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  1. This show has grown faster than anyone expected with a few hundred models on display and a few hundred vendors helping to fill your stash They have a display area with some full size cars, which they fire up every once in a while They also have a working 1/4 mile scale drag strip. I took several photographs and talked to lots of people and bought a few things I also stopped in at Pasteiners on Woodward Saturday for their weekly 'Cars & Coffee', did some shopping and had a great time. Follow the link and enjoy... https://public.fotki.com/HowardCohen/detroit-area-auto-m/
  2. Located halfway between Warren, Michigan and Port Huron/Sarnia, this was a great place to visit. I stopped in for Veteran's Day on my way home from the D.A.A.M. NNL this past weekend. Talk about a mind blowing collection of cars and much more! WOW! When I walked in the front door, I entered their 'Music Room', filled with vintage music machines that are hard to describe but amazing to see and hear Yes, I took photographs and a video as well. Then I entered the cars and much more room. I expected to see cars but I did not expect to see several Wurlitzers, HUGE organs, signs, gas pumps, a Titanic Bar, the Blues Brothers, etc., etc., etc., always with music in the air. The rack with the cards are all thank you cards from a school to the Veterans. I took a few photographs so follow the link and enjoy. https://public.fotki.com/HowardCohen/stahls-auto-museum/
  3. I found the info so I am deleting this thread, Thanks for your help.
  4. The red one I found listed and called 'Mantaray', slight difference from the Dean Jeffries Manta Ray.
  5. I cannot remember what this blue slot car was called in 24th scale. I have the 12th scale static kit but this is not quite the same. Can anyone help me with the name, etc.? Thanks I also have this one from Classic. Both came from a collector who said he never raced them, just put them on a test track to see if they worked and they do.
  6. Getting close to the finish line...
  7. Tim - I have been going to Toledo since about 1980, and before that, to the show in Dearborn...remember the motel? I think I have been to about 30 NNLs at Toledo, many as part of Group 25 Model Car Builders Club, a few times with the Great Lakes Fire Apparatus group and many times on my own. I have visited many museums in the area including the Sloan, Ford, Indy, Wright-Patterson, A-C-D (5 times) and a few others, all bringing me back to Toledo. You can look at pictures on the internet all day long and still not understand what an NNL really is...it's the people. I lost count of how many great people I have met at various events but the number would crash a Cray computer. I have taken a few photographs (thousands) and written a few articles about NNL. It's not the shopping. It always comes back to the people. Those friendships never disappear. FYI...the last photograph that I took last Saturday evening was of Tim Boyd, standing on a chair, waiting to take some shots. To me, it looks like Tim is quietly saying, 'Thanks' to everyone.
  8. Bill - you were one of the 3 people that I really missed seeing at the show. I hope the house works out (been there, hated that) and you get back to modelling soon.
  9. Hi Greg - Memory lane is a great place to meet old friends and it is always there. Other than a standing ovation for John, I don't think anything special was done. I don't think many people would remember the GLMFAA except for a few of us. I did put a photograph in my album that I had on thr display table (and I left it there). My photopage is always busy and I am adding stuff regularly. Howard
  10. My weekend started Thursday as I made a few stops on the way to Toledo. Thursday I went to Nick's cafe for dinner (been there for ever) only to find a new speed shop opened next door and they were having a cruise. Good thing I had a camera There were a few dozen neat cars and I took a few pictures. Friday morning I headed to Auburn, Indiana, about 85 miles away, to the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum. I spent several hours there looking at cars in this amazing place! I took a few pictures. Friday evening there was a dinner for the NNL with about 100 people in attendance, including several Canadians. There were a few light speeches and a lot of fun. I took a few pictures Saturday was the NNL Nationals. What started as a gathering in a garage 40 years ago ended up leading to some of the biggest model car events ever with people from many countries taking part and other NNL style events growing out of the original. The attendance was about 360 people with over 1000 models on display! Canada was well represented as my friends and I had our 'SHELL 4000' display and other models around the show. There was also a swap meet and I managed to buy a few things. I took a few pictures Saturday evening was the final event of the weekend. Models were brought from the museum in Utah that showed the history of our hobby going back to the early 1960s with cars from Dave Shuklis and many others. There were also dozens of magazine cover cars on display, a Merc-Deuce Reunion and display from some of the other NNL organizers. I took a few pictures Overall, a great weekend! I saw about 1500 model cars, over 150 real cars, took over 1900 photographs, talked to dozens of people, lots of old friends and a few new ones. I have been going to this NNL for about 30 years, met some amazing people in that time and saw thousands of models. It was worth every mile of driving, every minute of visiting, every photograph I took and every looney spent. If you never went to an NNL, you will never fully understand what you missed. In the meantime, get a large coffee or something and enjoy some photographs... Yours in the hobby, Howard Cohen https://public.fotki.com/HowardCohen/nnl-nationals-toled/ P.S. the last photograph is Tim Boyd...he was standing there waiting to take a picture but to me, it looked like he was quietly saying 'Goodbye'.....
  11. until

    Many years ago we had a man named Bob Gaudard in Group 25 Model Car Builders Club. Bob Loved Pullers, also hot rods, drag cars, the usual. Bob couldn't find a set of puller tires he likes, so he carved his own, really. Bob also preferred to make his own detail parts rather than buy them. The exception is the Ross Gibson Resin Engine he used, one of Ross' first engines. (photographs taken through a plastic case) I am bring this El Camino Insanity to the NNL Nationals as a tribute to Bob and Ross. Gone but never forgotten...
  12. I will be wearing my red flame shirt with my name tag...and a red Group 25 hat...with my red hair blowing in the wind
  13. In 1993 and '94 I did an NNL in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in conjunction with a model car contest. The NNL was Saturday and the contest was Sunday. Saturday attendance was okay but we lost the venue and didn't do any more. This is the flyer was had done by one a club member.
  14. Last week I stopped in to visit a local car museum. They had a few magazines and I bought some old 'Car Model' mags from 1967/8/9/70/71 era. I was going through them when I turned the page and saw the ad for the 'International Car Model Association' membership...with my name and address filled in! Yes, I bought back my magazine from 50 years ago! This time I am keeping it
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