they would be able to make any part at home with little trouble and little cost. Well, how did that work out? Do 1% of modellers make their own parts by casting them in resin or home-made photo-etch? Even 1/10th of 1%? No, most people rely on someone else to do the work for them. I have a feeling that 3D printing will be the same. Lots of people think they can do it at home themselves until they get started. Then they realize that it is not as easy as they thought. The money to buy the equipment may be the easy part, especially if you are in a club or have a group of friends to share the costs. What stops people is the extra knowledge they need that they didn't know they needed  From CAD drawings to whatever else there is. I tried resin casting some parts and to make one or two was not as easy as it looks when you see the parts for sale at a show  After many tries and lots of wasted resin, I stopped. I did manage to make the few pieces I needed but the time and cost involved was more than it should have been and took the enjoyment out of the process. I think the same will happen to a lot of people who try 3D printing. It looks easy, there are lots of online tutorials about how to do it, many people are trying it but in the long run, how many will keep at it? Before you start, make sure you know what you are getting into. It's not as easy as it looks.  
  11. Howard Cohen added a post in a topic Cheetahs live, now if we could only get a kit.   

    Sometime in the mid-60s, one of the model magazines...Car Model... did an article about using...iirc... the Cox hard slot car body and parts from the MPC and AMT Corvettes to make a static kit. Even back in the heyday of road racing, when kits were being popped out like candy, none of the companies did a full static kit of the Cheetah. I don't think that even the Modelhaus resin curbside kit was a big seller. To expect a plastic company to shell out hundreds of thousands of dollars on a new full Cheetah kit is dreaming. 
  12. Howard Cohen added a post in a topic Haven't seen The Blue Bandito around lately   

    Not so hard to find...I have 3  
  13. Howard Cohen added a post in a topic SACRILEGE !!!!!!!!!!!! CSX 2000 up for acution   

    Did you notice that the seats are filled with chicken feathers?  
    I have a feeling that the car will end up in a large museum in the U.S., maybe the Henry Ford or Petersen or something similar  If it does leave the U.S. the only other place it should end up is in England where the AC came from  
  14. Howard Cohen added a post in a topic Can anyone 'splane this ?   

    Maybe you should go back to the first diecast body kit made by Monogram a few decades ago...remember the diecast 53 Corvette?  
    I always thought it was ironic that we have been building plastic models of metal cars and now we can build a metal model of a plastic car  
    Nowadays it's all about the cost and the profit and that diecast is probable less to produce with a higher profit margin. Oh, lots of people like the feel of a metal body car, like all the diecast collectors  
  15. Howard Cohen added a post in a topic Indy 500   

    To win the Indy 500 takes more than luck and fuel economy, it also takes talent, planning, engineering and so many other factors that we could spend all day talking about them. In the end, he drove a car 500 miles without leaving the car to go to the bathroom (ask yourself how they do that  )  at speeds of 225MPH plus, sitting in a very small cockpit about the size of a coffin with his head being buffeted by the winds (nature and car induced) and the G-forces and the heat (some drivers will sweat 10-20 pounds in a race) and the smell of the burning rubber and the fuel and the oil someone may spill and many other factors. Don't demean the win because he is a rookie, congratulate him for winning over the more experienced drivers and teams  
    Oh, my car club helps organize the Toronto Indy and has since it's inception. I have been a volunteer the past 5 years and will volunteer again this year. The teams arrive several days before the race to set up their tents and work areas, then test their cars, teach their drivers the many ways around the circuit, adjust their cars, discuss race strategy, talk to thousands of fans and the media and in the end, hope they win the race. I am always amazed at how much work they put into their cars, hundreds or thousands of hours to race for 3 hours. It's ain't just luck