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  1. Ok guys. Need some help. Does anyone know how to get in contact with one of the volunteers from the route 66 model car show. His name is rusty price. Anyone have an email that i can reach him?
  2. Hey James Thanks for bringing this topic up. Come to think of it i havent seen my homie either lately. Anyone know where he went??
  3. Whatever you do those built ones shouldnt be touched. I always love seeing those old kustoms done from back in the day. Surely a nice score.
  4. man you must have a short memory. I thought this was covered well on trak but you most have forgoton. Modelhaus has em, the orignal smp kit has a 60 ford truck. And hendrix has em like mentioned. LOOK EM UP most people wont sell them due to cost and we wont donate either
  5. Well this is a new forum. IT is Sickside mcc. YOU DONT HAVE TO BE A MEMBER OR SICKSIDE TO JOIN THE FORUM. Here is the link to join up if you guys would like http://sicksidemcc.proboards.com/index.cgi Hope to see some of you there
  6. Ok here is one of my projects that will be finished as a project. Amt 70? nova. Has removeable fenders which are ###### cool. Got this out of a lot was already built as a junker so i decided to add my touches. Gonna get a tubular front suspension with bags and the rear will have bags with a 4 link worked in but nothing painted just the work done for now. Motor will either be the silver 454? or the viper engine that the last builder carburated. No clue what kind of rims it will get. Fender got a dent added and one door has rust now. Scratchbuilt a crate that will hold brand new disk brakes. More to come on this one
  7. wow that is some wicked work. Nice scratchbuilding. Keep up the good work man.
  8. I know this has been covered many times but i couldnt find the posts anymore. After the switch when posting the tool bar with fonts and such is in the posting box. How do i fix this? I know it have been covered so forgive me. I know there was a mentioning of news skins for the forum? Also im using internet explorer.
  9. Thank you for the replies. The engine will stay like it is wont be changeing it. The inspiration for this truck well there really wasnt any. It was done for a build off on another board but then when i messed up my thumb working on it, i stopped and then i didnt really know anything about alclad. Was gonna have the chrome redone but never got to it. Overall this project is the type where you fall in head first and dont know what your doing. ITs also plainly a test to see what looks good.
  10. Ok since alot of people here get offended when people confuse scratchbuilding scratchbashing and kit bashing i will try and explain this project in great detail. This is the amt 1960 chevy truck kit. Its runs the stock 6 cylinder engine with a very much kitbashed intake and exhaust set up from revells 53 corvette. The frame is mostly stock with kit modified front spindels and a very much scratchbuilt c notch in the back. The interior is not kitbashed it is box stock. The grill is kitbashed with an orignal 62 ford truck kustom grill that i took out of a mint very unbuilt amt 62 ford truck kit. The air tank and complete exhaust system is 100% scratchbuilt. The front bumper is scratchbashed with a 56 nomad center section parts pack pontiac ends and widened with raw plastic. Pretty much sums up the car. Hopefully this is good for everyone.
  11. So i cant say my tractor grill shell for my 34 ford truck is scratchbuilt cause i used some kit plastic sections(like 55 chevy truck roof corners and some 32 ford hood sections) and some raw plastic. Oh well in my opinion its still scratchbuilt. If you cant tell what i started with i think it would still be scratchbuilt.
  12. Tried googline cold war? Bet you could find someting there
  13. Ok just like after the change one here why wont the chat room work? I am using up to date software like internet explore 8 and it wont work. IT keeps saying loading chat room please wait but i can wait half an hour and it wont load. Tried refreshing restarting pc nothing. Also i cant even see where to type? Is it just me or is this a common problem?
  14. Not quiet a fan of this new setup, persoanly belive that the old version was better but will a complain on an on about it (NO) will i get used to it maybe but...
  15. great weathering. Love it. Keep up the good work.
  16. Alright i am trying to help ed out here by spreading the word. Currently Drag City Casting is running another sale. Sales are as follows Buy 5 or more hoods.. $4.00 each 15% off a order at $100 or more 65 Mustang Fastback 2+2 for $34.95 New items include the following: First generation ralley wheels(chevy) AMT 33 willys stock rear fenders and running boards. CORRECTED 5 lug halibrands fronts Daisy Mags Parachute pack. This pack includes 8 parachutes 2 large parachutes Hot rod bucket seats Here is the link to the website Drag city casting http://www.dragcitycasting.com/index.html FOR THOSE WHO CANT SEE THE DRAG CITY CASTING SITE HERE IS THE LINK TO THE FOTKI SITE WHICH HAS THE PICTURES http://public.fotki.com/drasticplasticsmcc...-city-casting-/ All his items are top notch. I myself have ordered from ed. He has great customer service, fast responces, and his items are cast in good resin.
  17. maybe the builder of this car missed that. I will stop posting now as this is surely getting no where. To me its still a bg deal out of a little thing but...
  18. i have been building the whole day and got alot done thanks. But yeah u seem to get easily offended at what people say like on the kit of the decade thread.
  19. Ok here is the deal. I am restoring a smp 1960 chevy truck. I hav the glass from it. When it was put in the builder got alittle carried away with the glue and got some in places where it will be seen. I have sanded the windshield down and polished it but the area where the glue was still has like a yellow stain. My question can it be removed or should i just go ahead and get new glass from modelhaus?
  20. you make me laugh really hard getting offended at everyones opinions. Calm down and go build something.
  21. seen this one over on lay it low. It is very cool. Love the stance on it. There is something interesting about caddie trucks. Nice work keep it up
  22. wow that thing is out of this world. Its an interesting concept of that tub. It will be an interesting outcome for sure. Keep it up
  23. honestly why does it matter. He can do what he wants. IF he feels he would rather post it on here maybe to get more input than so be it. Your makeing a big deal out of a little thing Your truck is an interesting concept for sure. Never would have considered putting that kind of motor into a old chevy truck. Keep it up i wanna see the outcome of it.
  24. ok i commented on trak gotta do it here too. It looks awsome no matter which angle you look at it. The chop is just perfect. Nice job.
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