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  1. 67 Plymouth Fury 4-door hardtop. There's a pink late-model Charger running around here, a pink Tesla 3 and a pink/black Challenger, split the long way.
  2. The SsangYong truck is parked at a salvage lot near where my daughter works. Badges have been removed, not covered up. Probably will be crushed soon. A few years ago I saw one on the freeway a couple of times as I was driving to work
  3. Some interesting cars I managed to photograph in the last couple of weeks:
  4. A really nice bronze-colored 66 Impala SS convertible. It was on a trailer, with "for sale" signs on it.
  5. Earlier today I SAW a Challenger that was half black, half pink.
  6. The Frua Maserati A6GS is a beautiful thing. I have heard that it has been restored mechanically.
  7. When did they start making limos out of Chrysler 300's? Not too long after the first one rolled off the production line.
  8. I remember seeing a post about their attempt to sell. IIRC It was a package deal that included the business, all molds and masters, along with the Holthaus' property.
  9. CVT in my 2019 Outback works fine. Better than the transmissions in my 2001 and 2004 Tauruses, 2014 Focus and 2016 Fusion. On the other hand the auto trans in my 2011 Fusion has 165,000 miles, has never been touched and still works quite well.
  10. The brothers on the "Trans Am" TV show. Can't remember their name.
  11. I'm pretty sure the compartment on the Longhorn bed side is a storage/tool compartment. You might get a small donut tire in there.
  12. NNL West haul: Escort Mark 1 resin kit. Two 50 Ford pickups with the Ardun engine parts 63 Pontiac Bonneville convertible in a bag from Steve Hinson's family Fujimi Dome-0 kit Gunze Ferrari 250 GTO "High Tech" series
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