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  1. Cruise Night, Toronto

    There is a cruise night at a Canadian Tire store in west end Toronto every Saturday evening and the turnout is always 300-400 cars. I visited last night and took a few photos, enjoy https://public.fotki.com/howardcohen/ctc-cruises/
  2. Superbike Weekend, Canada

    Yes, it is a tire warmer.
  3. Nixdorf Classic Car Museum

    I really like the signs by the cars, the story often makes the car more interesting. That is one of the reason why I take sign pictures at shows. As for the headlight dimmer, in the 50s, GM had some very innovation engineering, much of which was shown on the Motorama cars, everything from radar to traction control to a decelerometer
  4. 1965 Corvair

    I hope so
  5. 1965 Corvair

    I am building this 1965 Corvair as a track car, over sized wheels and tires, graphics to follow, first post-paint mockup and it fits
  6. This is an annual event to close off a 5 race series in Canada. There are different classes, both pro and amateur, large and small bores. I spent Friday in the paddock as the bikes were being prepared and Saturday watching them race, checking out some new bikes (several manufacturers have bike rides) and watching some stunt riders/flyers Yes, they do touch the ground on some turns... https://public.fotki.com/HowardCohen/superbike-weekend-2018/
  7. You are welcome Tom, yup, a kid in a car candy store
  8. Yes, this is the same show, moved a few years ago. I like this location much better.
  9. Here is a photograph I took last weekend of Hurley Haywood at the Concours of America, no charge, as a few of us chatted with him for about a half hour, a super friendly man. He signed a few autographs, posed for photographs and did not ask for any money. Who are those names on the list, America's Least Wanted?
  10. Wix Cobra

    I had the Wix Cobra and now it belongs to a friend, very well detailed and proportioned! I also have the 1953 Corvette, very well done! Neither was expensive and both are great value.
  11. I have to include the signs, I can't remember it all
  12. The Concours of America is more than just Sunday with beautiful cars and trucks and people. The weekend starts Friday morning when a large group heads out for a tour of area shops and private collections. Hagerty Insurance has a 'Ride&Drive' and I was able to take a 1965 Chrysler Imperial for a 20 minute drive. Saturday morning was a Cars&Coffee with hundreds of daily drivers and collectible cars. Inside was a display of artists that was outstanding! I was able to watch GM unload the famous Firebird Turbine Cars and show chassis...look at all the stuff it has! There were also some Porsche drivers as guest speakers. Sunday was the Concours and I started in the unloading lot before sunrise. When you go through the photographs, you will see some GM factory showcars/experimental cars including the CERV 1 & 2, Astro 2, the original Stingray, all of which were driven from the transporters to the show field, Yes they run The featured marques were Bugatti and Porsche..excellent! I arrived Thursday for the weekend so that I could take in as much as possible. Here is a link to my photographs from the weekend, enjoy https://public.fotki.com/howardcohen/concours-of-america-2018/
  13. Story of Jo Han models.

    At NNL East, I bought an AMX from JoHan. He still makes a few kits, just small quantities.
  14. Toyota 2000 GT

    AMAZING kit and build!
  15. Mobil 1 Sportscar GP

    How long does it take to rebuild a damaged race car? A day and a half will do it if you are Penske Racing. This Acura went into the tire wall at Corner 5 Friday afternoon doing serious damage to the entire rear end. The driver was out of the well constructed car quickly. The safety team made sure there was no further damage. The flatbed crew did an excellent job getting the car off the track and back to the pits. The Penske team did an amazing job rebuilding the car and having it ready to race Sunday morning. Almost everything from the firewall back was replaced and the car looked like new when the scrutineers checked it Sunday morning. Well done all around! https://public.fotki.com/howardcohen/mobil-1-sportscar-g/