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  1. Nice color combo, and clean build!
  2. Nice to see new kits, but not so nice when I have no interest in them. Agree that more SUVs should be kitted, but aspirational vehicles or ones that can be modified with aftermarket parts are more likely to sell better due to broader appeal. On those lines, I'd like to see a Benz G-glass, Aston DBX, Lambo Urus, etc.
  3. BVC500

    Honda NSX

    Beautiful! Very clean build and I like your photography.
  4. Nice to see the E-type redone, but why not coupe and convertible like the Porsche 356 models?
  5. Nice start and thanks for sharing tips! I have this kit too, so keenly interested in your build.
  6. Posted to Hiroboy's website and due out in February: https://www.hiroboy.com/124_Mazda_MX5_RF_Preorder--product--14786.html?fbclid=IwAR1hoFbKfpBmKTvwyb8jOoEeKx7Yti6wIUzlj6dBeiMez04qceTiikukMoI
  7. Very clean, nice build!
  8. The 750il isn't that bad to build, though the front sit a little high. I also built the 3 series, which is fine too if you shave the back of the separate headlight buckets that then allows the bumper and lenses to sit closer to the body. The Tamiya instructions for the 8 and 3 series also had extra constructive tips that the Revell instructions did not.
  9. Interesting, I guess. While there are some older cars and models I'd like to see redone, I wish they'd focus on new cars too!
  10. Cool color! Very nice build.
  11. Great color combo! Nice job.
  12. Thanks again! I'm tempted to build a couple more in other Aston colors that I like, but: 1) the kit is discontinued and aftermarket prices are too high; and 2) maybe I should work on the 130+ kits I have!
  13. Thanks all for the compliments!
  14. Started in 2011, finished in 2019! Really enjoyed building these Tamiya Aston Martin DBS models. Used a combo of Hobby Design metal decals and FG Model wheels. Painted in @Scalefinishes's Aston Martin Amethyst Red Metallic and Casino Royale colors and Tamiya TS-13 clear.
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