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  1. Howard Cohen added a post in a topic Ferrari 308GTB Racer   

    I have that kit and it was going well until I got to the rear window  Not a good fit
  2. Howard Cohen added a topic in 1:1 Car Reference Pictures   

    Italian Car Day
    This is an annual event held at the Boyd Conservation Area in Woodbridge, Ontario as a charity fundraiser and draws about 200 plus cars, enjoy my photos  

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  3. Howard Cohen added a post in a topic Hobbylinc.com   

    ..and this is why your LOCAL hobby stores close  You keep buying online and then your local store closes because you didn't support him  
  4. Howard Cohen added a post in a topic Concours of America   

    Some of you may not fully understand the history of the 300SL Coupe. It started life as a race car for M-B in the early 1950s and was later adapted for the street. I just acquired about 100 old car magazines from the 1950s including Road & Track and Sports Car Graphic. In these magazines there are numerous photos of 300SL Coupes racing on road courses. air strips (like Sebring), the PanAmericana, Bonneville, and many other places. The 300SL was a race car with license plates. Bob Sirna has built his 300SL as a Bonneville car and is the current record holder in the class at over 190MPH. The others associated with the car include John Fitch and Tony Delorenzo, both well known racers. Bob is also a member of the 300SL Club and a past president. He is well known and well respected as a car owner and racer  

  5. Howard Cohen added a post in a topic '59 El Camino. A foiling nightmare!   

    Very nice! I have done a few of those, also the Impalas from 57/8/9/60...patience is the key  
  6. Howard Cohen added a topic in 1:1 Car Reference Pictures   

    Concours of America
    This annual event was held in Plymouth, Michigan, a short four hour drive from home. Saturday morning started with a Cars & Coffee event and about 400 cars. I arrived at 6:30AM (yes, I left home at 1:45AM ) and was able to spend several hours chatting with people, taking photos and enjoying cars of all ages, shapes and sizes. The Sunday Concours had almost 300 extremely well restored and preserved cars from CanAm to drag to vintage, 13 original Cobras in one display, eight CanAm cars, 8 drag cars, a 62 Studebaker Indy Pace Car (son of the original owner, over 250,000 original miles) and too many more to describe. Have a look, there are nearly 1200 photos plus a short video, enjoy  

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  7. Howard Cohen added a post in a topic Wheels on the Bay, Belleville, Ontario   

    I thought he was texting and nodding off  to sleep  
  8. Howard Cohen added a topic in 1:1 Car Reference Pictures   

    Wheels on the Bay, Belleville, Ontario
    Quinte Bay is a great setting for a car show, trees, water, some small hills, lots of neat cars, good friends, what else do you need  

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  9. Howard Cohen added a post in a topic Photobucket Problems   

    FYI...this is on my Fotki signin page:
    Photobucket victims wanted!If you are a victim of the recent price change at Photobucket and if you are affected with their new hotlinking policy, we welcome you to Fotki! We have been supporting hotlinking and taggers for about 20 years. At Fotki you will have the ability to hotlink your media, organize your collections with albums, folders and subfolders and keep full control of your privacy settings.Fotki also:- do not have any ads
    - do not sell your information to 3rd party services
    - have much friendly and competitive membership prices
    - have very friendly and helpful human tech supportIf you wish to import your media from Photobucket at once, please contact Fotki Customer Support.
  10. Howard Cohen added a post in a topic Photobucket Problems   

    Many years ago I started with Fotki, 2001 to be exact. I started with the free package and soon upgraded to store more photos. Over the years I have added thousands of photos. Lots of people criticized me and laughed at me for using Fotki as they used free Photobucket. Well, here we are, many years later and Photobucket is getting even for all those free years. Still laughing? Fotki costs me less than $40 a year for 100GB of storage space. Translate 100GB into photos...I have over 200,000 photos on Fotki! Some in public albums, some in private albums. I have no problem sharing them. The rates are still fair and reasonable. The site is easy to use. I load photos by drag and drop, thousands at a time. When I have had a problem, Fotki has solved them. I like Fotki  
  11. Howard Cohen added a post in a topic Mobil 1 Sportscar Grand Prix, CTMP   

    Here is a photo of a prototype chassis, almost naked...does it remind you of any car?  

  12. Howard Cohen added a post in a topic Mobil 1 Sportscar Grand Prix, CTMP   

    There is the Revell Corvette, a good start; you can modify a Camaro and Mustang, not much chance of the rest   Maybe in resin?  
  13. Howard Cohen added a topic in 1:1 Car Reference Pictures   

    Mobil 1 Sportscar Grand Prix, CTMP
    This weekend is the Mobil 1 Sportscar Grand Prix at Canadian Tire Motorsports Park featuring some amazing racing cars! Today the teams set up their work areas and got some test time on the track. Here are my photos from Day 1...
    I will be adding more photos every day this weekend, so check back  

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  14. Howard Cohen added a post in a topic An Obscure Indy 500 Kit   

    ...or the Harvey Aluminum Special Indy Car...
  15. Howard Cohen added a topic in 1:1 Car Reference Pictures   

    Today was practice day for VARAC (vintage race cars) at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park, aka Mosport  Lots of cars highlighted by the 'Masters Historic F1' group  

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