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  1. what do you look like? id love to meet you, im going as well!
  2. lol, phil this aint LIL the biggrin smiley doesnt work here haha but yeah, im going to get myself a case as well
  3. oh boy! i cannot wait... i can almost guarantee that 66s are all you will see me building for a while...!
  4. thanks fellas, and yeah sam, its 1/25! it was a fun build...and i might do another in the near future
  5. i became bored thursday night and didnt have any money, or kits! so i thought, why not use some parts trees and leftover parts to make a go kart? i made the motor, floor, and body panels from sheet styrene!
  6. :Dthanks bro, mixed it muhself!
  7. you talking about the 67 chevelle right? which revell kit is this? and are those wheels and tires box stock?

    67 Impala

    Also has an A/C system! replica of a friends car.
  9. YES! it is safe to reuse again, i once stripped the same car 3 times, still in tact!
  10. thanks,,,, and yeah, just liek the real one!
  11. v6 from GN kit, scratchmade air intake system, custom staggered wheels, brake dust covers,optima battery (custom made) back up lights added (kits taillight lenses were all red), custom headlights, flocked interior, scratchmade hoodscoop, seatbelts, and scratchmade rocker panel covers.

    86 GNX

    Oh, im sorry guys, the topic should say 87, not 86.

    86 GNX

    HOK tangelo pearl paint, all black trim, and custom exhaust tips...and a moonroof.nothin special...
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