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  1. Finally making some progress. Shot it with an enamel can. Hated it. Striped it. Reshot it with acrylic in my airbrush and dollar general mop and shine for clear. The picture doesn't do it justice. It came out pretty nice but I got a little careless and ended up with some dust under the clear. Oh well. It's going on a shelf. First time I've used acrylic craft paint cut with glass cleaner. Pretty happy with the process. It will improve each time I do it. Decals next and getting closer to final assembly.
  2. Getting there. Shot some paint on the body. I'll post that tomorrow.
  3. Engine attached and chassis completed.
  4. How much trouble did you have fitting the body over the front fenders? I haven't gotten to that point yet but it looks like it's going to be a bit tricky.
  5. Just about done. There are a couple of small tubes I want to add as well as a fuel line. I found the fuel pump! I went ahead and went with the light blue plug wires, mostly because it's all I had. It came out nice I think. I need advice on gauge wire to use as upper and lower hoses. also for wiring the alternator and battery when I get to that. Any ideas? Thanks for taking a look. Time to get started on chassis tomorrow.
  6. Just about done with engine. I dropped the fuel pump somewhere on my kitchen floor after I painted it. Not very happy about that. It's not that big of a deal except that I wanted to attempt a over engine fuel line on this build. Any thoughts? Also have a picture of the distributor. I am rather uninspired with my light blue plug wires. The original had braided wired from what I can tell in pictures that I can find online. Any thoughts on that? Suggestions for braided line that small?
  7. Just finished part of the pulley system. Painted the alternator as well. Will hopefully try to attach this evening along with its belt. First time. Harder than I thought.
  8. This will be my summer project. I haven't been on the forum for quite some time. I did a 55 Chevy last summer and I have yet to post pics of that in another post. This one will be a stock build as true to original as I can do with the supplies I have available. I'll update with pics as often as I can. I'm going for completion in just a couple weeks. Keep me on track!
  9. all i gotta say is...dang...
  10. nce man...love that engine...and the color! wow...i really want to biuld up this kit. looking forward to it after checking out yours
  11. eddie

    Shelby Fastback

    Check it out...I am really proud of this build. Had to strip the paint twice to get the stripes just right. Enjoy!
  12. eddie

    Yellow Enzo

    not a bad idea...i think ill try that...what kind of paint would i use to make a tint effect?
  13. eddie

    Yellow Enzo

    believe it or not, i used super glue all the way around. it still fogged up. i dont know what happened. im think maybe i my finger oils reacted with the fumes and caused the fogging. any ideas on cleaning it off, cause i think i can pry them out and reglue?
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