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  1. Bullitt Mustang

    ^^ the one in the original "survivor" car ^^ looks a lot like a '67 Shelby wheel (this one is a "repro") ^^ the one in this kit may be a good start...drill out the holes in the spokes, hit select portions with a Molotow chrome pen
  2. 32 5 Window Hard Chop (6/20/18)

    The solvents in the last coat probably got into the previous coats just enough to lift them where your bodywork is. It can happen with lacquer primers and color coats as the solvent in the last coat tries to melt into and chemically bond with the previous coats. Knock what you can down with sandpaper around the edges, and try to use something like Comet Cleanser on a toothbrush- this should level the surface enough to re-primer without detracting from the louvers. Depending on what you plan to use for top coat, you may be able to get Tamiya Fine Surface primer to lay down over top of previous coats without raising and ghosting the bodywork again...I wouldn't do it unless you are using a relatively "cool" paint as a color coat, but it is really good stuff. If the plan is to use automotive lacquer for final color, decanting the Krylon (or other automotive) primer into an air brush and building up light mist coats with lots of flash time between coats will help.
  3. For me, Just right in so many ways "Can O' Worms"

    That would be a really nice project- I say "do it" and I'd be happy to follow the build. Revell 32 5 window + Rat Roaster kit gets you a good part of the way there.
  4. 1956 Chevy Bel Air-Badman bash

    That is a very good looking gasser- captures "the look" nicely. Well done.
  5. ratty 1969 dodge cgarger project

    Never would have thought to use cinnamon...should give the finished model a nice scent
  6. Missing windshield

    You may be able to make one out of clear sheet plastic or clear acrylic sheet from the hobby shop- it is a relatively simple shape with a simple curve compared to some vehicles. Two vent windows can be cut out of the same type of material and glued in separately.
  7. 1978 Pacer Recon

    No, it was an American Motors casting. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AMC_straight-6_engine The 199 six evolved into the 232, the 258 and eventually the 4.0 used by Jeep until 2006. I've had three 1:1 iterations of that engine over the years.
  8. 1930 Model A coupe in white

    Understated, sanitary, and looking oh so right...from every angle.
  9. Very impressive- the flames and the build.
  10. Austin Flying A Hood Ornament

    You could also make one out of thin sheet styrene- score it, drill out and shape the openings with some fine jeweller's files, knock off the edges with fine sandpaper, then shape some styrene feet for the finished emblem- flow some heavy glue at the base to get the curve where the upright part transitions to the base, then Chrome with Molotow. A good side profile picture taken from 90 degrees would make life easier for scratch building one.
  11. Hot Rod 2958 (Johnny Cash) MOCK UP

    Monogram's Lil' Coffin has an intake and carb setup similar to that. Your solution looks good.
  12. Fiat Abarth 695 .

    This photo is a little closer to showing actual size difference between the original and the new- taken in Roma before they started cropping up so frequently here in North America.
  13. Ferrari 599 GTO Yellow

    Photobucket has disabled third party photo hosting (like uploading to share on websites like this one) unless you pay a considerable amount of money. I would suggest using another photo hosting site or trying to attach or upload the photos directly to the forum.
  14. ^^ Fat Jack's '46 was exactly the reason I bought the IMC coupe. Nice job on your kit.