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  1. The AMT ones aren't correct-looking unfortunately, but thank you for responding with your offer - much appreciated.
  2. Hello, I'm looking for the drivers (LHD) mirror for the Fujimi diablo. Any version of their Diablo works, as long as it looks like this. It's been years since I lost a part (knock on wood), but somehow I've lost this part and it hasn't shown up. Will pay for the part. Thanks! Bernard
  3. From Hobby Search Model Car's website: -Breaking silence for over 20 years, Aoshima's Range Rover is finally back! -Copyright negotiations for long commercialization finally came true! -We have made a new mold for clear parts and renewed the contents to start preparation. -New decal -Complete set of new clear parts -Plated bumper -Chassis frame reproduction -Interior genuine leather specifications -Original aluminum wheel -Use MUDDUELER tires
  4. I second the LC500. I was hoping for a Mercedes G-wagon given Tamiya is doing it in RC form, but it was a sure bet the Supra would be coming first.
  5. As expected...https://www.hiroboy.com/124_Toyota_GR_Supra__Tamiya_24351--product--13375.html?fbclid=IwAR2dp_ClKmAIRB5pjuZqpvnKABYM6Tx8thE_alsCT0xlQK5DS5aQLxJIA9c
  6. BVC500

    Ferrari 275 GTB

    Beautiful color combo! Great job.
  7. Perfect paint, perfect color combo, perfect photos!
  8. Thanks. I think its OOP, but I posted a wanted message on FB.
  9. Anyone have the Hobby Design McLaren F1 Super Detail-up set they want to sell?
  10. Tamiya is teasing a new kit on FB, to be announced on March 1st. Not sure if it's 1/24 or RC. From the silhouette and that antennae sticking up on the hood, I'm thinking it's a Porsche 911 GT3 cup car, but does the 1:1 cup car have an antennae on the hood? If not, then this could be an RC car. If it's a 1/24 car, it's great Tamiya is active again in the 1/24 space...I'd just love to see a road version - imagine the customization possibilities!
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