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  1. Agreed on the SF-90. I'm pushing Alpha Models to do the Roma, SP2 Monza, and 812 GTS. Tamiya could milk their LaFerrari molds and make an LaFerrari Aperta. Wouldn't require that many different parts. I happen to be planning my own conversion, and the trickiest part is making the little black fender vents.
  2. Thanks for sharing the news! Kinda cool, just not my 1st, 2nd, or 3rd choice for a once or maybe twice-a-year new 1/24 road car. It's ugly IMO, but I understand the point. Maybe I'll get one if I think of a good color combo that I want to paint it. Already thinking Lexus Structural Blue by Splash Paints. Hopefully Tamiya releases a carbon decal set, but if not, I'm sure the aftermarket will step in.
  3. Beautiful! I'm building one too, in the same color.
  4. Beautiful work! I have the Renaissance resin version. While curbside and lacking chassis detail, I think it captures the shape of the front fenders a little better.
  5. Yes, but no free cars or discounts...sigh...haha, but maybe if I could afford his cars. Wholeheartedly agree with James' assessment of the Alpha kits. I have the Chiron and GTC4Lusso, which I have yet to start. They are nice kits if you just want to focus on exterior and interior colors, which is my favorite part of the build, and they seem to go together well in testing fitting, though I've noticed that the GT4Lusso's pre-cut windows need a little trimming in certain areas to fit the surrounds.
  6. I suppose I'll have to build my cousin's P1! https://canepa.com/dupont-registry-mclaren-p1-gtr-bruce-canepas-track-only-supercar/
  7. Fingers crossed for Tamiya's next car release. A Ferrari 812 GTS would've been nice too!
  8. Yeah, too many McLarens. The Porsche should've been an RS with the cool front fender vents. Also, would like to have seen the Ferrari SP1/SP2 Monza and/or Ferrari Roma. The 1/43 Singer Porsche they've posted to FB and other forums - did they copy a die cast model? Doesn't look like their usual CAD-designed models.
  9. Nice clean build! I used FG Model wheels too - got rid of those awful ones that come with the kit. Tamiya has done that before - why choose the worst wheels available on the real car?? My only criticism is the paint shade - it seems too dark for Atlanta Blue.
  10. Yeah, for my purposes close enough and Revell addressed the most problematic areas of other kits, but still...Revell is so inconsistent when it comes to body shape from one kit to another.
  11. Nice progress! Can't wait to see more.
  12. Nice job, and I like the leather covered convertible top. I just got this kit and look forward to building it.
  13. You aren't alone...a lot of people had a hard time getting the metal transfers to stick, especially to curved surfaces. I have this kit too and another area of weakness is the front and rear window trim. Tamiya's molding in this area is faint. Yours turned out nicely...I like the black on red too!
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