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  1. Not to mention the total goofiness of the main character. And what's with the animated part?
  2. I got a couple a few years ago off eBay. Can't recall who the caster was. Missing Link?
  3. My main focus when behind the wheel is driving. Besides it is difficult to transfer photos from my phone to computer.
  4. Saturday: A caravan of Healeys: Bugeye Sprite, Jensen Healey and a 100-6. Aston Martin DBX. 65 Pontiac Grand Prix.
  5. By then Ford created the LTD Brougham as the top of the line and the "vanilla" LTD was downgraded.
  6. It would be fairly easy to scratchbuild a Sanden compressor using Evergreen tube and sheet.
  7. I thumbed through the latest issue at Barnes & Noble. Interesting but not worth the $7.99 cover price.
  8. I bought the R&T book. There is some interesting stuff in there, but it's not worth the cover price. The magazines of John Bond, Henry N. Manney, Rob Walker, Tony Hogg, David E. Davis. Brock Yates, et al are no more. Octane is what a car magazine should be.
  9. Profanity and leading zeros on page numbers. Really?
  10. There was a company doing those conversions. Don't recall the name.
  11. The radio IS on the left side of the instrument cluster on 69-70 full-size Fords. The control knobs are below the radio dial. One of my friends used to reach across to change stations while her mother was driving.
  12. Speed City Resins has a really good resin pulley and belt set. The belt is flexible black resin.
  13. 68 Mercury Cyclone 72 Montego GT Triumph TR6 73 Pontiac Grand Am 78 Malibu
  14. I found an assembled blue 57 Thunderbird, with box, at NNL West last year.
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