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  1. I managed to get one of Gerry's Mustang Notchback bodies, along with a 69 Cougar fastback he mastered and cast with the parts left over from the Mustang conversion
  2. Lincoln Continental convertible that Eddie Albert drove in "Green Acres".
  3. Bronson's character drove a blue 72 Montego. Jean-Michael Vincent's character drove the red Mustang. Both were blown up at the end. "Bang. You're dead."
  4. The Wagoneer with the Ferrari engine had smoothed bodywork and the nose of the 365GT2+2 that the engine came from. It was called the Jerrari. It looked sort of Citroen-y. There was a story about it in Road & Track.
  5. Thank you. It graced my driveway for a few years. I thought it looked better before the studio got ahold of it. White, and it had whitewall tires. My parents had one, purchased new in 1972. I bought this one in 1986.
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  7. I have a resin 55 4-door sedan if anyone is interested.
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    Works in Chrome but not Internet Explorer in my case.
  9. Met the guy who designed the full-bumper parts at NNL West. He had pictures of the prototype parts. Grille, bumper and parking lights are separate parts. It looked pretty nice.
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