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  1. Today's Find :)

    I picked these up today, excellent condition, low miles, not used in about 40 years, all original
  2. Toronto Honda Indy

    How close was I to the track? Just a small cement wall between us Sometimes a car misses a turn and enters the runoff area, and stops this close, like the Porsche....missed by that much The press conference with Robert Wilkens was excellent! He drove some parade laps on Sunday in a specially prepared NSX. This man came to watch his son race in the 2000 series. Do you know who it is?
  3. Toronto Honda Indy

    This weekend in Toronto is the Indycar race with several support races including Nascar Canada. I was at the track Thursday and Friday taking photographs and a great trackside video! Here are the links. https://public.fotki.com/howardcohen/toronto-indy-2019/ Trackside video as the cars exit Turn 11...listen carefully about 2:45
  4. RIP Lee Iacocca

    I read Lee's book many years ago and later the Ford story. How Lee managed to get the cars built at Ford, and later at Chrysler, is well worth the read. Convincing Ford to build the Mustang took a lot of 'round parts' to get a new car after the debacle of the Edsel as Ford was near bankruptcy. Lee did not always get along with the Fords but managed to make them car leaders and extremely wealthy. Later on, when Lee went to Chrysler, the way he managed to get the company going was amazing. Lee stood up to the unions and the government and made them understand what was happening and saved the company. Oh, his salary for the first few year at Chrysler was $1 a year plus stock options. If the company tanked, he would have too...it didn't. I remember watching a program when Chrysler first showed the minivan. Lee was talking and remarked that the minivan had wire wheel covers and he didn't like them but that was okay. Lee could sell cars and he could sell unions and governments. He seemed to know just what the public wanted and gave it to them. Quite a car guy! RIP Lee...
  5. VARAC Vintage Races

    Held at CTMP/Mosport, the 40th Anniversary event has over 300 cars this weekend. Check out my Friday photographs... https://public.fotki.com/HowardCohen/varac-2019/
  6. Victoria Day Speedfest

    This past weekend was the annual Victoria Day Speedfest at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park, aka, Mosport. There were several series of cars racing" Nissan Micra Cup; Canadian Touring Car; Porsche GT3 Cup; Blancpain World Challenge & GT4 America; Nascar Pinty's Canada. There was lots of close racing, slides, pit stops, yellow flags, excitement! I was at the track 4 days, watching them unload and set up the cars, practicing, qualifying, racing. It was a great weekend and if you live close enough to see a race live, it beats the heck out of television The end of the Nascar race was very exciting as I watched from Turn 10, leading to the checkered flag, lots of sliding, close racing, a great place to see the finish. Here are a few photographs I took, enjoy https://public.fotki.com/howardcohen/victoria-day-speedf-2/
  7. Cars & Coffee, Toronto

    This morning was the first Cars & Coffee of the season hosted by Engineered Automotive, just north of Toronto. The number of cars looked to be over 800 and the people walking around was two or three times that amount. Cars of varying shapes and vintages filled the parking lot, the street, the neighbouring lots and side streets for about a half mile in all directions. You know there are too many cars when McLarens become common Here are a few photographs that I took this morning, enjoy https://public.fotki.com/howardcohen/engineered-automoti/page2.html
  8. Iconic cars not kitted

    The closest thing to a Mantaray was a clear slot car body done about 1970ish, not to be confused with the 'thingie' body. The slot body was fairly accurate. A friend has one and I have been asking for years to have it cast in resin but no luck
  9. I thought the original ALA KART was the first kit to break the 1 million mark back in the 60s. The AMT '49 Merc has been reissued numerous times, maybe every 7 years since it came out, same at the AMT '57 Chev. Now a basic run is about 1500 pieces while some runs are 5,000 and a few at 10,000 or 20,000. That is in North America. I wonder what the stats are for Tamiya as they make more than anyone.
  10. NNL East , a few more :)

    Bill - I can't add any hair to my head either Feel free to add my photographs to your club and the NNL East links as needed.
  11. NNL East , a few more :)

    https://public.fotki.com/HowardCohen/nnl-east-2019/ Here are a few more, I don't think any one person can get all the models, that is why we look at them all
  12. HeritageCon 13 Haul

    I have been going to Heritagecon for many years, the last few as a vendor. I was told the unofficial number through the door was 2400 paid admissions with almost 800 contest entries. Add that to the 100 plus vending tables, a host club and the museum's volunteers, and you have a large group of people and a great show.
  13. Here I go again

    Wow! Very sporty and racy looking! If you put the engine behind the driver, the Revell Aerovette has a great engine cradle to start with and enough space for a big block if needed Or you could borrow a drive line from one of your GT40 cars
  14. Then the original Ala Kart appeared at the Detroit Autorama in 2009, fully restored, again Now add these to your comparison.
  15. When I first saw the late AMT version, I thought they had used the Howdy Ledbetter clone, Howli-Kart, his tribute to the original car, as shown at the 50th GNRS in 1999. Howdy told me that it took his shop a full week to copy the nose piece that Sam built in one day...think about that one. Here are some photographs that I took 20 years ago of the Howli-Kart. FYI...the paint and scallops were done the same way as the original and Howdy had Dean Jeffries paint the scallops.