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  1. I got a reply to my eBay message saying he has all the unfilled orders in a "safe place" and intends to fill them when he is able. Current listings are items he is selling "to keep a roof over his head". He included pictures showing the results of a lot of surgical work to the back of his neck. I had previously ordered one of his 70 GTO conversion kits. I received that promptly and it's a pretty good casting.
  2. Reliable Resins is back on the 'Bay I paid for an item of his on eBay a couple of years ago and never received it. Got a lot of excuses though. Now he is selling again on eBay. See my post below.
  3. Ferreri 458 and California (same road, different times in opposite directions) and a BMW i8.
  4. There's probably some rule now that "luxury" cars must have grotesque designs.
  5. Stossel: Inconvenient facts about electric cars (yahoo.com) JOHN STOSSEL: Here Are Even More Inconvenient Facts About Biden’s Magical Thinking On EVs (shorenewsnetwork.com)
  6. Timer? Don't you mean "lightning whirler"? That took me a minute. At least you didn't call it a "dizzy". Heads and valve covers look like Cleveland. I bet if you painted the intake blue ahead of the first runner it would look more like that is part of the block. (Actually a Windsor distributor does not go through the manifold. You can remove the intake without disturbing the distributor. I have done this.) In the engine picture it looks like the coil is mounted to the water outlet area and the upper radiator hose is sitting on the timing cover flange.
  7. More pictures from the show: Facebook
  8. A Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit, Ferrari 456 and a white Urus. Also two 64 Fairlane 4-doors.
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