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  1. Howard Cohen


    Many years ago I bought several model cars from a man in Ontario, Canada. He had built these model cars many years ago, late 60s and early 70s. He did a lot of scratch building and a lot of painting by hand. Although the cars may not be award winning models, they are all unique as most of them are one of a kind. Here are a shots of some classic customs...enjoy Magician Corvette Illusion Ultra Rod 32 Ford Golden Indian Devilfish
  2. Very well done! I know a couple of people (Read Bros.) who work in brass and they love it. I think the root beer car you refer to may have been the roadster built by Posie.
  3. Way back about 1980, I attended a model car show in Maumee, Ohio, a suburb of Toledo, called the 'N N L (National Nameless Luminaries) Nationals'. Organized and hosted by 'The Cleveland Automotive Modelers Society', the show took place on the same weekend as Canadian Thanksgiving, so I had an extra day to recover. The Saturday NNL show was run in conjunction with the two day Toledo Toy Show that was run by the late Herb Jackson. Herb seemed to think that supporting the model car hobby was as important as making money. He did both. I was a member of 'Group 25 Model Car Builders Club' and we always brought out enough model cars to make the Americans envious. We brought out 'West Hill Chrysler', built by Ron Dixon, and awed the masses. We brought out a working 4 x 8 foot slot car track and wowed them again! To make sure we were there, Herb would give us as many passes as we needed and slip us a few bucks for gas money. Herb took care of us and the other modellers and we did not disappoint him or the show. Sadly, Herb passed away but the toy show continued on with a new owner, John Carlisle. Group 25 often set up our 'West Hill Chrysler' display in the NNL room on Saturday to share with a few hundred modellers from all around the world as well as showing it on Sunday. People came from all across the U.S. and Canada as well as Australia and Europe. I met so many great people at that show the first year that I had to go back again...and again...and again. The 'Cleveland Automotive Modelers Society ran the NNL Nationals every October for 40 years. The NNL was so popular that other groups started up their own versions all across the U.S. and Canada, What made the NNL type of show so popular was that it was not a competition but a show, a cruise-in for modellers. We showed our model cars and chatted with others who showed theirs. We traded ideas and techniques. We told stories. We made friends, many of whom I am still friends with today. The camaraderie was often said to be better than the model cars and there were some amazing model cars! When we weren't talking about our model cars, we were out shopping in the toy show area, looking at and buying model kits, parts, paints, books, a bit of everything. The model magazines often sent a photographer to record the event. A large number of people took their own photographs. I was one of those with a camera. Sadly, 2019 was the last year for the NNL Nationals. The organizers saw it from a gathering in a garage to a large community center to spreading around the world. You can't get much better than that. As this would have been the weekend I would travel to Toledo, and surrounding areas, here are the links to my online photo-albums. I often stopped at a car museum or two on the way to Toledo and you will see those links, as well as in my NNL albums. THANKS to THE CLEVELAND AUTOMOTIVE MODELERS SOCIETY for providing so many modelers from all around the world the opportunity to meet and share our hobby and make life long friends. Just a short drive from Toledo is Auburn, Indiana, home of the Auburn-Cord-Duesenberg Museum and other car museums. https://public.fotki.com/howardcohen/auburn-cord-duesenb/ The Crawford Collection Auto Museum is in Cleveland, Ohio, also a short drive from Toledo. https://public.fotki.com/howardcohen/crawford-auto-museum/ Wright Patterson Air Force Base has a great air museum and is only a couple of hours from Toledo. https://public.fotki.com/HowardC.../dayton_air_force_museum/ ...and now for the NNL Nationals... https://public.fotki.com/HowardCohen/nnl_nationals_toled/ https://public.fotki.com/HowardCohen/nnl-nationals-2004-a/ https://public.fotki.com/HowardCohen/nnl-nationals-2006/ https://public.fotki.com/HowardCohen/toledo-nnl-2007/ https://public.fotki.com/HowardCohen/nnl-nationals-2008/ https://public.fotki.com/HowardCohen/nnl-nationals-2009/ https://public.fotki.com/HowardCohen/nnl-toled-1/ https://public.fotki.com/HowardCohen/nnl-toledo-2011/ https://public.fotki.com/HowardCohen/nnl-toledo-2012/ https://public.fotki.com/HowardCohen/nnl-toledo-2013/ https://public.fotki.com/HowardCohen/nnl-toledo-2014/ https://public.fotki.com/HowardCohen/nnl-nationals-2015-/ https://public.fotki.com/HowardCohen/nnl-nationals-2016-/ https://public.fotki.com/HowardCohen/nnl-nationals-2017-/ https://public.fotki.com/HowardCohen/nnl-nationals-2018-/ https://public.fotki.com/HowardCohen/nnl-nationals-toled/
  4. https://www.alphamodelkit.com/124-aston-martin-kit-124-resin-car-kits-p2799394.html
  5. Great selection of cars. There are a few clubs in Toronto that may interest you and one model car club... WWW.GROUP25.ORG
  6. Sometimes the manufacturers will ask the large distributors about kits to make, what sells, what feedback they get from the stores, etc.. I used to go to a forum where the average person would say, 'if they bring out the 1963 Whatsamobile, I will buy 3 of them. That should be enough to satisfy the company.' Then the others would chirp in with, 'Yeah, I'll buy one too'. In the end they would want a whole 2 dozen kits, not enough to make the company manufacture it. Shows and letters and emails all help to tell the company what the modellers want. Make sure that you buy the kit when it comes out
  7. I picked up a small collection of built models this week, mostly very vintage funny cars, customs and show cars from the late 1960s, early 1970s. I have lots of restoring to do
  8. Howard Cohen


    I finished two Novas this past week. The first is an AMT 1963 coupe. I removed the paint and refinished it in Tamiya Insignia White. This is not meant to be a show car or auction restoration but a survivor type car with regular 1963 paint, no clear coat and lots of polished chrome. For wheels, I used the wires from the Corvette America kit. They give a nice rake to the car. There is an older 327 under the hood. The next is the Revell 1969 Nova, built as a Time Attack car with a front air dam, flared fenders and front grille from C1 in England. The rear wing is from a Corvette race car. The finish is Tamiya Gun Metal with a red tape stripe down the side. The wheels are from Historic Racing Miniatures and are 1963 Corvette. I am also working on an AMT 1966 Nova, also as a Time Attack car. So many projects...
  9. Well, the 57 Ford is out of the Super Clean after almost a week. The original body work and molding is very good and needs very little touch-up. Time for a coat of primer and paint, using Testors Mystic Emerald
  10. I built that many years ago as a police car, black and white. I looked at it recently and I think it needs rebuilding Just think, Porsche brought out a 4 door and people bought lots of them. Maybe Chevrolet was just ahead of the curve P.S. ... I just signed up for your blog
  11. Anyone want a body template for the Uncertain T? I did not make it, I was given this a few years ago and I do not know who made it.
  12. I am not really sure the year of this Corvette, 61 or 62, as there are not enough markings left on it However, it did survive the Super Clean paint removal bath and came out pretty good. Usually when I dip an old custom in the bath, the old putty and body filler comes off but not this time. The custom touches are solid and ready for refinishing, as you can see in the pictures Well, I am adding this one to the project list and will get to it soon...maybe not so soon
  13. After 2 days in the Super Clean bath, the 57 year old paint is off the Nova and ready for paint...
  14. I picked up some built model cars from the 1960s from the original owner that he built when the kits were new. There are some very interesting custom models and I have lots of restoring to do. There was also a few boxes of spare parts with enough bits to finish several of the models. I have already put the 63 Nova in the paint stripper
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