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  1. BVC500 added a post in a topic Tamiya Jaguar MK2 Saloon for mom.. update 16/11/2017 PIC HEAVY!!   

    Nice!  Working on a couple of these myself. FYI, the front and rear window trim molding is weak, and its a pain to scribe around the windows due to the curved surfaces.
  2. BVC500 added a post in a topic D-Revell Panamera   

    I'm happy with a Panamera, but I am surprised the 991-range of Porsches hasn't been kitted. I'm not exactly sure how the licensing works, but I feel they could have sold a lot of kits with all the different variations.
    Couple more things:
    1) Revell rushes to announce a kit, such as the AMG GT, and they miss out on more exciting versions, like the AMG GTR.
    2) Tamiya needs to produce a 1/24 Singer Porsche!
  3. BVC500 added a post in a topic SOME CURRENT ROUND 2 INFO TODAY...   

    I picked up the hobby from my dad, and I'm generally only interested in exotics and contemporary road cars, and I'm 39.
  4. BVC500 added a post in a topic 1/24 MFH Ferrari 250SWB...   

    Agreed. I've thought about getting the Lusso and the SWB, but I've never really worked with white metal. Also, I don't think MFH's chrome work is the best, and don't feel like spending additional hours tweaking and hundreds of $ to have parts re-chromed to my standards.
  5. BVC500 added a post in a topic 1/24 MFH Ferrari 250SWB...   

    This isn't a new kit, right? It's another version of previously existing MFH SWBs.
  6. BVC500 added a post in a topic New Tamiya Lacquers for Airbrushing?   

    I'm doubtful. Look how long it took to get TS-13 (gloss) back. And you can no longer get their relatively new Pink Surfacer in the States anymore.
  7. BVC500 added a post in a topic Scalefinishes?   

    Mike - maybe you can reach out to him and tell him that quite a few people haven't received responses??  Maybe its a technical issue - like our emails are going are getting caught in spam filters?
  8. BVC500 added a post in a topic AMT 1964 Pontiac Tempest Le Mans Convertible   

    Agreed. beautiful job!   I'm interested in getting the '63 to build the getaway car from My Cousin Vinny!  I'll need a '64 Skylark as well haha.
  9. BVC500 added a post in a topic Ferrari 250 GTO (11/14) update   

  10. BVC500 added a post in a topic 1961 Lincoln restoration   

    Nice job!  Digging the color combo.
  11. BVC500 added a post in a topic 2017 Acura NSX in Valencia Red   

    Nice work! Very clean build.   I have the Studio27 decals too. Any issues with them?
    If I were to offer one criticism, its directed towards Gravity Colors, not you. Maybe it just doesn't show from the photos, but its hard to tell that its a tri-coat paint. It seems to lack depth. I note that their Novella Blue is the same...not only does it lack depth, its too dark of a shade. 
  12. BVC500 added a post in a topic Porsche Carrera Gt - Tamiya 1/24   

    Very nice, clean job!  I like the colors too.
  13. BVC500 added a post in a topic 1961 Ferrari 250 SWB - Done!   

    Looking good, though one suggestion: I would have glued the front and rear valences on and filled and sanded the joint lines before priming and painting.
  14. BVC500 added a post in a topic 2014 Camaro Z28   

    That's quite a bit of shrinkage!  You should let Plamoz's proprietor know. Maybe there's a way he can fix for future kits. Looking forward to more!