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  1. gman added a post in a topic R&M of Maryland   

    Also by phone. Great products.
  2. gman added a post in a topic Late 40's Traditional '29 Ford Roadster on '32 Rails   

    The natural look of your finished "A V-8" belies all the work it took to get it that way- great job!
  3. gman added a post in a topic New from MAD (Morgan Automotive Detail)--1948 Ford Tudor Sedan resin transkit   

    I've wanted one of those forever- was looking at one on modelroundup.com (Hendrix Manufacturing IIRC) but something looked a little "off", including the price tag .
    Checked Morgan Automotive Detail's site and didn't see it listed.
  4. gman added a post in a topic Do any resin casters off these Centerline wheels in 1/25 or 1/24?   

    If you want the first ones in styrene, they were included in the "Hot Rod" boxed version of the Revell Model A pickup- minus the spinners. 
    That was a dark time for Revell- quality of parts and chrome was pretty bad, but with some clean up might serve as a "roll your own" resin master. 
  5. gman added a post in a topic 67 camaro, iridescent yellow (createx)   

    Beautiful paint. Nicely done- a "how-to" would be interesting.
  6. gman added a post in a topic Revell '30 Model A (blown)   

    That looks reaaaaaaally gooooooood
  7. gman added a post in a topic Revell Muscle '69 GTO   

    That looks really nice- great job 
  8. gman added a post in a topic '32 Ford 3-Window Late 50's Rod   

    A truly evil looking pair of Deuces- great job on both 
  9. gman added a post in a topic '32 Ford 3 Window - Late 50's Hot Rod   

    That is a very good-looking 3 window.
    http://s286.photobucket.com/user/basicxj/media/Little ones/323window.jpg.html?sort=3&o=1
    I was going for a similar era with one of my stalled projects using the same rear tire combo, and you are nailing this so far.
  10. gman added a post in a topic 58 Plymouth   

    Thanks- if you are talking Testor's lacquer, I have a can of that kicking around that I haven't tried to spray yet.
  11. gman added a post in a topic '32 Tudor chopped,channelled,stovebolt 6!   

    You picked a beautiful colour- nice, small metallic particles in that one and you got it to lay down smooth. What does Duplicolor call that shade?
  12. gman added a post in a topic Does a photo-etch set exist for the Ford Galaxie?   

    I don't believe there is.
  13. gman added a post in a topic 1957 Ford Del Rio Ranch Wagon   

    I agree with the kudos- nice job. Good looking long roof.

    ^^ this photo illustrates what CometMan was getting at should you want to change anything
  14. gman added a post in a topic Wish Lists   

    Modified re-issue suggestions based on Revell's existing tooling I would love to see:
    '29 bodied Ford Model A roadster/5 window
    Stock height '30 Ford Model A 5 window
    '40 Ford Tudor Sedan
    '48 Ford Tudor sedan 
    '57 Ford Ranchero
    any later-model variants of the Dodge Dart/Plymouth Valiant
    '87 Olds Cutlass RWD
    '90 (or other model year variants) of the Fox platform Mustang with corrected roof height
    Station wagon versions of almost any recent tool
    Modified re-issue suggestions based on AMT/ERTL/Round 2's existing tooling:
    '41-48 panel truck based on '41 Ford woody tooling
    '55-57 (or even '58-'59 variant) Chevrolet or GMC panel truck or Suburban
    Tahoe or Yukon 2dr based on their late 80's and 90's truck platform
    Stock or drag (flip front) version of  '75-'76 Datsun pickup :no monster truck:
    * more parts pack issues (new tools), especially
    an all-new Ford flathead with vintage speed parts
    cheater slicks
    hot rod big & littles with vintage mags, pie crust slicks 
  15. gman added a post in a topic Moebius Belvedere   

    Can't speak for Moebius specifically, but if the sprues and bodies are packaged too quickly without having enough time to cool out of the mold, warpage becomes an issue.