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  1. Master cylinder fittings

    You can also use Evergreen or Plastruct hexagonal rod stock- slice a piece the thickness of your fitting, use a pin vise and drill bit to center up a hole in the hex fitting, insert your brake line after painting.
  2. `70 Hurst Chrysler 300

    Not related to the kit question, but I knew this looked familiar. https://www.fantomworks.com/project/1970-chrysler-300/ I am old enough to remember those cars, but in my neck of the woods they were pretty scarce. The link above may have some reference photos/video.
  3. Fake eBay "Special Discount" email -

    Try expanding the email address of the sender to see where it really originates from- many times spoofed email will resolve to a totally different address as shown in your inbox.
  4. 1962 Bel Air

    Very realistic upholstery pattern- striking color combination. Well done!
  5. 1957 Bel Air

    Did you use the Scale Finishes lacquer, or their gloss enamel base coat?
  6. 1957 Bel Air

    I am sorry that happened- what clear did you use?
  7. It IS a fancy spray can. One night I was perusing youtube airbrushing and painting videos, and there were a few 2K clear two-part paints in a can (like this one) being talked about. I am intrigued by the possibility, but after OP's pictures am a little leery to put all of that work into a model to have the product not perform properly.
  8. It suggests there is a separate compartment in the can that has to be activated after initial shaking to mix the separated components (the hardener part) inside the can for use. I was trying to post a link to the user .pdf from the manufacturer's website, but it posts as an image of the page header. spraymax.com/fileadmin/user_upload/Downloads/Produkte/Prospekte/992466-SprayMax-Produktfolder_USA.pdf ^^ try this with "www." inserted in front of the text to read manufacturer's instructions
  9. Enamel is fully cured or gassed out when it no longer smells of solvent and is hard all the way through. It usually dries on the outer surface or skin, and takes a loooooong time to cure all the way to the base plastic or paint- this can take weeks for thin coats, to practically forever for thick coats. Ironically, it usually takes relatively thick coats to get a smooth surface on an enamel paint job. Was the two part clear mixed and shaken exactly as directed? The surface of your cleared model almost looks like the two components of the clear were not completely mixed with one another during application over the enamel. That is one of the reasons I have not taken the plunge with the new 2K type clears.
  10. The old Testors glosscote could cover enamel- as mentioned, best over fully cured enamel. I shot a '29 Ford in Testors enamel orange many years ago, and pushing the envelope covered it with glosscote just after the thin coats of enamel tacked up. I was expecting a science experiment of a paint job to result, but it had no adverse effects. It wasn't as shiny as it could have been, but no cracking, clouding, nothing. I have used the newer Testors Wet Look clear (which are IMHO a big improvement over older Testors clears for gloss and the ability to polish out), but have only sprayed them over Testors and Tamiya lacquers. I would do a spoon test over your chosen enamel before spraying a whole model with it, but wouldn't anticipate it being too "hot" to use if the enamel has cured and fully gassed out. It might be worth a shot at this point.
  11. Matte and Satin Black

    What are you painting? How large an area? Spray, brush, airbrush?
  12. I wonder if Testors Wet Look clear would cover without issue- try on some scrap plastic painted with Krylon before shooting the model.
  13. Monogram PC64 Model A Phaeton Display

    Very nice. It makes me want to head to the local hobby shop and buy three kits.
  14. Revell 1964 Impala

    I will have to remember that- Krylon Almond looks like a nice color that will be at home with a number of exterior colors. It looks good here.