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  1. Ferrari Enzo

    Amazing work! So detailed. Color combination is perfect.
  2. Ratty Mercedes-Benz E-class

    Cool concept! One of Fujimi's worst offerings in terms of detail and accuracy.
  3. Tamiya McLaren Mercedes SLR 722

    Off to a good start! Just one suggestion - you may want to try a different paint, like Vallejo acrylics or Tamiya acrylics for your interior colors, especially if you brush on the color. You'll get a smoother, more accurate finish. Nice colors you chose.
  4. Looks awesome! Can you tell me what parts you ordered from RBMotion for the rear shocks?
  5. 2018 announcements

    Thanks James! We shall see.
  6. 2018 announcements

    Anyone has intel on Aoshima? They were on a roll with Lambo and Pagani kits, but since those kits, its been pretty quiet and they've only been releasing Japanese-centric stuff.
  7. D-Revell Panamera

    Same here!
  8. D-Revell Panamera

    "More detail pictures like the brakes and chassis tree that show just how "enthusiastic" the kit engineers and designers were on this project. And then last week we were treated to this kit description on Revell Germany's own webpage. It was so perfectly on-point that it didn't remain long, but Google has a cache..." Geez, wouldn't it have made more sense (business sense too) to have tooled a 911 and its variations???? Hard to believe Revell was more than enthusiastic about this than other Porsches.
  9. D-Revell Panamera

    Glad to hear your kit isn't as bad. I think the parking sensors are there, just hard to see in your photo due to shadows and glares. I can tell that particular car has them because two of them are located in the black strip between the exhaust tips. There's four in back, four in front. A couple of people offered good, easy suggestions for fixing this issue. Thanks guys! Rob is right - the blue circle is for the tow hook. I note the front has two, when it should only have one. Probably due to either LHD or RHD configurations, and you have to fill one depending on which you choose.
  10. Tamiya Aston Martin DBS

    Nice job, and great color combination!
  11. Ferrari fxx-k

    Nice engine detailing. Can't wait to see more.
  12. D-Revell Panamera

  13. CBP: Radwood 2018 - AMG Mercedes 500SL

    Looking forward to seeing more. Radwood is a cool event! Keep in mind that the instructions call for chrome trim around the windshield, doors, and tonneau cover, but that's incorrect. It should be painted black chrome.
  14. D-Revell Panamera

    Sure. When is the next meeting? Query: how best to replicate the parking sensors? A very small hollow punch tool?