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  1. Beemers have two wheels, Bimmers have four, Nice build, regardless. I have Fujimi and a Revell E30s that will be built someday, as well as a couple Fujimi and Tamiya 635s. Want a challenge, check out the Fujimi 635 kits with metal parts. They have a zillion parts and weigh a ton. Very intimidating.
  2. www.missinglinkrc.com, but it hasn't been updated for a while.......
  3. Nice work, Kevin!! How 'bout making a 71 MX with two taillights per side? And/or a Performace Gauge Package dash? I'd like one, but I don't have $70 to spare at the moment.
  4. I was at Long Beach in '82 as well. I remember watching those dual wings bounce as GV drove around the circuit. I have the kit as well, bought for the same reason as the others. It was a cool variation on the Ferrari F1 racer. I have a Brumm 1/43 built-up of the C2 also. PS: Nice build, Curt!!
  5. Nice work so far on the 64 hardtop. I look forward to the finished product. BTW your buddy's car is a 60 not a 61......
  6. Isn't the Revell 635 a reissue of the old Monogram kit? I built one several years ago and it seemed to be a little pudgy-looking compared to the real thing. I have a Fujimi M635 kit that has a lot of metal parts for the engine and suspension. It makes the standard Fujimi kit look simple!
  7. Last week at the Victorville show I got some of Paul Rowe's 392 Hemi parts for my Beebe & Mulligan TF dragster, a 75 Datsun pickup kit, a 61 Buick convertible, an MPC 74 Cuda and a Triumph TR-7. Yesterday I got the new AMT 61 Starliner and some paint at the LHS.
  8. Midwest? BAH! More like Mid-east...... Got my copy on Monday and I agree, it's great. Seems to get better every issue.
  9. To do a Monterey conversion properly you would have to trash the chrome trim in the erar quarter coves and fabricate the proper "rocket pods". Monterey: Park Lane:
  10. sfhess


    I think they're working on something more like this: http://automobiles.honda.com/cr-z/
  11. Celica XX is the name for the Home-market Supra. Kinda like the Nissan Fairlady over there is the Z-car over here.
  12. I bought a set of wheels from AFX nScale a few years back with no problems. I guess things have changed since then. Too bad, they had a nice selection of stuff and the quality is good.
  13. Luc, you are thinking of Classic Hobbies. They had a store in Northridge, then moved to Tarzana, then Granada Hills, then they disappeared a few years ago. I think one of the sons of the original owner still sells stuff on eBay. They sere good supporters of our local club and the hobby in general.
  14. Burbank's House of Hobbies: http://www.houseofhobbies.com/ Smith Brothers Hobby Center in Northridge: http://www.valleybest.com/smithbros/
  15. What part of LA? You can check out Burbank's House of Hobbies (with a side trip to Autobooks), Kit Craft in Studio City, or Smith Brothers out in Northridge.
  16. Bob Paeth generously donated some oroginal art work to the GSL XXI auction last year. Some were proposals for kits that were never produced, some were alternative box art for kits that were produced. All very nice and great collectibles. I managed to make the winning bid on the Firebird III artwork. Now I need to find a good frame for it and a proper place to hang it.
  17. That Mitsu looks more like a Celica Liftback. A few more Audi 100S Coupe pics: I remember reading somewhere back in the day that the trunk in these was huge.
  18. Um, I meant that the other way, tongue-in-cheek too......... My Fuse has a little wing on the trunk, and the Sport Appearance Package: "black chrome" grille, 17" wheels, Black interior with red accents and stitching. Very cool. Fun in the mountains. Any engine or suspension mods on your 6?
  19. Well, my 2007 Ford Fusion has a 4-cylinder engine and a 5-speed manual transmission. It has decent performance, handles well and gets about 28 MPG in mixed driving.
  20. Dual-Ghia. It's Chrysler powered. Sinatra and Dean Martin owned them.
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