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  1. old low&slo added a post in a topic I just won a Christmas Raffle   

    you could try beatyourtruck.com for starters
  2. old low&slo added a post in a topic 1932 ford   

    in the words of clint eastwood
    Improvise Adapt Overcome
    learn it love it live it !!!!
    apply this basic principle to your life and it will become more positive.
    oh and never ever give up.
    It's simple and it I think works for almost all of life's obstacles.
    just an old geesers opinion
  3. old low&slo added a post in a topic Frog Tape Anyone??   

    take a crescent wrench a regular screwdriver a pair of channel locks and a roll of duct tape and you have a genuine west virginia socket set

    remember there is no problem in the world that cant be fixed with the proper amount of high explosives
  4. old low&slo added a post in a topic 2012   

    2012 looks like a cool movie to see up on the big screen

    as far as the mayans go my theory is the guy doin the calender just got bored and tired of working on it and said thats far enough the heck with it

    knowing was a cool movie. question : the people that took the 2 kids away were they aliens or angels ?????????
    what do you guys think ???
  5. old low&slo added a post in a topic quick ?   

    x2 on what he said I could not say it better. I too am laid off. I had to have shoulder surgery and my fmla benefits would only protect my job for 2 months because I used a month of it about 9 months earlier when I fractured my fibula (been a rough year) . I was out for 4 months before my doctor released me and the company I worked for would not hold my job that long. I collected temporary disability until I was released by the doctor now I am collecting unenjoyment. man they really suck in maryland they act like you are guilty until you prove yourself innocent. they act like you're trying to scam them or something. so just think outside the box and get creative with your resume and dont give up !! you might have to take a job paying a lot less then you made but it would be a job until you can find something better. just dont stop looking.
  6. old low&slo added a post in a topic An interesting new modeling tool I've discovered   

    college classes at 52 are doing it for me. they are opening up the brain and getting it moving again.
    it's like a muscle you use it or lose it
    if that show does it for you I say good for you !!!!!!!!
  7. old low&slo added a topic in General   

    Clay Kemp how the heck
    I really admire the man's detail on his builds. So whats his secret ?????????
    Is it a lot of research or has he actually built some 1to1 race cars. His level of detail is just unreal.
    It just boggles my mind (though it dont take much ) how he does it.
    any ideas ??????????
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  8. old low&slo added a post in a topic Memory lane, how many remember?   

    hey you and I were born the same month and year. mines the 14th when yours ???

    and yes I remember all that stuff too. they were some truly turbulent times.my mom taught art classes at kent state then. after the shooting they closed the campus and some of the students came to our house to finish the class. back then you could drink 3.2 beer at 18 in ohio.
    so when we were like 15 we used to go to kent to the bars there with fake id's and they would let us in and to be honest I dont think they really cared either.
  9. old low&slo added a post in a topic Memory lane, how many remember?   

    I'm 52 and I remember you could leave your house with the front door wide open just the screen door closed
    all day and come home and nothing touched try that now lol.
    10 cent cokes , and 10 cents would get you a big bag of penny candy. I remember when cigs were 45 cents in a machine.
    I did not really build models back then but my brother did alot and then after awhile he would get tired of one he probably had 20 of them built and either blow it up with a firecracker or set it on fire and roll it down the hill.
    back then most married women were housewives and the husband went to work and a family could actually survive on
    one salary !!! and a family had just one car. ours was always a rambler station wagon. we could ride all over the neighborhood on our bikes with either baseball cards in the spokes or if you were real lucky you had a varoom motor on it.and nobody would bother us. remember when all the stores would be closed on sundays.
    my favorite candy was a nickel . it was called turkish taffy. it came in many flavors and was hard as a rock and you would smash it on the sidewalk to break it. we had a 3 bedroom rancher and my older brother and I shared a room for years.
    nowadays it seems every kid has to have their own bedroom. so people buy these big 4 bedroom houses. I guess bunk beds are a thing of the past. at least around here anyways. oh and it was ok for kids to play with toy guns then too.
  10. old low&slo added a post in a topic All hope is lost!   

    71-73 riviera
    75 grand prix
    77 lincoln continental
    76 elcamino the one with the 4 square headlights
  11. old low&slo added a post in a topic Spray booth?   

    man dont pay those prices just build one yourself.
    I built one out of plywood and 2x4's and a bench to sit it on and got a nice blower and vented it outside. took out a pane of glass from our basement window and replaced it with a piece of wood and cut a hole in it for a dryer vent and hooked it all up oh and cut a hole in the top of the box and covered in clear plexi and stuck a aquarium light on it. and we never smell paint fumes anymore in the house. probably didnt cost more then 200 for everything.
    and now I can paint all year round.
  12. old low&slo added a post in a topic lowrider caddy   

    hey foxer
    thanks man the colors were actually my wifes idea

    hey cosmiccadillac
    the interior is from the donk cadillac kit.

    hey vizio93
    the 3 speakers come with the kit. its all one piece. I just painted them black and bmf'ed them to stand out.

    hey tito
    they also make the 1301's which you put the wheels together and the deep d's which are like the 1109's but deep dish.
    check out the pegasus website they have a lot of nice lo lo wheels.
    it's pegasushobbies.com also if you have'nt yet check out layitlow.com the model car section
  13. old low&slo added a post in a topic lowrider caddy   

    hey tito
    thanks for the compliments !!
    I love them both too.
    the rims and tires come as a set and are pegasus 1109"s
  14. old low&slo added a post in a topic How about a little model car history?   

    I like that 70 man thats sweet !!!!!
    thats old school there.
    what did you use for material on the interior ???
  15. old low&slo added a topic in Under Glass   

    lowrider caddy
    I have not posted any builds on here and just finished this so I thought I would post it up.

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