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  1. Howard Cohen added a topic in 1:1 Car Reference Pictures   

    Victoria Day Weekend Speedfest
    I spent the past four days at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park watching several classes of race cars and taking a few thousand photos and a few short videos. I was trackside due to a media pass and that brought me only a few feet from the cars. It may sound like fun but when they start to crash 50 feet from you, the fun takes a vacation...but I did get the video   The variety of cars was from Porsche to Bentley, Chevy, Chrysler and Ford, Aston Martin to Crossbow. Have a look and see some great race cars with lots of potential for new projects and if you get a chance to see a race, bring ear plugs because they are loud

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  2. Howard Cohen added a post in a topic NNL shows - what is the norm?   

    I have been an organizer, a vendor (still am) and the guy standing in line waiting for the door to open. I like the NNL East idea of printing my entry form at home and having it filled out, then adding the numbers while I am waiting for the doors to open. Their selling tickets in line (starting about an hour before the door opens) works very well and I wish more shows did this  
    As for selling floor trading rights or allowing people to buy a ticket to get in early, I disagree. I have been to many shows where they let people in wheelchairs in first and that works well. As a vendor I am trying to unpack my boxes and get the model kits set up, the accessories set up and whatever else I am selling. I don't need some eager beaver following me around, looking over my shoulder or opening my boxes to see what I am selling, trust me, it happens all too often. If you are that obsessed that you 'have to shop early', maybe you need to step back and take a breath and let the vendors do their jobs. I usually tell those people that everything on the table is $1000 each, just to get them to leave me alone so I can set up. I discourage pre-show shopping when I can. Oh, NNL East also has a rule that there is no trading, buying or selling before the show opens to the public and that works very well. I can set up my table in an hour (lots of pre-show prep time) and any time more than that is spent gabbing to the other vendors. Most vendors are ready in an hour, so having the show open later isn't needed. As for opening the show to vendors at 8AM and the public at would never work. Most shoppers come in at 9AM and are gone by 11AM, not just at model shows but at car swap meets as well. I have some shows I get to at 6AM, and it can take me an hour or two to get there, but I still prefer that to a late opening. 
    Raffles...I like the idea of putting the numbers on a board that I can check when I want to. At shows where I am not vending, I spend a lot of time gabbing to other modellers and I only go to the raffle board towards the end of the day. 
    Finally, if you have some ideas about how to put on a show, offer your services to the groups that put on shows, they can always use extra help  Or, start your own show, we can always use another good show  
  3. Howard Cohen added a post in a topic Paint Reference Data Base: 1922 to Present_Domostic and Imports   

    Excellent reference! THANKS  
  4. Howard Cohen added a post in a topic Another LHS closing up shop.   

    Too often I read about local hobby shops closing, followed closely by 'I shop online' or 'It was too far across town' or some other reason/excuse for not shopping there. If we keep shopping online, more of the local hobby shops will close and then we will complain more and the spiral will go down until there are only a few hobby shops left and 'then there were none'  (there is a supposed local model car builder who won't go to the local hobby shop because it is almost a mile away, even though he can be there in a few minutes)
    When I was a teenager, I could buy model kits and supplies at hobby stores, hardware stores, drugstores, department stores and I had to go and get them. Saturday afternoon, after delivering the newspaper, was my day to meet my friends and ride our bikes to the hobby store and buy a kit and some paint and glue and maybe a special part, like a parts pack. (Westmount Hobby used to save the Revell H-D parts pack bikes for me) Now, we sit at our computers, order online and wait for the delivery. We can't find most of the local hobby stores except in the yellow pages or on Google maps but not in real life, how sad  We seem to collect more stuff and build less. Have we become so lazy or so spoiled by online buying that we have lost the thrill of going to a hobby store? I can go to any one of several hobby stores in this area and know that when I arrive a live person will say hello and chat and I might meet some other modellers to chat with. Heck, that's how we started a model club when I was a kid  
    Do you want to stop local hobby shops from closing? Then shop to the owner and become a regular customer. Okay, you may have to pay an extra dollar or two, you may have to travel a bit, so don't have that extra coffee that day  Make the hobby store visit an event  Talk to the store owner about building techniques and if he can't help you, he may know someone who can. Build a hobby rapport  Funny, we will travel 500 miles to go to a model car event but we won't travel 50 miles to go to a hobby store. The experience may be just as rewarding  Your next hobby store visit might get you a new friend and you can't put a price on that  
  5. Howard Cohen added a post in a topic Question about commissioning models.   

