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  1. Fiat Abarth 695 .

    This photo is a little closer to showing actual size difference between the original and the new- taken in Roma before they started cropping up so frequently here in North America.
  2. Ferrari 599 GTO Yellow

    Photobucket has disabled third party photo hosting (like uploading to share on websites like this one) unless you pay a considerable amount of money. I would suggest using another photo hosting site or trying to attach or upload the photos directly to the forum.
  3. That is going to look sharp
  4. ^^ Fat Jack's '46 was exactly the reason I bought the IMC coupe. Nice job on your kit.
  5. I bought two of the re-boxed Testors versions of the IMC kit- the coupe and the convertible back in the late 80's. Both had lots of flash, poor chrome and broken parts in the box. As much as I loved the subject matter at the time (and still do), I wasn't able to bring either of those kits across the finish line in a form I considered acceptable. It can be done... ...but it takes a patient and skilled builder willing to fiddle with some fitment issues, especially if you are starting with one of the later issues of these kits. The Revell 48's are easier to coax a great looking shelf model out of, and IMHO have some better proportions.
  6. KenMary Skyline

    That looks plain ominous- like it
  7. https://wranglertjforum.com/threads/four-door-tj.5000/ ^^ here is a custom 1:1 for you should you need some inspiration
  8. I wouldn't hold my breath that a model kit manufacturer will make a "TJ" Rubicon 4 door kit- it was never made in 1:1. The TJ platform Wrangler (like the Revell kit you are building) was made for the 1997-2006 model years. While the "Rubicon" and "Unlimited" nameplates did indeed make their debut in the Jeep TJ platform, the Unlimited TJ was simply a longer wheelbase 2 door than the base Wrangler...the 4 door Wrangler Unlimited was not released until 2007 in the all new "JK" platform. If you want to build a 4 door TJ, it will be cool regardless- lots of customized Jeeps in the real world including pickup conversions, but it will be a phantom never offered by Jeep. After you are done with your TJ build, if you get the bug to build a JK platform 4 door Wrangler, the (expensive) new Rubicon kit from Meng might be a good starting point for conversion to a 4 door: ^^ probably the only game in town, unless another manufacturer decides to kit the "JKU" 4 door. I'd expect to see a model kit of the all new 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL that will soon hit dealers' lots (and be sold alongside the older JK for part of 2018 model year) before any of the model kit manufacturers tools up for a Jeep JK Unlimited.
  9. Testors Spray Can seeping, anyone else have this happen?

    I have had 4-5 cans of Testors paint do this over the years- the first being in the late 70's, a can of candy apple red leaking thick orange gel from the bottom of the can. Oddly enough, the can sprayed fine (I used to decant a bit and brush paint on tail lights and such) and I kept it around until almost empty. The last few leakers were disposed of, and all were enamel paints.
  10. '51 Chev Fleetline Deluxe Restoration

    Haven't fished up there- saving that for retirement. I knew a few people from there growing up, have family there now (wife's side). I suspect you've popped in to Creative Zone in Terrace. I was pleasantly surprised my first visit in.
  11. '51 Chev Fleetline Deluxe Restoration

    Just noticed your location. Been to Kitimat many times- beautiful place.
  12. K&R Kustoms+Rods 33/36 Coupe -update Halloween

    How about a MCG photo etched '36 grille bent to match the radius of your custom grille shell rather than shaped to fit a standard '36 shell? MCG's LaSalle grille would look good formed to fit as well.
  13. No horizontal compression of the image when uploaded that way.
  14. Aoshima MGB rubber bumper

    ^^ this is true, for North American spec MGBs '75 and newer. They jacked them up to meet North American bumper height requirements. I had an '80 MGB for almost a decade. While I would have liked an earlier chrome bumper car, it worked out- the electronics on the last few model years were less problematic. From the looks of the Aoshima kit, that isn't a North American spec MGB (only two windshield wipers, lower ride height, RHD).
  15. I have a JKU as well, but will be able to summon enough enthusiasm for the JK that I'll probably buy one. Glad they chose a 10A version to kit.