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  1. The problem with these reissues like the 190e and the 500SLC is that they're crude, not very accurate 30-40 yr old kits, so why does Italeri think there's any interest?
  2. Great job! If find the seems of the wing nicely.
  3. Alpha Models does have a chronic but inconsistent problem of undersized wheels and tires or arches that are too big, though.
  4. I don't think these are all the new releases, right? Revell-Germany usually provides next year's releases on New Years. There was some discussion of this on britmodeler.
  5. Great job! A well executed conversion. I'm planning on doing this with my LaFerrari to make an Aperta.
  6. Thanks! Thanks! Revell. Available in german and US-boxed kits. Thanks! Thanks! First time doing blue/red combo and it looks great. Though I don't have a favorite! Thanks! Thanks!
  7. Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! Totally agree - love Ferraris in other colors! Thanks! Thanks! Yep! I heard the Chrysler system works well, though! Right?! Treat yourself - I think you can get them for $80k - ish now. Thanks! Thanks! Lots of 2k polishing time. Luckily the finish survived 10 years of handling!
  8. Hi all - I started these in 2011 with body prep and paint, and have now completed 2 out of 3. Light blue is Cobra Colors Azzurro California (circa 2006) with the wheels from the hard top kit. The red one is Zero Paints Rosso Fuoco with Hobby Design Wheels. The Zero paint isn't entirely accurate - it captures the essence but lacks the tri-coat effect of the real paint. It still needs its "Ferrari" decklid script. The bodies were a mess. Sink marks near character lines and in the fender vents, warped hoods, and bent A-pillars. Only aftermarket stuff is A+ Club scripts and flocking. I lowered the front suspensions. I might add seatbelts. Looks a little funny without. More pics of the dark blue one soon. It was nearly completed but then I dropped it on the floor! Luckily, damaged was limited to a small paint chip and broken suspension. It was previously broken and not repairable so I had to buy another kit and will replace the suspension part.
  9. Nice clean work and I agree with others on the color scheme!
  10. As it turns out, someone has already created exactly what I'm looking for, plus the 18 inch wheels (Bruce had 18in magnesium wheels made to replace the original 17s). https://cults3d.com/en/3d-model/architecture/porsche-959-rim-canepa-18-inch-x-tamiya-1-24th-model Anyone recommend good 3d printers out there? Is Shapeways on demand service economical/good?
  11. Great color choice and your photography is spot on - really capturing the NSX nicely.
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