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  1. Wally added a post in a topic 1968 AEC Routemaster(London Bus)   

    Nicely done. I'm looking forward to mine once I finish my Neoplam. Hopefully they will see fit to put out an american bus at some point to go with them
  2. Wally added a post in a topic Two questions   

    Thanks for the link, I couldn't find the Mercedes but I found some other neat stuff. I would like one of those Merceds if they every turn up. The last truck my dad owned before he got out of 7up was a 1980's mercedes.
  3. Wally added a post in a topic Dodge L 700 box truck   

    A lot of trucks here in the city had the sixes. We bought a Chevy C-50 wrecker from an NY City auction with a six and a 4 speed. The worst truck I ever drove.
  4. Wally added a post in a topic Imsa Anyone?   

    Is that bottom one one of the Domes?
  5. Wally added a post in a topic A Trashy Peterbilt   

    That Pete looks great. Are there any books or articles about building cabs from scratch? Once I catch up on some other projects I want to makr a Mack Sanitation truck like this