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  1. Thanks It's the top one of the Hasegawa kits pictured. Regards Andy
  2. Hi all, pretty much oob except for lowering and Hobby Design BBS RS 17inch rims & aosima stretchwall tires. Color is Honda Aztec Green from Hiroboy. pg.html] Thanks for looking Andy
  3. Hi all, Had this one painted ages ago and finally got round to putting it together - best described as quirky ! [/URL Thanks for looking Regards Andy
  4. Hi Brian The metal transfers caused me a few headaches as I had an original issue of the kit and I think that over time the adhesive had dried out slightly - in the end I had to resort to using gs hypo glue in some places. Having said that I reckon that if you have a newer issue the trim should adhere ok Andy ps/ Thanks for the comments guys, much appreciated.
  5. Ajay

    66 Buick Riviera

    Thanks for the comments guys - much appreciated Andy
  6. Hi all Those of you with long memories may remember that I'm building a custom Mk11 Jag & I built this one box stock (apart from the whitewalls) as a comparison piece for when I eventually get round to finishing the custom one. Thanks for looking Andy
  7. Hi all, Don't think I've posted this older build previously so thought I might dust it down & take a few pictures. Thanks for looking Andy
  8. Thanks for the interest guys, I've made a bit of progress on the stock wheel arch version, slow work as there's lots of filling & sanding involved. Still very rough and ready but I'm fairly satisfied with them. Also got the Scale Production transkit in the post - I'll just be using the engine bay as Ill be using the Lotus Twin cam engine from the Tamiya Lotus Europa. and also got rid of the extra instrument binnacle on the dash as I want a close to stock interior Thanks for looking Andy
  9. Thanks, I'm hoping somebody in the aftermarket comes up with the Mexico stripes. Renaissance are doing a set to replicate the F&F6 car. Quick search of ebay uk iand the best price I can find is £37.00 incl postage. Cheers Andy
  10. Thanks Shay, Renaissance are coming out with a decal set to replicate the F&F6 car so I may get a set but I'm not sure if it will work with the standard arches. Scale Production are doing a resin engine bay with a choice of BDA or Lotus engine. This could get expensive ! Cheers Andy
  11. I haven't posted for awhile due to my parents both being ill not leaving a lot of time for modelling but but I've made a start on these two. The first one will be a street version:- Wheels are panasports with stretchwall tyres (both from Scale Production. For the second one I wanted stock wheelarches so the bubble arches have been hacked off and the stock arches built up from plastic sheet - I can see a lot of filling & sanding in the near future !. I'll post more progress as I make it but it may be slow. Thanks for looking and sorry for the poor pics Andy
  12. Ajay

    Class of 2014

    Hi All, not a bumper year for me but here's the ones that I managed to finish this year. Tamiya Ford Sierra Cosworth Gunze Karmann Ghia Revell 57 Ford Moebius 55 Chrylser 300 Revell 50 Olds Moebius 53 Hudson Hornet Thanks for looking & best wishes for 2015 Regards Andy
  13. Hi all This ones a bit of a change from the 50's stuff that I've been building this year. It's the Tamiya Eggenberger RS500 kit together with the interior from the Sierra XR-4i. Pretty much OOB except for lowered suspension & BBS wheels. Colour is Ford Diamond white from Zero paints. Sorry for the indoor pics Thanks for looking Regards Andy
  14. Ajay

    Revell 57 Ford

    Thanks for the replies guys, much appreciated. Regards Andy
  15. Ajay

    Revell 57 Ford

    Hi all, got round to finishing this one up. Pretty much OOB except for lowering and removal of badges & door handles. The tyres/Caddy hubcaps are from the modelhaus & color is Ford Phoenix/Vista Orange from Zero paints.   Thanks for looking Regards Andy
  16. Ajay

    50 Olds

    Thanks for the additional comments guys, appreciate them Cheers Andy
  17. Ajay

    50 Olds

    Hi Niko, Thanks, it's just the stock rear bumper.from the kit. The tailights are supplied as decals so I found a pair of rear light lenses in my spares box (I think they're from one of the Revell 32 Ford kits).and used those instead. Regards Andy PS/ Thanks for all the kind words guys - much appreciated .
  18. Ajay

    50 Olds

    Hi all, got round to finishing this one up. Thanks for looking Regards Andy
  19. Thanks for the comments guys, just a brief update with pics of the body after polishing, BMF trim and front & rear glass installed. There doesn't seem to be much of a contact area on the rear side windows so I havn't plucked up the courage to do those yet - may use acetate instead. Also got round to putting the interior together and built the engine. Thanks for looking Regards Andy PS/ sorry for poor pics
  20. Hi all, Thanks for the comments, after 4 weeks lost to the World Cup (and the less said about England's performance the better) I've made some progress on this one, engine & interior are done, paints been polished out, trim Bare Metal Foiled & glass added. All I need to do now if figure out how to lower the suspension !. Thanks for looking - sorry for the poor quality pics. Cheers Andy              
  21. Hi all, Made a start on this one - usual story for me - lowered with whitewalls !. The interior's Tamiya Neutral & Sky grey. The bodies been cleaned up by removing the front fender (and boy did I take a few attempts to get the crease in the front of the fender) and rocker panel trims together with the rear light unit, slightly modified rear fender trim and removal of the door handles. A couple of pics of the body sprayed up in Coral Blue from Zero is plus 1k clear - the body needs polishing out. Thanks for looking Regards Andy
  22. Hi all, I have to admit that this particular year isn't one of my favourites (would've much prefered a 55 Mercury Montclair) but as it's a kit that I've not built before I though I'd give it a go. It's just going to be a mild custom with lowered suspension & whitewalls.The first thing that I realised was that the front inner fenders were stopping the wheel sitting higher in the wheelwell so I've reworked them with plastic card. I haven't done much to the body except remove the hood ornament,trunk enmblem and door handles. A couple of pics of the body before polishing - the color is Ford Phoenix/Vista orange from Zero paints plus their 1k clear. Thanks for looking - sorry for poor indoor pics Cheers Andy
  23. Hi all, got round to making some progress on the Jag. Managed to finish the engine and make a start on the interior : Thanks for looking in.. Cheers Andy
  24. Thanks for the replies guys - much appreciated Cheers Andy
  25. Pretty much OOB except for some smoothing of the body & lowering. Tires are American satco and rims are modelhaus steelies with hoppin hydros bullet centres. Paint is Zero Honda Fresh Lime metallic & 1k clear. All in all a very nice kit - went together with no problems. Thanks for looking I'll try & get a couple of outdoor shots when it stops raining !. Andy
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