    I used to build for other people many years ago but got out of it because it was taking the fun out of my hobby   A standard 'out-of-box' build was $100 plus materials 20 years ago. I have met a few people who do it now and they charge $500 plus materials as a starting point. To make an accurate replica can easily take 20 hours. If the model requires body modifications, the time factor can soar to 40/50 hours. You could end up with a model that is more expensive than the real car  
  6. Howard Cohen added a post in a topic What a great cup of coffee   

    Coffee in Campbellford not from Tim's?  
    ...and you missed a great Torcan  
  7. Howard Cohen added a post in a topic NNL East ... a few more :)   

    No I got a steak  
  8. Howard Cohen added a post in a topic Corvette C7R   

    These were taken at NNL East...the basic Revell kit and a highly detailed version...

  9. Howard Cohen added a topic in Contests and Shows   

    NNL East ... a few more :)
    My drive to NNL East is about 800K, 500 miles, leaving Toronto, Ontario about 6:30AM, crossing from Canada to the U.S. at Lewiston, NY Thursday morning, then through NY, Penn. and into NJ. I stopped at Whitney Point, N.Y., just north of Binghampton for a few photos, then on to NJ. Friday Curb and I headed to Englishtown, NJ for a small swap meet, only about 2,000 vendors of car parts and other stuff. Friday night I had dinner with some close friends (thanks Kathy, Donn and Bob) and then back to the motel to talk to 1 or 2 people  Saturday at the PAL club I chatted for about an hour and a half before going into the show. The line up (you have seen the many photos) usually enters the building in about 15 minutes as tickets are presold in the line. This time the lineup took about 40 minutes! Yup, I would guess more than a gazillion people!  Inside the display room, the tables were already crowded with hundreds of models. I think there had to be close to 24/2500, but that is just a guess. I only took photos of the models I really liked or I might still be there  I also took a few shots of some of the people at the show. This is my 10th NNL East and each time it gets better and better and the models you see do the same. The best part is chatting to people you have never met, maybe traded emails or messages with online, but to see them live, shake their hand, shoot the breeze, share camaraderie, is the best part! Oh, and to top it all off, I won the raffle of the Bat resin prototype car, my second raffle win in four years Here is a link to my shots. I hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I enjoyed taking them

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  10. Howard Cohen added a post in a topic Roll Call! NNL East is less than a week away! Who's going? Whatcha bringin'??   

    I am driving down Thursday. My boss gave me the extra day off (I am self-employed  ) Friday I am heading to the Englishtown Raceway Swap Meet with a couple of guys (some people say the swap meet is a waste of time but with 3,000 vendors and 300 plus cars, there might be something to look at  ). Friday off to dinner with some friends and then to the Tilted Kilt for a gab session. I have a handful of cars including my 24 hour build, some 63 Novas, some concept cars . Gee Bill, since you lost all that weight, I might not recognize you  Are you still 6'3" with a 5 foot smile  
  11. Howard Cohen added a post in a topic Modelhaus going, going Gone !!!!!!   

    I have thought that any day we will read an updated post saying they are closing now, whenever that may be. I think they misjudged the model collecting public  As well, I have heard of a few guys who are placing extra large orders adding to the strain of Modelhaus. 
  12. Howard Cohen added a post in a topic Kit car, probably not what you thought.   

    There was one at the Detroit Autorama this year...

  13. Howard Cohen added a post in a topic Film: Nine Days in Summer (1967 F1)   

    I just finished reading the story of Jackie Stewart and he, and other GP drivers, fought hard to get safer cars. Yes, the cars of the 60s were simple, stylishly beautiful and exciting to watch, but also death tubes with little hope of surviving a crash without serious injury  One of my favourite GP cars is the early 60s Ferrari Shark Nose followed closely by the rear engine Lotus. After reading so many books about GP driving in the 60s, I am amazed some of the drivers survived at all. 

  14. Howard Cohen added a post in a topic set of chrome Cragars, 4, aftermarket   

    A few months ago I bought 2 sets locally at $10 a set. They are not too common but I have never seen a set more than $10. 
  15. Howard Cohen added a post in a topic Modelhaus going, going Gone !!!!!!   

    The contact information is on the bottom of the page