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  1. Canadian Suppliers

    I used to carry aftermarket parts five years ago but the sales in Canada were so poor that I stopped. I had several well known lines of detail parts but Canadians preferred to buy in the U.S., preferred to pay in U.S. dollars and pay extra shipping and take a chance on customs. My pricing was more than competitive. I stopped importing parts and closed my website.
  2. Modellers always want more parts, different parts, etc. and they want them instantly or sooner. As others have said, do your research and cost analysis carefully. Make sure you sell for more than cost and don't give credit. Grow slowly. I seldom see any modeller use all the parts they buy right away, so don't rush. Most important, don't kill yourself or make yourself ill making parts. In addition to the companies mentioned here that use 'S&S' in their name, there was also a company based in Ohio that used something similar in the 80s. A bit of research sounds like a good idea. FYI...there are hundreds of wheel companies and only one S/S .
  3. Acme 1/18 Fiat Dragster kit

    I started on mine a few months ago, painted the chassis, interior and body, started assembly and hit the wall. Not everything fits easily, so I opted to take a break. The overall detail looks good but if the parts don't fit well...
  4. 2018 Favourites

    In 2018, I attended many car races, shows, concours, museums and model car shows. I took many thousands of photographs, had several published in magazines, met so many very interesting people that I cannot tell about all of them and really enjoyed the year. Yes, there were sad days as well as a few close friends passed away and some new friends passed away. Overall, I was fortunate to enjoy the whole year. I have already started planning my calendar for 2019 and so far have about 20 events to attend. Here are some of my favourite photographs from 2018, enjoy
  5. Desktop Manufacturing, Part 1: 3D Printing

    I agree that the serious modellers will spend more for parts and materials than many people realize, whether they spend it on decals, foil, paints, photo-etch, resin, 3D, whatever. Many years ago Revell brought out a snap Caprice Taxi/Police car. People complained about the $12 price tag, then went and spent $25 for detail parts without blinking. It seems we will spend the money on accessories while complaining about the basic kit, and most kits are basic. Most modellers will build the kit with the parts they have, not wishing to spend lots more on detail parts. Those who enter contests with massively detailed models are not the majority and the majority is the kit manufacturers mainstay. With the advent of 3D printing, we now have access to more detail parts and even the option of designing our own. Hmmm...endless possibilities? For the past few years I have been buying small collections in the area I live in, Toronto. I have bought about 40 collections averaging 3 dozen kits. Only 1 of those people has ever gone to a model contest or show. I know because I always ask. They prefer to stay home and build casually without any added parts from other kits or detail parts. That seems to be the customer base for the kits manufacturers. At the contests and shows, we see the heavy duty enthusiast who will spend the extra dollars. They are the 3D customers. Let's not confuse the two customers
  6. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    I picked up a few kits and promos today. Most of the kits are mint; one truck has a built chassis, nicely done; also one built Mustang. The promos are very nice, especially the Lark; the '66 is a T-Bird Friction
  7. 1960 Chrysler Imperial Coupe, 12/6, Outdoor Pics Added.

    Very well done! I rebuilt an old badly customized one several years ago as a custom as it was too far gone to make stock and I still love looking at it. For a showcase, try Tamiya as they make cases for their 20th scale cars and will also take some 18th scale cars.
  8. Sunday, December 2nd, 10AM - 3PM, International Center, 6900 Airport Road, Entrance 2, Mississauga, Ontario, admission - $10 per person...this is an indoor market and runs rain, shine, snow...hundreds of vendors of all types of old car parts, accessories, books, magazines, models, cars, chemicals...whatever you can imagine, it may be there
  9. Pen springs for suspension?

    Pen springs was a tip in Car Model Magazine back in the 1960s. Different pens have different size springs, so you have a choice.
  10. Old Photographs

    My former Canon printer had a slide adapter that would scan slides and negatives. My new one does not. You should be be able to get that done at any print shop.
  11. Old Photographs

    I picked up these photographs at Motor City NNL from a man who bought a collection from Oscar Koveleski. The captions will tell you about the photographs and your eyes will keep busy as you search out stuff, such as Chuck Miller's display and my 20th scale model display in the Toronto shot (maybe hidden somewhere in the background) There is lots more to see than just models
  12. Motor City NNL 2018...more :)

    Thank you for your comment.
  13. Motor City NNL 2018...more :)

    I did manage to buy a few things yesterday Some kits, all good fair pricing, some magazines, some Auto World catalogs and some Corvette promos....and still had food money
  14. Motor City NNL 2018...more :)

    Yes, another great show, too many vendors for my car trunk ...met lots of modellers, took some photographs and had a great time... https://public.fotki.com/howardcohen/motor-city-nnl-018/
  15. 1934 Duesenberg Steampunk Roadster

    I have a friend who bought a 1:1 Duesie this year and it had been hot-rodded with an engine swap before he got it. I asked him if he was going to get an original engine and he said no, he is keeping it as a hot rod. So, it's a model, do something wild