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  1. NNL West haul: Escort Mark 1 resin kit. Two 50 Ford pickups with the Ardun engine parts 63 Pontiac Bonneville convertible in a bag from Steve Hinson's family Fujimi Dome-0 kit Gunze Ferrari 250 GTO "High Tech" series
  2. Took a trip to West Los Angeles. Typical boring day on the 405. About a dozen C8s Bentayga with matt purple wrap and Lakers logos on the doors. A Urus. Rolls-Royce 2-door A couple of the newer duck-faced Aston Martins Two BMW I8s Ferraris: FF, F12, 599 Maranello, 488 and a 296 GTB. Mercedes AMG Gullwing coupe
  3. I have not sent any emails to MCRC and have been waiting patiently for the items I ordered. I understand the situation, especially after getting some insight from someone close to the situation.
  4. How long ago did you place your order? I have been waiting almost two years.
  5. We either built one of those and lived with it or we didn't.
  6. And as far as any of us knows, he and his wife Carol fulfilled all the orders that were submitted.
  7. That's a good possibility. Did the Olds 394 have the same architecture as the 330?
  8. Maybe the engine from the Lindberg/AMT 67 Cutlass or AMT 66 Cutlass? Also, the MPC/AMT 69 442.
  9. 62 Impala 2-door HT. Lowered a bit, otherwise mostly original 63 Impala 2-door, nice blue low rider Nissan Skyline R32
  10. I like the Corvair-style taillights on the first-gen Acadias.
  11. Fiat 124 Coupe too. Fiat 850 Coupe and spider, 128SL and X1/9.
  12. This morning, in Littlerock: Chopped 47-48 Chevy coupe. 53 Buick 4-door A few days ago: three Rivian pickups on a trailer.
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