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  1. fender6575 added a post in a topic AMT `68 Roadrunner   

    Yeah! Great conversation and opinions here. I think that amt Roadrunner is very good kit and have many kitbashing possibilities. Also real 68 Roadrunner is handsome car because of almost perfectly proportioned body. Nice muscular rear quarters and all. Unfortunately Amt kits body is not so good looking. If there is way to modify it little to look as good as real runner I d like to learn. I have several of earlier issues and will buy these newly released issues also. When real car has exceptional desing features it is important to me that overall appearance of models reflect them well. For example I really like 69-70 Mustang fastback. Aggressive front end with leaning grille and well placed headlights makes one of the best musclecar designs ever. Well, what do you think if Revell/Mono Mustangs look as good on your shelf? Is it easy to achieve the appearence even if models are otherwise technically well built, but front end is not corrected? On the other end. I kind of like MPC 67 Gto kits. Steel mold is in poor shape. There is lot of block sanding and panel line engraving required. Flash and moldlines are everywhere. But basic shape is there. While not perfectly prototypical, it get the look of 67 Gto.

    My other hobby is restoring classic cars so paint and body is the most important single thing that makes the car. Even there I pay real close attention how the bodylines and panel gaps are made. Trust me there is lot of bodylead and shaping required to fit available repro panels to original factory standards or even more...
    But nomore offtopic here. Please continue and tell building possibilities of AMT Roadrunner. Sorry my bad English. It is twenty years since I was at school and there is so many forgotten words
  2. fender6575 added a post in a topic AMT `68 Roadrunner   

    Thank you for great advices. You are absolutely right where problem lies. I m little hesitant to make cuts middle of bodypanels. Im afraid they will show through later after my paint and polish jobs. I was thinking if I could fool the observers eyes. Little more material added to lower leading edge might end quarter panels looking taller and straighter. I have old Johan B bodies to compare, but It would be great if I can get more mileage from my amt mopar kits with simpler modifications. Only opening rear
    wheel openings to correct dimensions helps a lot.

    It is so sad that many otherwise very interesting and suberbly engineered kits suffer badly proportioned bodies. Correcting these kind of issues is often very difficult. Tutorials how to correct bodies for 67 GTX, 58 Belvedere, Amt 68-69 B-bodies etc are welcome. There might be little market for corrected resin bodies if available too.
  3. fender6575 added a post in a topic AMT `68 Roadrunner   

    I wonder if these "minor adjustments" are enough to correct Amt RR body to please eyes of demanding modeler? Im gonna try on mine
    -Sand upper fender line more straighter
    - Sand quarter window opening lover line more horizontal.
    -Sand rear wheel opening bigger to match Johan body
    -Add plastic sheet to lower rear quarter panel behind rear wheel and modify lower body character line more horizontal. There is too much angle difference between upper and lower sheet metal press lines. Now you can move rear bumber slightly lower so rear bodyside view do not look too narrow and have too much angle.
    -Modify suspension so that there is slight rake
    Hope these will work
  4. fender6575 added a post in a topic 1962 FORD X 1962 Buick   

    Wow! This is first class paint and foil finish! All your models are real fine artwork. But these two 62 annuals are over the top. Very simple kits by todays standard. Still everything looks so right. No out of scale proportions and details showing. Also no need to compare to pictures of 1:1. You just know they look spot on.
  5. fender6575 added a post in a topic Uptop for 63-64 Impala?   

    Thanks for the responses. It would be great to buy original or quality resin copy of it. I think I can modify 59 or 62 resin top to fit, but Im not sure if I can handle painting correct surface structure again.
  6. fender6575 added a topic in Car Aftermarket / Resin   

    Uptop for 63-64 Impala?
    Is there resin copies of original Amt 63-64 Impala convertible uptops available somewhere? Already checked Modelhaus but no luck. I have their 62 Impala uptop for new tool kit that seems little short for 63-64 verts. Also I m not sure if Monogram 59 or 65 Impala uptops are correctly shaped for more boxy bodied 63-64?
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  7. fender6575 added a post in a topic 1959 Dodge 2 Dr Ht.   

