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  1. The 7th annual Cobble Beach Concours was this past weekend. I spent a few days touring the area to see some of the sites like Harrison Park, Inglis Falls, Indian Falls and took a few photographs. The Concours weekend includes a Saturday morning tour for the cars and they drove about 100 kilometers around the Bruce Peninsula. Sunday I arrived at the site about 5AM and took some shots of the Little Dipper and the Moon...I had to, we had an astronaut present It started raining a while later but the rain stopped by 8AM and all the cars and motorcycles were set up. My thrill was watching the three Corvair Monza design cars drive onto the show field...yes, they really do run, and then watching the GT drive across the podium to receive a special award...watch the video If you want to see the influence these cars had on the future, take a close look and you will see some Corvair touches as well as Corvette and Chaparral. There are lots of photographs, over 1400, and lots of interesting cars and ideas, so Enjoy https://public.fotki.com/howardcohen/cobble-beach-concou-3/
  2. I went to The Glen yesterday for the Historics. It's only a four hour drive each way, so it's close THere were hundreds of vintage race cars and hundreds more for the infield car show. During the lunch break, the cars did two laps behind the pace car. If you have never been to this event, GO! There are always some very interesting and important cars to see plus celebrities plus thousands of fans to talk to. It was a great day in perfect weather. https://public.fotki.com/HowardCohen/watkins-glen-histor/
  3. Excellent! That looks like Raymond Loewy customized and modernized a Studebaker. Very smooth and sleek! The removable hardtop is a great idea!
  4. The weather is only fickle is you are: A - over 50 years old - we just qualify B - live in some really warm climate that is not like Ohio or Ontario or Michigan Other than that, my winter coat is always in the car
  5. I do not go to the Old Car Festival. I am not local, I am in Toronto, Thanks.
  6. For those of us who love vintage cars, mascots (aka rad ornaments) are important parts of the cars. Many of them were offered from the factory, some from the dealers, some from stores, all are interesting, stylish works of art. Here are a few from the Concours of America.
  7. The Gilmore is on my to-do list, maybe in the fall.
  8. Tom - Thanks. I love taking photographs! The Corvette in the window was not planned but it is a good example of the ages coming together.
  9. That is a MOAL, hand built by a master coach builder.
  10. I made my annual trip this past weekend, armed with a new camera Friday morning was the tour leaving from the Inn at St. Johns and visiting private collections and shops. Friday afternoon was a visit to Pasteiner's Auto Zone store on Woodward in Detroit...well worth the visit. Friday afternoon was spent at The Henry Ford Museum...wow! Saturday morning was Cars & Coffee along with an art exhibit inside the Inn. Sunday was the Concours which for me, started at 7AM in the parking lot as they unloaded and drove some of the cars. Then to the show field with about 300 amazing cars of all styles, marques, years, etc. The 2020 Corvette had its own display and I liked the car better in person than the photographs I had previously seen. In total, I loaded over 1300 photographs and a video. Enjoy https://public.fotki.com/howardcohen/concours-of-america-2019/
  11. I picked these up today, excellent condition, low miles, not used in about 40 years, all original
  12. How close was I to the track? Just a small cement wall between us Sometimes a car misses a turn and enters the runoff area, and stops this close, like the Porsche....missed by that much The press conference with Robert Wilkens was excellent! He drove some parade laps on Sunday in a specially prepared NSX. This man came to watch his son race in the 2000 series. Do you know who it is?
  13. This weekend in Toronto is the Indycar race with several support races including Nascar Canada. I was at the track Thursday and Friday taking photographs and a great trackside video! Here are the links. https://public.fotki.com/howardcohen/toronto-indy-2019/ Trackside video as the cars exit Turn 11...listen carefully about 2:45
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