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  1. FutureClassic added a post in a topic Camaro diorama   

    that is soooooo cool! awsome work!
  2. FutureClassic added a post in a topic first diorama, i love it!   

    haha okay< the "solar cell" on the front is actually the light box for the sign i had up but i cant figure out the lighting so i took of the front of the sign till i figure it out. And ed, thanks for pointing that out, i weathered the outside but completley forgot about the inside! no garage ( at least one id have lol) would look that clean. thanks for looking at my work by the way ed, you have an amazing talent and any help you can give me is much appreciated! here is a closer picture of the light box im having problems with

  3. FutureClassic added a post in a topic first diorama, i love it!   

    thanks Terror! the kit from smbc was awsome and turned out great, even for my mediocre skills. ive got a 26 by 16 in board that this is going on and need to fill the rest but dont know what to fill it with was thinking a diner too, or perhaps a tattoo shop . or maybe just a large lot and an intersection. if anyone has ideas let me know, even if there wild
    cause i like the out of the ordinary stuff! thanks to everyone who took the time to look!
  4. FutureClassic added a topic in Dioramas   

    first diorama, i love it!
    This was my first diorama, and i believe my first completed model in general lol. entered it in the sandwich fair model scene section and lost to a paper casle that resembled a pop up book but hey it happens. just started a tear down a little and am going to make a table to put this in later on then put glass over the top figured it would make a cool coffee
    table. any suggestions and comments would be much appreciated, my futre plans include a parking lot with an "open house car show" event to display my cars. will be a salt lakes

    style speed shop/ service station hopefully. also any ideas for lighting the interior. ive got two small lights but they barley make it glow when its dark and also need ideas on a

    lighted sign. if anyone has pick or a how too thatd be awsome

    Thanks in advance!


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