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  1. Daytona 500

    I only watched the last few laps of the Daytona 150/150/200 as I was working at a car show (photos in a few days). A few things I don't quite understand: Impala and Camaro? A sports car racing with sedans? Sedans - Nascar; Sports cars - IMSA. Why the periods? Must be to give the car sponsors more air time or maybe they are trying to copy a good old Canadian hockey game I thought I heard the announcer (Jeff Gordon) say that a spin and crash was caused by the air pushing the car out of control when the right front fender went by the left 1/4 panel and changed the air flow so much the driver could not handle it? Are the new aerodynamics that bad that you cannot race side by side? A new 'common' air gun for changing wheels? Are they that anal that they need a 'common' tool? Just hire robots and get rid of the human factor. Did they say the wheels lugs are smaller now? Would that not make the studs weaker and less safe? Okay, time for Sebring, LeMans, CTMP/Mosport, real sports cars that I can identify at 100 feet
  2. Massive Oregon Car Collection

    If they have been sitting for 10 years, as he says they have, chances are the bottoms are rusted so badly they may not be worth saving except for parts. I never could understand why people keep cars like that, just lying in a field or barn, open to the elements, rotting away. 'Yup, I'm gonna restore that one day'...yup, never
  3. You get a dog! And you get a dog! And you get a dog! Is that the Oprah special? I have been with Fotki since 2001 and as others have said, it works very well. Yes, moving the servers was a royal pain for us but can you imagine how tough it was for them? They did get all my photographs back online and apologized with a few free months, nice touch. I have my Fotki page on my business card and many of my customers and race and car show people tell me they like it as it is user friendly. I am not changing
  4. 2008 Telsa for sale on ebay ...

    NO road miles! Only flown on Sundays by a little old astronaut
  5. Belly Tank kit in styrene

    Easy to build one, get an airplane kit, a saw and some glue, any airplane kit, they all have the right shape
  6. What made the Edsel fail ?

    I read the Henry Ford story a couple of years ago and it talked about the Edsel. It was built on a Ford/Mercury line where the employees were paid to build 1 car a minute, 60 cars an hour. Then Ford added in the Edsel and told the guys they had to build 1 extra car every hour. The union hated the idea, the workers hated the idea. They went out of their way to build every Edsel poorly. A styling book I read ( I have read several) said the Edsel grille went against the 1950s designs. Prewar cars had vertical grilles, post was cars had horizontal grilles, the Edsel couldn't make up its mind. One book said the Edsel grille failed because it looked like a woman's reproductive organ.
  7. Why no Corvette C7 Z06 or Grand Sport model kit?

    ...but not Revell-Monogram...there is a letter online from R-M stating they are still operating and not affected at this point by the Hobbico filing
  8. 1/25 scale surfboards

    A surfboard is very easy to make. Start with a popsicle stick, large or small available at craft stores. File it to the shape you want, add the fin, paint.
  9. Has anyone built these?

    There is a company that sells a prebuilt resin of the each Firebird Experimental car, 24th scale I believe, not cheap, very well done. There were also some smaller diecast versions.
  10. RIP Dan Gurney, 1931-2018

    Dan was at the Toronto Auto Show many years ago, one of the snowiest days of the year, still showed up on time, signed his name, smiled, chatted. Earlier this evening I followed a link to 'The Henry Ford' where they archive tons of photos, including these B&W from Bahamas, 1960s. At the Concours of America in 2016, I had fun explaining the 'Gurney Bump' on the Ford GT
  11. RIP Dan Gurney, 1931-2018

  12. Hobbico - BANKRUPT!

    From Revell today: We want to thank you for your concern regarding the recent news of the Hobbico chapter 11 filing. Revell will continue to run business as usual and continue to provide the best in class model kits to our customers. We appreciate the continued support and we look forward to a bright future! Please stay tuned for the latest news on new product releases.
  13. Motorcycle Supershow, Toronto

    I spent last weekend at the Motorcycle Supershow in Toronto, building models and talking motorcycles My friend Evan Jones and I have been doing this for about 10 years. Evan set this up many years ago after building a model for the show organizer. We get a nice spot to set up displays and build motorcycle models Along with our friend Dave Bailey, we promote the hobby and find there is a lot of interest in models. We do not sell anything but we do get inquiries about commission builds. This year I pre-painted two motorcycles, a Revell Chopper and a Tamiya Ducati, a few weeks before the show. Most of the assembly was done at the show with only a few small pieces added after. Here are my photographs from the weekend: http://public.fotki.com/howardcohen/motorcycle-supersho-2/
  14. Model making

    Want to know what goes into making a kit? Read this, maybe print it out and show it to your local hobby shop, pass it around to all the modellers you know, educate the masses http://www.madehow.com/Volume-6/Toy-Model-Kit.html
  15. Has anyone tried this stuff?

    I have used this on a few models and it works really well to give a metal like finish. It works better on some colours than others. I find it is very good on dark colours like black, some silvers and aluminums. I did this BatPod with the C1 powder and no paint. The Ducati has C1 on the wheels, rear swingarm and engine. Make sure that: 1 - always wear a full paint mask! 2 - always wear gloves. 3 - your paint is fully cured. 4 - if you mess up, rinse it right away under water and it should rinse off.