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  1. Yes, it's in their national ad, published in newspapers on Sunday.
  2. Saturday I saw a "Mack" pickup on the freeway. It looked like a scaled down 50s Mack tractor. Sort of like this (the one I saw was red and a bit smaller):
  3. Nice work on that Cougar! And yes, so many variations. I have a 1:1 69 XR 7 and am a member of a local Cougar club. Hard to imagine all the variations in the full-size cars.
  4. The OHC six was also used in the Tempest, and there was a Sprint version with the 4-barrel carb engine.
  5. My parents bought a 59 Mercury Monterey 4-door. My Dad had to add on to the garage so the car would fit inside. When we moved to California the car barely fit in the garage at the new house.
  6. Yes. Just scribe around the engine compartment insert with the backside of an X-acto knife tip until it comes loose.
  7. On the actual cars, the difference in the wheelbase is behind the front seats. Mustang Carpet fits in a Cougar. BTW the engine compartment from the AMT 67 Mustang fits the AMT 69 Cougar nicely. Cut out, clean up the edges, add a couple of strips of Evergreen on the sides and install in the Cougar. I used the front portion of the Mustang chassis and rear portion of the Cougar chassis in my build. Can't remember where the splice is.
  8. My daughter had a 2005 Focus sedan. It was reliable and economical and it saved her life. One night she flipped (not rolled) the car. It was totally destroyed but protected her. She emerged with minor injuries.
  9. Missing Link cast the engine compartment insert.
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