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  1. It has to be "debadged" and have a "cold air intake" installed.
  2. At So Cal Open I purchased an MPC 78 Camaro kit, AMT 69 Cougar XR 7 "Countdown" series and a Revell Germany Mercedes E-class wagon kit, all from David Cruz. Also some supplies and a bottle of House of Kolor Violet paint (Raffle prize)
  3. Black 55-56 Cadillac Fleetwood Sedan. Followed it into the 1:1 car show outside the So Cal Open show.
  4. Dave, I just got #213 and noticed that it was the last issue in my subscription. Now the label is gone and I can't log in to renew.
  5. I picked up a few things at the Desert Scale Classic on Saturday. AMT 75-76 T-top Camaro and 69 Cougar Street Machine from Andy Kallen's collection Revell Germany VW Corrado from Kurt Womack (Thanks!!) Mickey Thompson 1/16 Grand Am Funny Car Some 95 Chevy Silverados. Donors for a couple of projects VW 23-window bus in a bag Porsche 914 and AMT 58 Impala raffle prizes. 3rd place Factory Stock plaque. What a nice surprise!
  6. Jaguar XJ-s convertible, gold, cruising top-down on the freeway.
  7. One of those "get out of my way" front ends. I saw an electric one the other day. Grille openings looked like they were behind glass.
  8. They are nice kits. Almost scary when you open the box and see all the parts. I have a Fujimi BMW 635 that has metal engine and suspension parts in addition to all the plastic and it makes the Porsche kits look simple by comparison.
  9. Fiat 850 Coupe on a trailer with a few other interesting cars.
  10. Fujimi Ferrari F12. Tamiya Toyota GR86 (The Subaru BRZ was $!5.00 more. Licensing?) 1/12 Aoshima Honda Gorilla 125. 75 Trans Am resin from Missing Link.
  11. Yellow 71 or 72 Mach 1 pulling into a Union 76 station. 65-ish Chevy long bed pickup. On a street corner with For Sale signs in the windows.
  12. Split bumper, orange car on the box. Price was $14.99.
  13. Walmart: 64 Cutlass Hardtop and 70 Camaro. HL: another 70 Camaro (Parts for a couple of 70-75 Firebird projects) and a Maisto "new" Bronco diecast kit.
  14. The 79 Celica was facelifted in the same genre, adapting to the rectangular headlights.
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