    I find your Dodge model project very interesting as I have also X-el Dodge on the works. Mine is only curbside... you are going the more advanced way.
    I have Modelhaus copy of Original Johan 59 Dodge kit interior. Nice casting, but little shallow. Still looks reasonable good detail painted. When you compare Johan body to your 1:1 gem do you think rear wheel openings might be little off in kit body?
    Looks somewhat heavy. There is so much space between side molding and rear wheel opening lip?
    I opened up mine to better match my reference pictures. Hard to define what is correct look. Maybe totally unnecessary modification? I have couple of X-el reissues and both have very heavy molding lines on sides of front bumber. Difficult to get rid of them without new chrome plating. There is long way to ship them to Chrome tech from Finland.

    You are one happy man to own real 59 d ht. It is one of my all time favourites. Unfortunately I should have to sell my current summer ride 65 Impala SS, if I ever could afford (and find) that Virgil Exner masterful design study.
  8. fender6575 added a post in a topic 1961 Plymouth Fury   

    I really like your Plymouth build. Such a awesome desing. Is it steering wheel clear transparent as real car has?
    What might be origin of your models steering wheel? My Promolite 61 Fury came with regular light tan colored resin wheel. It would be great if some caster begins to offer Exner era mopar steering wheels casted in clear transparent.
    Modelhaus, do you hear me...
  9. fender6575 added a post in a topic 1963 Pontiac Bonneville   

    You have fine project material Novadose! Please let us see in-progress pics. I bet that it will be well build model as usual. Modelhaus has almost all replacement parts for 63 Bonne, except body and chassis. So only original kit body is needed to build model. I have a plan for Amt 62 pontiac chassis... That wide side molding is very attractive. There is also super cool dashboard and interior in 63 Pontiac.
    Shall I say much rich looking than same period Chevrolet Impala SS has. And I am Chevrolet enthusiast myself.
  10. fender6575 added a post in a topic 1963 Pontiac Bonneville   

    Thank you very much for pictures. I already knew that MCW had that Catalina. Body seems to be straight and crisp casting. Did Amt originals have so detailed interior or is this MCW master?
    I remember that I saw someones netsite pictures of resin 63-64 Pontiac castings(Poncho Pio). Maybe they were copies of amt originals. Is anyone familiar with these products or better yet if caster is member of this forum?
    I really like these full loaded Bonne and GP Pontiacs in reality. It would be great to build model of them.
    My friend has 1:1 restored 63 GP so I have great reference near me.
  11. fender6575 added a topic in Car Aftermarket / Resin   

    1963 Pontiac Bonneville
    This is my first post here. There is totally awesome model buils in this forum.
    I wonder if there is any quality Full size 63 Pontiac resin kits available? Bonneville and Grand Prix are in my wish list.
    What ever happened to AMT 58-64 Pontiac molds? Is there any hope to have them reissued?
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  12. fender6575 added a post in a topic '65 Impala SS   

    This is first quality build. I really like engine compartment details. Your Impala build must be reason I registered in this forum. I have never seen so well build 65 Impala model. Hope we will see side view pictures. Is there any other modifications needed in body than rear window trim?
    When I compare original amt 65 Impala to revell-mono Impala there is couple of differences. Hard to tell if newer
    monogram kit body is better straight from box?

    The "mystery can" is vacuum reservoir for ac system. Vacuum line from intake manifold goes to can and from can there is line through firewall grommet. Via AC control panel vacuum actuates suction throttle valve diaphgram and passenger side vacuum actuator inside kickpanel. Yeah yeah I have actual 65 ss coupe and I am Gm tech by trade.

    Sorry my lanquage, I write from Finland