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  1. 69 Firebird has the OHC 6-cylinder engine that was exclusive to Pontiacs. Although it had the same basic block as the Chevy 6, the cylinder head, intake and exhaust were totally different.
  2. 76 Cougar was based on the Montego, which, like the 72-up Torino, had a separate frame and coil-spring rear suspension. The 73 Cougar was Mustang-based so it was a unit body with rear leaf springs. Along this line, I would really like to see a 72 Montego GT kit.
  3. Those well-traveled grille pieces are from a 69 Bonneville.......
  4. Porsche Taycan (? - the new electric one)
  5. I heard once that the tall spoiler on the Camaro was originally designed for the Firebird but was taken by Chevrolet for use on the Camaro. Then Pontiac had to design what we now know as the Trans Am spoiler.
  6. Michael was at the Sprit of Speed show last Sunday selling some of his products.
  7. Yes. I saw you. Thanks for attending, Mark. See you next time.
  8. Thanks to all those who attended and participated in our show. And congratulations to the trophy winners.
  9. sfhess

    Cars in Songs

    I don't know if anyone has mentioned it (I haven't been following this thread) but there is an exhibit of car- and racing-related LPs at the NHRA Motorsports Museum in Pomona, CA. If you look at photos of the Spirit of Speed show from yesterday you might see some of them in the background.
  10. I found some 56s last night in a collection I am helping to disperse.
  11. Life-size "Thomas the Tank Engine" being hauled on a flatbed.
  12. Looks like a Hebmueller. Maybe a fiberglass replica?
  13. A really nice white restomod 65 Fairlane 2-door.
  14. Bringing it to the top again. Show is a week from this Sunday.
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