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  1. That color looks very "right" on this body. Looking forward to watching this build come together- great work.
  2. Coveted kit of a great looking car- can't wait to see what you do with this one.
  3. As the owner of a '16 Hard Rock Unlimited, good job!
  4. One can hope...that would breathe new life into that tool, whether someone wanted to replicate the movie car or just build an alternate Merc.
  5. Hack, Virus, something going on here

    I've had this too, and when a "new post-read new post" notification pops up, sometimes it is accompanied by a high-pitched sound. I suspect it is an error with the sound in the notification.
  6. 1948 Thames

    I like everything about it- the color, the wheels, the upholstery- I can almost hear what that engine sounds like when it gets angry. I wouldn't call it "long in the tooth," but a tribute to a classic that still looks contemporary (and looks like a blast to drive).
  7. Extremely well done- nice, understated use of colors, loaded with detail. Great job bringing this one across the finish line.
  8. 50th Anniversary AMT Camaro......

    That paint laid down really well- I like it too!
  9. 1956 Vicky.

    Looking good so far- can't wait to see the polished spin you put on this one :thumbup:
  10. 57 ford

    Thank you- looks great.
  11. 57 ford

    What a great color in that second photo- would love to know what paint you used.
  12. I can agree, on both counts.
  13. part ID please

    I can agree. The torque tube rear end is a give-away to its 60's AMC origins.
  14. That was how the Model King re-release was- many differences from the box art (which is from the original issue). ^^ this post was getting my hopes up for something more like the original issue than the Model King one.