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  1. Howard Cohen


    I finished two Novas this past week. The first is an AMT 1963 coupe. I removed the paint and refinished it in Tamiya Insignia White. This is not meant to be a show car or auction restoration but a survivor type car with regular 1963 paint, no clear coat and lots of polished chrome. For wheels, I used the wires from the Corvette America kit. They give a nice rake to the car. There is an older 327 under the hood. The next is the Revell 1969 Nova, built as a Time Attack car with a front air dam, flared fenders and front grille from C1 in England. The rear wing is from a Corvette race car. The finish is Tamiya Gun Metal with a red tape stripe down the side. The wheels are from Historic Racing Miniatures and are 1963 Corvette. I am also working on an AMT 1966 Nova, also as a Time Attack car. So many projects...
  2. Well, the 57 Ford is out of the Super Clean after almost a week. The original body work and molding is very good and needs very little touch-up. Time for a coat of primer and paint, using Testors Mystic Emerald
  3. I built that many years ago as a police car, black and white. I looked at it recently and I think it needs rebuilding Just think, Porsche brought out a 4 door and people bought lots of them. Maybe Chevrolet was just ahead of the curve P.S. ... I just signed up for your blog
  4. Anyone want a body template for the Uncertain T? I did not make it, I was given this a few years ago and I do not know who made it.
  5. I am not really sure the year of this Corvette, 61 or 62, as there are not enough markings left on it However, it did survive the Super Clean paint removal bath and came out pretty good. Usually when I dip an old custom in the bath, the old putty and body filler comes off but not this time. The custom touches are solid and ready for refinishing, as you can see in the pictures Well, I am adding this one to the project list and will get to it soon...maybe not so soon
  6. After 2 days in the Super Clean bath, the 57 year old paint is off the Nova and ready for paint...
  7. I picked up some built model cars from the 1960s from the original owner that he built when the kits were new. There are some very interesting custom models and I have lots of restoring to do. There was also a few boxes of spare parts with enough bits to finish several of the models. I have already put the 63 Nova in the paint stripper
  8. It is interesting that none of you suggested using a product made for styrene plastic model cars...NOVUS 1 and 2 will remove tape/glue/BareMetalFoil adhesive residue without damaging any paint
  9. A little more progress on the Nova...I did some work to make the wheels and tires fit under the body, using resin 63 Corvette Magnesium wheels from Historic Racing Miniatures; used the stock rear bumper and tail panel from the kit with the chrome removed, removed all the SS trim and logos; added the rear wing from the Corvette C5R. I made a roll cage for the interior and using a racing seat from the parts box. I have some filling to do on the flares and then a coat of primer.
  10. No rear spoiler, I am using the rear wing from a Corvette CR5
  11. My newest project is a 1969 Chevy Nova that I am building as a road race car; with resin fender flares, hood, front grille and air dam by C1 in England.
  12. What is Time Attack you say? It is an event where you compete against the clock first and the other cars second. No bumping, no crashing into the other car, no huge budget needed and any type of car is permitted. This is grassroots I was at an event this morning and took a few photographs, enjoy https://public.fotki.com/HowardCohen/ota-ontario-time-attack/
  13. The Continental roof is the one shown on the model. The clear bubble top roof is on my custom. The AMT kit is 25th scale while the Monogram is 24th, the parts do not quite fit and I am not going that wild.
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