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  1. BTTF Delorean

    Wow! Very well done! I picked up the older Blueprinter BTTF Trilogy set at NNL EAST and really appreciate how much work you put into this.
  2. NNL East 32 Report

    As always, I had a great time at NNL East. The drive from Toronto, Ontario is worth every kilometer/mile I brought a few vehicles to display, bought a few kits and took some photographs The best part is chatting with everyone before, during and after the show. Here is the link to my photos: https://public.fotki.com/HowardCohen/nnl-east-2018/ And if that was not enough, on the way home I stopped in at the Northeast Classic Car Museum in Norwich, NY, about 40 miles southeast of Syracuse, saw about 170 cars and took a few more photographs Enjoy.. https://public.fotki.com/HowardCohen/northeast-classic-c/ THANKS to Tom and all the great people who help put on the show...I am already planning for next year, are you
  3. NNL East - - April 21st - - Are you going..???

    Wait, you are attending your nephew's wedding...I think Steve is also attending a wedding...are you guys going to be related?
  4. 1/24 Bugatti Chiron

    Just an engine cover? No actual engine?
  5. Canadian MPC model production

    A friend was doing some work for MPC back then. The kits that came out of General Mills were packaged in Concord, just north of Toronto. I believe the bags of parts were shipped to Canada as unfinished product to avoid an import tax on a finished product; boxes and instructions were also shipped to Canada, then stamped with the French marking. Then the kits would be packaged and shipped across Canada. I do not recall any actual production or injection being done at the time. I do recall driving to a warehouse in Concord to pick up something. That would have been in the early 1980's.
  6. Dragstrip Memories, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

    Due to the very bad weather, the show has been cancelled. Putting on the show requires putting the vintage warplanes outside and they are concerned about damage to the planes.
  7. NNL East Roll Call! Who's going?? :)

    I plan to leave Toronto very early Friday, stop at a car museum for a few hours, then head to Jersey. I hope to be there late afternoon. Saturday at the show, home Sunday, with another stop on the way home
  8. Heritagecon 12

    Not from me as I was vending but if you go to their website, you may find a link.
  9. The Figoni & Falaschi bug has bitten again

    I have seen many of these cars at concours events and at R-M. This car is different in that it has minimal bright trim. I didn't call it chrome as some of it was polished stainless steel I have the Heller Delahaye and Bugatti and they are interesting kits but yours will be unique and much better! Thanks for sharing.
  10. Coming soon! Sunday, April 15th! 'Dragstrip Memories' is a show all about drag racing in southern Ontario! Real drag cars, photographs, vendors and more! All in the Warplane Heritage Museum, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. http://www.warplane.com/events/upcoming-events/event-details.aspx?eventId=110
  11. Photos from Detroit NNL *PICS*

    Thanks for the pics
  12. Heritagecon 12

    120 vendors tables this year! I just started loading my car and I hope I can see out of the windows to drive The weather will be perfect, a hanger with vintage airplanes, tons of models and accessories, what else do you need? By the way Ken, have you considered changing your name to Falcon?
  13. Splash Paints - Website Up!

    Check out Bob's Paint. I have seen him at NNL events in Detroit, Toledo and NJ, very easy to deal with, lots of colours, good quality. I believe Bob is on this forum as well.
  14. Revell 1/8 Jaguar XK-E

    There is a guy that makes all kinds of electronic parts for cars and trains including battery holders, bulbs, connectors and whatever else you might need: Evan Designs
  15. Revell 1/8 Jaguar XK-E

    The Jaguar was first released by Monogram about 1963 using the methods available then. The Porsche was issued many years later with much newer technology and a larger budget. Hence, the Porsche will have better detail and working parts. I have seen the Jag built up by many people and they all loved it. Just remember you are building a 50 year old kit