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  1. Great Trade with Hi-Po. Large scale kits we traded took some time to ship economically but we both made it work. Highly recommend!
  2. Here are my pictures if you want to view them http://public.fotki.com/Kevin60brd/nnl-east-2017/
  3. Where did these interior pieces come from?
  4. Nice work. I built one of these, not nearly to the level of detail you have done. Decals made form a guy named Steve. link http://public.fotki.com/Kevin60brd/57-galpin-gasser/
  5. It is a cross ram 426, I did have the guy from Moebius open the hood. Not sure if I took a picture. Has the long oval air cleaner on the two carbs.
  6. The Jeep one worked for me. Jeff396(?) sent me one from this forum. Here is a link to a picture of it in the Missing Link Hornet I finished. I think I had to sand the tunnel down for the transmission to fit in the tunnel is the only modification I had to do. Hopefully link works. I think I posted pictures in finished section last year. http://public.fotki.com/Kevin60brd/misc-models/dsc00602.html
  7. No 'packages' back then everything seperate. Original sales invoice for my 60 T-Bird lists back up lights, heater, radio, automoatic, p/s, p/b, outside rear view mirror, and fender shields all as options. II have seen an unresoted CA 1959 Bird with a radio and no heat, there is a heater delete Ford part numbered plate visible on firewall where blower box would be.
  8. Great trade with Quick GMC. Communications great, shipping was fast, smooth transaction, pleasure to trade with.
  9. Just finished a trade with jrherald420 and would recommend trading with him anytime. Great to deal with on multiple kit transaction.
  10. Great trade with kustomclassics, Manuel. Trade with him anytime!
  11. Tact and maybe asking directly with a PM? I have sent someone a PM first asking if they want some pointers or tips, especially if it is a model I have built and have some knowledge of. Am I a pro builder no. This is a tough line with a forum or even a contest. I run into this with the real 1:1 cars, people ask to have a car judged, or what is wrong with their car, and then are all bent out of shape when they are told something is not right. With a lesser quality build, tact is key. People need to offer suggestions on what would make it better without criticizing the person themselves. I still run into new builders at shows that will ask about BMF, or where did some of the detail items come from. It amazes me if you talk to people at show, not the ones you know already, but the people looking at particular details on kits, that they may have never been to an NNL or large show where they find out what is out there. You can get great conversations going and sometimes get someone to another event and that gets them excited and trying to build better. Telling anyone their work is bad or junk never helps anyone.
  12. How about the Gremlin kit? Engine poorly detailed. Engine bay parts that just kind of floats around in their and has no diffinitve mounting points, the front header panel too wide for the body. Chassis has no mounting points that touch for the final assembly. Seats that look too skinny for anything. Built it for the Buckey challenge and that was a few hours of my life I will never get back!
  13. I remember helping my Dad work on a 60 Thunderbird. Was the first old car he bought. Went to look at a lot of cars with him, and I know he always wanted a 55-57 Bird, but with 3 kids he had to get a 4 seater. Was thrilled when I was able to buy the car back and still own it today. Winged Mopars are my next favorite. Went to the Hoosier show at Indianapolis with my family when I was 10, the Thunderbird meet was held there. We got to go on the track and I remember seeing a club of winged cars there on the track as well. Really like the 68-70 Road Runners, the cartoon character, the beep beep horn, and the colors.
  14. Anyone have the date and maybe a flyer that can be posted?
  15. Completed a trade with am73grand and he was great to work with. No complaints from me!
  16. Thanks. Great trade with Chickenfoot. Recommend dealing with him any time!
  17. I would take one. Al is correct about the hood bow. Plenty of Shelby Mustangs and the Chrysler 300 Hurst share a common bowing of the fibergalss parts.
  18. Show was last weekend at National Trails Raceway in Hebron, OH. This year the theme was 50 year Anniversary of the Hemi so plenty of Hemis showed up. Hope you enjoy the pictures. http://public.fotki.com/Kevin60brd/mopar-nationals-2014/
  19. Back at you. Matt is a grat person to deal with.
  20. Don called me after my response and set things right with me. He agreed to ship another hood and the front end pieces to Rich(crabman on the forum) in England. I give him credit for finding my number well after a year after having last talking with him and calling me. He told my he shipped Friday and it arrived today. I hope he has turned things around. He has always been nice to me on the phone and I think the fact that he reached out to me after a post is really big on his part. I wish him the best and I will no longer post anything negative on this post in reagrds to this matter.
  21. I got my order, took 15 months, lots of phone calls and emails. Don called me after this and has offered to make it right. I will give him benefit of the doubt. He is going to send me new parts.
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