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  1. 68 Mercury Cyclone 72 Montego GT Triumph TR6 73 Pontiac Grand Am 78 Malibu
  2. I found an assembled blue 57 Thunderbird, with box, at NNL West last year.
  3. Visited Hobby Lobby. Got a Revell Land Rover and a 69 Boss 302 kit, taking advantage of the 40% off deal. Also 7 bottles of Model Master flats and metal paint (Still a fairly good selection at the local store)
  4. It was hard to find a 1:1 Z car with stock wheels and covers. Most dealerships added "mandatory" aftermarket wheels at the very least.
  5. Yes. Here in Palmdale, California. I was in the middle of telling my daughter something and was reduced to "OOOOOO! OOOOO!".
  6. Also a couple days ago: 56 Dodge on a flatbed and a 70s Jeepster on a trailer.
  7. A red Dual Ghia convertible. This one or one like it.
  8. I remember some dealerships were putting Versailles front clips, taillights etc on Granadas and Monarchs and selling them for a good profit for a while.
  9. And it has side sculpturing more like a 70-72 Tempest/GTO than a Chevelle.
  10. 64 Cadillac Fleetwood Sixty Special and a roofless Scout II. Also a Grabber Blue C8.
  11. Aoshima 1/23 MGB for the C1 GT btody that will hopefully be here soon, Hasegawa BMW 2002 and a Revell 62 Chevy. Also a check for some of my consignment kits that have been sold. I made a trip to the San Fernando Valley and hit wo local hobby shops that are still open.
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