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  1. Any other parts in the Road Runner box? I'm looking for the custom front bumper and headlights for that kit.
  2. There are some 3D printed Opel bodies out there... ECONOMY FINISH 3D PRINTED 1/25 1970 OPEL ASCONA VOYAGE WAGON BODY. SLOT CAR BODY | eBay ECONOMY FINISH 3D PRINTED 1/25 1975 OPEL MANTA BODY. SLOT CAR BODY | eBay
  3. Did he reseal the bag when he was done?
  4. Wow. Alyssa smiled. Although this show is Worman's vanity project, his antics are very tiresome. And what's with the animated portions?
  5. Look closely at the picture of the cars. It's a bad Photoshop.
  6. It seems mandatory to report. Mine arrived today......
  7. Yes it's a 67 and probably has a 390 judging by the badge on the fender.
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