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  1. Great color choice and your photography is spot on - really capturing the NSX nicely.
  2. I hoping to find someone to create a passenger mirror for the 1/24 Tamiya Porsche 959, which I think could be created by scanning the driver's mirror, mirroring it in a program, and 3d printing it. The prototype cars had a single driver's mirror (which Tamiya based its model on), but the production cars had driver's and passenger's. I'd like to build a 959 Reimagined that my second cousin, Bruce Canepa, is producing. I talked to a guy in Italy on FB who could do it and mailed him the original part, which was lost in the mail. I had to order a new part from Tamiya, so I'm hoping to find someone close to home who could do it. Here's what I'm talking about. Thanks for any information you can provide!
  3. Nah, IMHO if there's a good kit already out there, I'd rather have a manufacturer focus on another subject!
  4. Pricey, but an excellent model from what I've heard: https://uscp-ua.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=779
  5. Too bad the 993 Italieri kit didn't look like the car on the box and was more accurate. So many things wrong with the kit, including the chassis and suspension. If the Monogram Lotus Esprit gets my vote for being the worst-fitting kit ever to build, this gets my vote for being the least accurate. Lol.
  6. TamiyaBlog reports that the upcoming fall Shizuoka show (Sept. 9-12) has been cancelled, but the kit announcements will continue online. I wonder what Tamiya has in store. I hope they take advantage of the increased interest in the hobby due to the pandemic and announce a new 1/24 car kit. Shall we begin the prediction game? This thread can also serve to discuss announcements from others manufacturers as they come in.
  7. I have an extra set. PM sent.
  8. I think I may have spare decals for you.
  9. James - what was Revell's reaction to the windshield screen not being accurate? Revell (Germany) has issues that they repeat, like the terribly developed Panamera body or way back in the day packaging issues on the Ferrari California that would cause the windshield screen to be crushed. Seems that they don't process and internalize feedback or they have a short memory.
  10. Beautiful work and excellent photography. I like that you chose an atypical interior color. Looks great.
  11. HLJ used to offer a parts service, but they haven't since the tsunami. A shame, because it was really useful.
  12. Great job! Renaissance did a much better job than Revell/Italeri at capturing the essence of the 250 GT SWB California Spyder.
  13. Why not heat it in hot water and slowly and carefully bend it back to its correct position?
  14. I think it still turned out really well, and like any Ferrari where you can order different color mirror caps, you were able to maintain the Soul Red. These kits are expensive, but worth it since other manufacturers aren't producing the cars we want. I haven't built any of my AM kits yet - did the photoetch all fit well? I do find that AM has a problem with undersize wheels and tires and I've repeatedly told them that.
  15. Can't wait to see your build.
  16. Great job and color combo! I wish my photos turned out as well as yours.
  17. Suitable colors for that era that are now back in fashion. Great job on the build, and I like your photos/lighting.
  18. Ever since Aoshima lost their car guy to start his own company, Rocket models, we're left with reissues or modified ones. 😥
  19. This was back in the day when Tamiya took risks and made pedestrian cars you think wouldn't be kitted! Can't wait to see more.
  20. If Revell is doing this, and fixing the windscreen, great! Maybe they should take feedback in the design phase - would be less costly to fix later on. Announce a kit, then show the CAD drawings, and ask for feedback.
  21. It's yin and yang with Revell - some good, some bad. I haven't forgotten the Porsche Panamera and its design and manufacturing errors, which were surprising given the pretty good AMG GT and McLaren 570 released around the same time. I had the E-type coupe on pre-order, but decided to wait for the convertible. Not only am I partial to convertibles, but also some of these issues (windscreen, window shapes, interior roof) are fixed without the top!
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