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  1. Howard Cohen added a post in a topic My Toledo NNL #36PICS   

    I took a few hundred photos as well. The traditional hot rods out-numbered almost all other categories
  2. Howard Cohen added a post in a topic Toledo NNL   

    I hope they recognize you Bill   I hope I recognize you....let me see...4 foot 4 inches I close  You build a lot of snap kits  
  3. Howard Cohen added a post in a topic Reminder re NNL Nats Cult Theme This Year   

    I may be able to bring 1 or 2  See you Saturday. 
    Tradition? What is this, 'Fiddler on the Roof' already  
  4. Howard Cohen added a topic in Car Aftermarket / Resin   

    Distributor in Canada for Scale Motorsport, Pro Tech, Historic Racing Miniatures
    I am now carrying the 'Historic Racing Miniatures', 'Pro Tech' and 'Scale Motorsport' lines of aftermarket detail parts in Canada for distribution in Canada only. I have started by bringing in small detail parts from each company to show and vend at local shows and I will do mail order in Canada only. I am based in Toronto, Ontario. The costs are the U.S. pricing plus dollar exchange (varying between 30-35%), postage ($5-10) and taxes. I am not yet bringing in full kits but I will special order items. If you would like more information, please send me a private message along with your email address and I will send you my current inventory lists. Thank you  
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  5. Howard Cohen added a post in a topic what to do with old car magazines   

    I haven't sold any magazines successfully for a few years. Even then they were cheap but I moved about 100 mags from the 60s. 
    Last year I sold a pile of mags, about 400, for $40. I was just glad to get rid of them. I was given about 50 Corvette magazines this weekend and I plan to give them away after I scan through them. 
    See if the local Boy Scouts or Girl Guides want some free magazines or some other local charity group, maybe the library. As a last resort, paper your garage walls  
  6. Howard Cohen added a post in a topic Toronto Model Car Contest   

    Mindless chatter? You mean, like a club meeting?  Oh, you posted at 5:51PM. I was finished unpacking my car, went home, had a shower and was getting ready to go out for dinner. 
  7. Howard Cohen added a post in a topic Toronto Model Car Contest   

    She is a darn lot prettier than you  
  8. Howard Cohen added a post in a topic Best kits revisited   

    Some of the best kits I have ever seen and built are:
    JoHan Chrysler Turbine Car, full kit. With all of the working features, amazing detail and flawless molding, this kits is a treasure! I built one in the 60s and now have a fresh kit to build. However, having seen the build by Mr. Obsession, I may leave mine in the box
    IMC Chaparral 2E. I have built 4 of these over the years and still have one of my original builds from 1966, plus another few parts kits  Another kit with many working features, great detail and it's a 2E  
    Monogram Orange Hauler. For a simple custom kit, this is well detailed, the parts fit together with no problem, it's very well molded in colour and it is a great representation of 60s show cars. I once showed Darryl Starbird two of my builds and they are now in his collection  
    AMT 57 Chevy. This kits has more custom parts than modern kits have parts in total  Custom front and rear ends, multiple choices, engine options, interior options, great box art, great instructions, more fun than a barrel of monkeys (typical 60s expression)  
    Monogram 1955 Chevy. Build it stock. Built is custom. Build it as a futuristic bubble top. Molded in red or teal. Excellent fit of all parts. 

  9. Howard Cohen added a post in a topic Toronto Model Car Contest   

    There are a few...very few...usually someone's wife or girlfriend or sister or shrink  
  10. Howard Cohen added a post in a topic Scale Modeling and Youth?   

    In this part of the continent, young modellers are few and far between. At the local model car contests the past few years, there were less entries in junior and senior/teen. We have tried to encourage younger builders by making sure they always received a prize. Strangely enough, they liked it  But the numbers have been dropping the past 5 years and we seldom see more than a handful.
    One of my friends used to have a model car building class at his school but that was stopped (no, I don't know why).  
    I hope Revell doesn't drop the make&take as I am in the process of working with a local museum to have a Christmas make&take activity. This museum does activities every month for kids from 5-20 and they get a good response. The model car idea was well received. 
    I hope to be chatting to Revell and Round2 at Toledo next month and I'll ask them about the program.
  11. Howard Cohen added a post in a topic Toronto Model Car Contest   

    Okay, you hold him down...then that pretty girl can cut his hair  
  12. Howard Cohen added a post in a topic Toronto Model Car Contest   

    Mohawk? Boy, Doug should get one   
  13. Howard Cohen added a post in a topic Miniature luggage for model cars   

    Several years ago I asked Revell about releasing a kit/assortment of figures from the various kits they had, such as American Graffiti, Ed Roth, Mickey Thompson, Linda Vaughan, etc. Their answer was that the distributors did not think it was a good idea and they would not place an order. The idea was dropped. I believe the same result happened when Revell asked about the 'Parts Pack' kits  
    Last year, a friend worked on getting the old Ulrich Mini-Men released. They did release them but the sales were very poor and I have not heard anything since.
    In the end, although all of you would buy some, that is not enough to go into production, with a minimum being 500 pieces  
  14. Howard Cohen added a post in a topic Miniature luggage for model cars   

    Many American kits in the 60s had luggage racks and luggage as accessory items. It should not be that hard to make your own.  
  15. Howard Cohen added a post in a topic Toronto Model Car Contest   

    New toy? You better get there early to make sure you can find a parking spot (or two or three) for that boat