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  1. present and accounted for

  2. CB

    tanks fer the props on the little donky T, dude. caint wait to see yer dio. DeathRacers r gonna be my next obsession just like the T were. Hope I don't do some battle damage to CBs Auto Body--LOL Got me a big ass B&D heatgun what I plan on heatin up the Merc with and then ramming with my Chebby Tow twuck- LOL

  3. tanks, dued.

    dat BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH Cranky

    has got me goin

    insane in de

    memberane wit

    his PKiller and

    I be workin on my D-racers tryin to figure just how mucho firepower and armor plating. Ever once in awhile I gets the urge to do some work on the dio but I wanna make sure Grammps is gonna be my bodyman. Probly gonna use my deadcast Chebby towtwuck to do some battle damage to th

  4. gbk1, luv your '34 coupe. had to click it to see if'n I could find out anythig about it, coz that blue is so cool--then I sees it in gray and it looks just as cool thataway too! BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH'n Blaque

  5. CB


    luv yer name dude. hey, nice 49r sled. sure don't look like 1/25 scale from the pix. maybe them sleds were mucho more massive then and tha's why it looks so big? checkem out my 49r in my gallery-all artwork...duh, I are a artist. tooked 1st place in the 'Painted Hog' show back in 05

  6. CB

    DUDE! luv yer 32 Rat Ground Scrapper! Especially them stacks!! The bare metal at the chop line rox.


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