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  1. Howard Cohen added a post in a topic Corvette C7R   

    Chassis and body are done What if I owned the C7R? What if it was built by Chaparral Cars?  Hmmm...  
    This is a great kit and I need another one  

  2. Howard Cohen added a post in a topic Corvette Starfighter   

    Wow! I like that! Very well done! 
  3. Howard Cohen added a post in a topic Corvette C7R   

    My fantasy build is coming along I have the chassis/interior under construction, painted silver and blue, with a few touches of black, the dash matching the body, my version of 'Frigidaire White' from 1966. There are a few little adjustments needed when building the car but so far, most of the parts fit well. I removed the aluminum valve covers when I realized they are hidden by the air cleaner assembly, replaced them with the kit units. 

  4. Howard Cohen added a topic in On The Workbench   

    Corvette C7R
    I got this kit at the NNL Nationals in Sylvania, Ohio a few weeks ago after anxiously awaiting it since I saw the preview at NNL East in April. I have been a Corvette fan and a big time sports car race fan for decades and this kit really got me excited! The box art is excellent! The instructions are easy to follow. The detail on the kit from the body to the engine are all very good as is the interior. The only bad point is the metal axles, similar to the 60s, right through the engine but I have replaced them with stub axles. The engine is stock with added machined aluminum valve covers. I am building this a little different than the box art as this will be a 'what if I owned and drove the car' build On a scale of 100, I give this kit a 95  

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  5. Howard Cohen added a post in a topic Auburn Speedster (lindberg, Pyro)   

    That looks great! I have one under construction and hit a small wall  The engine does not fit under the hood and I can't get the exhaust pipes to fit from the hood to the fenders I'll get back to it soon with yours as an incentive  Thanks for sharing  
  6. Howard Cohen added a topic in 1:1 Car Reference Pictures   

    Yesterday's Speedways
    This is a new race car show in southern Ontario aimed at vintage racing in all facets, enjoy

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  7. Howard Cohen added a post in a topic Some quick pics from NNL37   

    Greg Who?  

  8. Howard Cohen added a topic in Contests and Shows   

    NNL Nationals...a few more photos :)
    Here are a few photos I case you want to see a few more model photos

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  9. Howard Cohen added a topic in 1:1 Car Reference Pictures   

    A-C-D & Natmus Museums
    As part of my NNL Nationals weekend, I spent Friday in Auburn, Indiana at the Auburn-Cord-Duesenberg Museum and the NATMUS, National Auto Truck Museum. They are side by side but the buildings are so different it is hard to imagine they are from the same era and the same original company  The A-C-D Museum is all Art Deco and the Natmus is more like a cement floor warehouse. Both are enjoyable to see and if you go see one, make sure you see the other  I hope you enjoy my photos

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  10. Howard Cohen added a post in a topic hello then I returned   

    Bienvenue monsieur! 
  11. Howard Cohen added a post in a topic the models   

    Every one of these models is of museum quality! At a concours event, each one would be a 100 point car! The details, from the open gas filler cover on the 250 TR to the perfect wiring add to the ear plugs on the driver add to the absolutely perfect finish on each car!
    Merci mon ami pour les plus belles autos! 
  12. Howard Cohen added a topic in Under Glass   

    2016 Mustang GT Snap???
    I started with the Revell snap kit...but I have wondered what the Mustang would be like as a mid-engine car...hmmm I took the AMT/Johnny Lightning 2005 Ford GT and checked the wheelbase...almost identical  I assembled the Ford GT chassis complete with interior and slid it under the Mustang body and it was very close. I did have to do some fitting and some sanding around the rear wheel wells but the Ford GT chassis fit under the Mustang and I added a small roll bar on top of the engine bay firewall. I also opened up the area where the rear license plate was to bring the exhaust pipes straight out and leveled the front spoiler from the Ford GT to meet the Mustang body. I may do a repair on the dash to bring it to the windshield but other than that, it's very close  A quick build required some quick paint, Tamiya white and some black stripes. 

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  13. Howard Cohen added a post in a topic Corvette C7R - Revell new tool   

    I have been waiting for this kit since the stock snap kit was released  Not enough detail? Good, add your own from the mountains of extra parts in the aftermarket or scratch build your own   Want a clean shelf model? Good, right out of the box  Want to build a fantasy Corvette with you as the driver? Go ahead  Which ever way you build it, just build it  I need at least three  
  14. Howard Cohen added a post in a topic Display and Storage Boxes?   

    Try to find a display case large enough to hold a football. That will allow you plenty of space to display the model box without crushing it. The acrylic cases are much clearer than the styrene ones made by AMT and JoHan, are a bit more scratch resistant and show much better. 
  15. Howard Cohen added a post in a topic 60s/70s Corvette road racing decals   

    VRM makes historic racing decals: the early Corvettes are excellent!