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  1. Jaguar XK 120, Revell

    Beautiful work!!
  2. 1/24 Bugatti Chiron

    I think they are. A lot of parts, like "Wheel tyres," listed above are not pictured. For example, the glass parts.
  3. Mclaren 570

    Nice start! Can't wait to see how the Burton Blue turns out.
  4. Shizuoka Hobby Show 2018

    The only car item from Tamiya is a yellow version of the LaFerrari.
  5. Shizuoka Hobby Show 2018

    True, but that's prebuilt and would require stripping, etc. to make it your own. I've preordered the Chiron, and hoping that HD has improved their quality.
  6. Shizuoka Hobby Show 2018

    Agree with Bob - ehhhh on these releases. Hobby Design, however, will be releasing a Bugatti Chiron!
  7. Aoshima Aventador SV

    Nice work so far! Looking forward to more.
  8. Jaguar Mk. II Saloon

    I'd double-check for molding lines. They were present on my kit. Pretty faint, but still there. Will be watching!
  9. Ah cool. Thanks for letting me know. I'm not on the mailing list. Mind posting the relevant parts? I've always had a great experience with Jameston, and I understood that he is extremely busy with work and Scalefinishes is a side business, but it was like one day he just stopped responding to emails (the occasional email I'd send once every six months or whatever about a product I wanted to order).
  10. Lamborghini Aventador- Aoshima

    Nice work!
  11. Scalefinishes doesn't respond to emails anymore, so they've lost my business despite me always having excellent customer service in the past. Tamiya has said these lacquers have to go through the U.S. approval process to be sold here. That's interesting you got the Pink Surfacer from China. I tried to get it from Japan, France, and Spain, and none of them would ship to the U.S. if the product is not approved. It's been approved for sale in the US and will be in stock at hobby stores soon.
  12. Revell McLaren 570s

    Hi guys, Just started another project without finishing previous projects! Go figure. I'm building two Revell McLaren 570s models. One will be painted McLaren Mantis Green, the other McLaren Mauvine Blue, both paints from Zero. I'll be using Plamoz wheels and detail sets. My first order of business with any Revell model is the body, and more specifically the doors on this model. The real car doesn't have a separation between the parts of the door, but Revell, probably for molding and build sequence reasons, created two parts for the door skins. To fix this, I've removed the top of the door at a natural seam and glued it to the separate part. I will fill the separation with putty and reattach the completed part after everything is painted and decaled with carbon fiber, and it'll look like the real car.
  13. Scale Finishes

    I've always had great communication with Jameston until about a year or two ago when he started a new job and stopped responding to emails about custom and out of stock colors. I get the impression that you'll get your order fulfilled if you just order what's available on the website or go through Elm City. It's a shame, since he's essentially lost my business now that I have Gravity Colors in the USA.
  14. The Tamiya Ceslior or LS400 kits have the 4.0 V8 engine.