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  1. Howard Cohen added a topic in General   

    Canadian International Auto Show
    This show is running all week in Toronto, Ontario and is a huge draw for car enthusiasts of all types. Sure, there are lots of new cars but my favourites are the many vintage cars at the show. I am a volunteer with the 'Art and the Automobile' exhibit with over a dozen vintage cars dating back to 1967, including the GM Buick Le Sabre show car of 1951. To celebrate 50 years of F1 racing in Canada there is a display of vintage F1 cars as well as some excellent vintage racing Ferraris  Follow the link to see my photos from yesterday. 

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  2. Howard Cohen added a post in a topic Auto ID #311 Finished   

    Easy to recognize that car as it has been online a few times...unusual for it's background  
  3. Howard Cohen added a post in a topic Tony Nancy Dragster   

    I am now building the Tony Nancy Roadster...working on the engine with parts from the 1963 kit and 1991 kit...engine is assembled and coated with C1 Metalizer powder, sitting on a pair of scissor grips  

  4. Howard Cohen added a topic in Under Glass   

    Tony Nancy dragster
    I finished the dragster a few days ago and took some photos today, using my new compact flash. Yes, the body panels are BMF, my version of aluminum...wait, it is aluminum  I started with a 1963 kit and used parts from the 1991 kit to complete it. The decals went on the BMF quite well as I trimmed them close. For a 50 year old kit, it was a good build. Yes, the body panels come off, they are just resting there  

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  5. Howard Cohen added a post in a topic Corvairs in resin   

    I had a 65 Corvair when I was in college, baby blue, 110HP, dash shifter  It looked just like my model  

  6. Howard Cohen added a topic in General   

    Corvairs in resin
    Here are the 2 Corvair resin bodies that Steve Martin was talking about. They are from Time Machine Resin. 

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  7. Howard Cohen added a post in a topic Tony Nancy Dragster   

    I used less than 1 sheet. The chassis pan is 1 piece, as well as the nose piece and cowl. The drivers cover was 3 pieces and 2 small patches. It took about 2 hours. I am going to use some BMF polish next. 
  8. Howard Cohen added a topic in On The Workbench   

    Tony Nancy Dragster
    I am working on the Tony Nancy Dragster, combining the 1963 kit with the 1991 kit, using as many old parts as possible, and filling in with the newer (now 26 years old) kit. I decided I didn't feel like painting, so I covered the body panels in Bare Metal Foil. I am so lazy   This will be followed by the Roadster as I like the older red plastic better than the newer silver plastic. 

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  9. Howard Cohen added a post in a topic Wheels 1/24-1/25   

    Check out an older Sunbeam Alpine as they had MiniLite wheels
  10. Howard Cohen added a post in a topic AMT Silhouette Bill Cushenberry   

    I did this one last year, my version of a prototype 'what-if' car...what if you dropped in an Allison, added Richard Carroll tires, a rear wing, cut down windscreen  It doesn't have to run, it doesn't even need detailing stuff, it's a prototype  

  11. Howard Cohen added a comment on a calendar event Brants Hatch Slot Car & Model Car Flea Market   

    The flyer shows March 19 but your header shows March 18...maybe you should fix it  
  12. Howard Cohen added a post in a topic AMT Piranha Super Spy Car -minor update 1/7/17   

    There was a photo-etch accessory kit on the market a couple of years ago with lots of neat parts including hinges for the doors. 
  13. Howard Cohen added a post in a topic Zsa Zsa Gone   

    Yup, this is model / car related  
  14. Howard Cohen added a post in a topic Man From Uncle car   

    It's a plastic model car, the engine will never work  
  15. Howard Cohen added a post in a topic Painting white over red plastic   

    I have used Tamiya Fine White Primer on both red and yellow molded plastic and never had any problems.