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  1. novadose71 added a post in a topic '67 Camaro deluxe interior   

    Looks to be hardtop, add some convt. doglegs and narrow the rear seat to fit between them and you'd be in business. I didn't see the interior kit in his 2010 catalog, but I only skimmed over it quickly and could have missed it.

    And thanks Lyle, for posting those here for others to see.
  2. novadose71 added a post in a topic Mr GASSER 2012! Update: 7-25-12   

    Couldn't agree more. I find myself smilin' and grinnin' a lot when I build monster kits, some showrods cause this too. ...you've got me ear to ear with the changes you've made. Too cool
  3. novadose71 added a post in a topic AMC Community Build   

    I like the way those Matadors are going
  4. novadose71 added a post in a topic '41 Chevrolet Coupe   

    Galaxie is most definitely releasing the 46-48 coupe in the near future. Gary Schmidt brought a built up to Milwaukee NNL last April, looks good too. He said it was the 3rd test shot he had received and they want to make sure everything is right. They are also making some other minor changes to the molds to make them more builder friendly.
  5. novadose71 added a post in a topic Summer Time When the Surfin's Easy & The BBQs are Smokin'   

    No matter how you spent it, after hours of fun and sun, a stop for ice cream is the perfect way to cap your day.


  6. novadose71 added a post in a topic AMC Community Build   

    I'm digging those Argentina Ramblers.

    Yep Casey, those are 66 Galaxie parts, newest reissue I believe. Very cool wheels and look good on everything I have tried them on. Here's the closest shot I have of them.

  7. novadose71 added a post in a topic AMC Community Build   

    Here's a few of the AMC projects I have going. The first is my longest running project, started around 1990. Only thing from plastic Kenosha is the body, the rest is Callaway Corvette Speedster with a twin turbo ZR-1 engine and wheels/tires from a 66 Chevelle wagon. Stalled out when I decided it should be AMC powered with twin turbo's...that's as far as I got with that idea and there she sits.

    My 66 Rambler Cross Country wagon. In the sprit of the community build I'll enter this one cuz it just needs some final details to call it finished. The boat was borrowed from another build and I plan to scratchbuild a pop-up camper for behind this one someday. Sorry bout the crappy pic.

    70 AMX- pieced together from a ebay built-up, interior tub from a 69 AMX kit, and a Modelhaus 70 conversion kit to replace the missing hood and front bumper. I need to get the bumpers rechromed, then this one will hit the bench. The 1/43rd '69 in the background will get a scratchbuilt hoodscoop, Mags /slicks, and a R/W/B paint job to make a Hurst SS AMX.

    also on deck is this Marlin. It's a nice mint kit and will get some degree of wiring and plumbing when I finally get around to it. Not sure I'll go with those wheels and tires, but I think they look good on there.

    71 AMX will get built curbside with Twin Canopy vinyl top, T-stripe and Machine wheels. Luckily the chunk of missing hood was in the box when it arrived at my door.

    Thanks for looking. Hope I didn't take too much space
  8. novadose71 added a post in a topic Mr GASSER 2012! Update: 7-25-12   

    I built Mr Gasser a couple of years ago straight outta the box.. Monster kits are great and I can't wait to see yours finished.
  9. novadose71 added a topic in On The Workbench   

    '68 Nickey/Dana Z-28 Camaro turned 70's street racer
    I'm building this alongside my 67 convertible Camaro and using up another Revell 69 Camaro kit in the process.This one has a Dana hood I got from Time Machine Resin 5 or 6 years ago, I figured it's about time I build a Dana/Nickey around it. It will get some speed parts and 70's custom paint along the way. Here goes

    Got a good stance with the 69 Camaro chassis, Revell big n little Blue Streaks and some Modelhaus Daisy wheels.

    Interior consist's of a 69 Z-28 tub and console, 69 pace car door panels and the AMT 68 seats and dash. It should make for a accurate 68 custom/deluxe interior with a few mods to make it come together. Ignore the primed rear seat it's for my 67 convt. and the 68 kit tub is in the background waiting to have it's rear seat cut loose.

    The firewall is 69 kit unmodified, and the fenderwells/firewall were cut from the 68 body to make room for the 69 parts.

    The fit of the 69 chassis still floors me. A little trim on the front corners to fit the splash pan, and even less work to get the rear valence panel to fit. Otherwise it locks into the body real nice.

    That's all for now, thanks for looking.
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  10. novadose71 added a post in a topic 67 Camaro Convertible conversion---update 6-14   

    I got a dusting of primer on the A-pillars and windshield frame. I'm pretty happy how it's going, but it will need some final finessing before I can move on and chop off the roof.

    I'm trying a different direction with the seats. The 67 kit seat pattern is almost right, but the seatbacks are grossly misshapen. When raiding a revell 69 z28 for the chassis and drivetrain on my 68 Nickey project (to be posted later), I noticed the seat pattern might be good start for the 67 seats and the general shape is WAY better. Here the area are marked for mods.


    Kit 67 seats in rear, modified 69 in the front....notice the strip around the pleated area that is missing on the 67 seats, this will be a white stripe when painted....... way better......now to remove the headrest

    Headrest's are gone. Some final details to fix up on the fronts and make the rear seat fit. Then it's on to the dash and doorpanels.

  11. novadose71 added a post in a topic Summer Time When the Surfin's Easy & The BBQs are Smokin'   

    I had to leave early the day we did the water, I don't recall how they did it.

    I believe a couple of the guys in the club took it up there, I was probably working that weekend.

    Nothing screams summer like a cool dessert.......anyone like ice cream??? I'll try to serve some up tomorrow
  12. novadose71 added a post in a topic Summer Time When the Surfin's Easy & The BBQs are Smokin'   

    I truly don't know...., magic???
  13. novadose71 added a post in a topic Summer Time When the Surfin's Easy & The BBQs are Smokin'   

    Thanks guys. There's a few more pics here http://s202.photobucket.com/albums/aa33/burninrob6/WAM%2005%20Surfboard/?start=all
  14. novadose71 added a post in a topic GMC Astro cab mods   

    I lowered my Astro by moving the hinges up. First I lengthened the grooves in the grill, then I found some rectangular tubing that the hinge would tightly fit into, and glued it into the slots in the grille. I didn't glue the hinge into the tubing so the cab would be removable and wouldn't fall off when tilted. I didn't make any measurements just eyeballed. Here's a pic if it helps.

  15. novadose71 added a post in a topic Summer Time When the Surfin's Easy & The BBQs are Smokin'   

    Here's the club diorama we built between January and April 2005. I think it fits this thread well.

    Some outside shots