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  1. Letter to all members from Sfangoch

    I did not know the name of the person and no name was ever mentioned! Why are you taking this personally?
  2. Letter to all members from Sfangoch

    A few years ago, on a custom car site, one of the guys cried the blues about his sick daughter and the fact that he would have to sell his entire model collection just to buy medicine. They felt so bad they did a fundraiser for him. They raised a lot of money, several thousand dollars I think. A few weeks after getting the money, he was caught buying a very expensive kit on Ebay, caught because he was buying it from one of the guys that gave him money! A friend of mine, who knows him, told me he doesn't have a daughter. He has not been back to the site since. Hmmm... His nickname was 'doctor something'
  3. Your thoughts on "Contest Themes"

    I have found that themes at NNLs or contests work better when the theme is displayed on its own. I have been to some events where the theme builds are mixed in with other classes and they are hidden, so no one really sees them. I.E. - if your theme is Chevy, have a separate spot for them rather than mixing them with street, drag, custom, etc. One of the best themes I ever saw was at NNL East when they did Hollywood Cars, filled up the tables so fast, it was amazing! I always liked the theme, 'Cars in Music' as there are over 200 songs with cars in them (we did a count many years ago) and you can use lots of kits
  4. Sunday, December 3rd, 2017; 50th Cars & Parts Flea Market, International Center, 6900 Airport Road, Mississauga; opens at 10AM, admission, $10 per person, FREE parking, hundreds of vendors selling all things automotive from parts to books to models to whatever! Also: Pinstripers Panel Jam & Art Show! Organized by Motor City Car Club.
  5. Site Update Complete

    What happened to the 'NEW CONTENT' icon on the top of the page?
  6. I had made a suggestion to Revell for a 2017 Corvette Callaway with SC757, big block supercharged engine, full body kit, AeroWagen option
  7. Excellent build! I also have one and recently started polishing the body to prepare it for paint. After reading about your build, I will do it differently than O planned. Did you make the wheels yourself or is there some company that makes them? Thanks for sharing your great car!
  8. Prewired distributors!

    Where do you live?
  9. Selling on the Forum - Poll

    I say 'NO' to selling here! This is a forum for builders. As others have said, there are lots of model selling groups on Facebook and you can easily join in.
  10. Great way way to add 2.5 hours of modeling time

    Tom - did you go thinking it was a story about Harrison using an X-Acto 'blade' to build a model Ford If so, you was robbed
  11. 3d Printed "Stiletto"

    Is that the fine smooth finish or the more grainy? What are you planning for the windows? Do you have a price point? Will you be selling it directly and will you ship to Canada?
  12. Warped Promos

    The real problem with acetate is that it is full of tiny air bubbles. After some time, the air escapes, the remaining acetate fills the space causing warpage and shrinkage. If you bought a new acetate promo in the 50s/60s and sprayed it with some sort of clear sealer, the air would not escape and the body would be straight. Have you noticed that all the chrome is okay? That is because the chrome plating covered the acetate and stopped the air from escaping. This is the explanation I got many years ago from a friend who was told this by John Hanle.
  13. I have read a few books written by stylists and there are reasons they use chrome. First, to be flashy as that is what many people in North America have always wanted, maybe not you but more do than don't. Second, in the 50s, chrome was used around the windows to give the feeling of larger windows. Third, chrome was used on many windows to cover up the rubber and adhesive used to hold the glass in place. Fourth, chrome is used to accent body lines. Okay, so you don't like it but you may be in the minority
  14. Remove paint from clear parts?

    I use Super Clean to remove paint from windows, works well
  15. That is very well done! There was one done in a larger scale, 1/43rd, by a small private builder many years ago and only as a finished truck. I have seen the real truck and it is quite special