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  1. https://www.sunwardhobbies.ca/tamiya-spray-paint-ts36/ ^^ you could order some from north of the border, unless you need more than 2 cans
  2. gman

    GT KustomKrome

    I do understand what you are saying, and it wasn't my intention to over-simplify. I won't claim to have the ability to cast complex parts, and while I certainly wouldn't mind learning, I don't have a pressure pot or vacuum pot. I have done some DIY casting of simple parts, and with some practice they came out very usable. With necessity being the inspiration, my casting has been limited to duplicating parts I need for my own use from kits I don't imagine will be re-issued, or that would be extremely expensive if I had to source another kit for parts. I've tried Por-A-Kast resin with a few different mold rubber products, and luckily only had air bubbles where they didn't show on the visible surface of the cast parts. The spirit of my comment was that if someone was going to send in parts from a "holy grail" type kit, casting a copy might save some agony if the worst happened and that part got lost. I understand that might not be practical for everyone or every possible part. I have purchased parts kits with usable chrome for not much more than it costs to have a half dozen pieces re-plated, but I also understand with more rare subjects that isn't always possible. I would imagine rare parts and reworked parts are the ones most likely to get sent in for services like George (and other platers) offer. I have a number of parts that would look so much better without mold seams under the plating...thankfully, they are more garden variety parts- lower stakes if they were to be lost.
  3. gman

    GT KustomKrome

    I suppose if a part you want chromed is priceless and irreplaceable (and needs a new layer of chrome anyway), it might be cheap insurance to take a mold and make a few resin copies, and send those in for plating rather than the original styrene. Even though a casting kit like those from Alumilight isn't cheap, the cost & risk would be lower than trying to source an extremely rare part in order to complete a vintage OOP model.
  4. gman

    '39 Ford 3-W

    Impeccable finishing- where it shows, and where it doesn't after assembly.
  5. I would have to agree- that looks stunning so far. Your build is coming along nicely.
  6. The best I can suggest? Use the photos uploaded to various places on the web to narrow down what you want, and buy without hesitation. Great parts.
  7. ^^ this powerplant (with the addition of a cooling system) would look right at home between the fenders with that chop- Monogram's Li'l Coffin.
  8. gman

    '39 Ford 3-W

    Home run! This build ticks a lot of boxes for me- a nice period build using era correct parts, great color combo, well finished, with a great overall look. Nicely done.
  9. Nice- I could see a warmed up flathead, and early hemi, a Cadillac, an early small block Chevy with ram horn exhausts looking at home between the fenders. Add multiple carbs on a log style intake for bonus points if you are shooting for a late 50's to early 60's vibe. Any or all of those should be easy enough to come up with in scale.
  10. I understand- looks like a promising start. I'll be sure to ask some questions when I get the urge to try Createx (one day). Based on how your work looks, it definitely has potential.
  11. I have seen the Createx paints, and have yet to try them (still too comfortable with lacquers). Yes, they definitely have some great colors in their different lines. One day I'll try to shoot some myself. If I lucked on to one of those kits, I would probably try to backdate it for a more "retro" look...I can appreciate it regardless, and will be watching how this comes together.
  12. Paint looks good- that is a nice improvement already.
  13. Mmmmm. Eddie Meyer. They offered some really nice parts for dressing up and improving performance on the Ford flathead engine. Replicas and Miniatures of Maryland used to offer some scale Eddie Meyer parts (though I don't believe they cast a set of heads exactly like those). RMoM's castings are extremely nice. They even offer some spark plug wire looms like those in your photo.
  14. The custom heads in that kit represent the later model front-water port heads. Accurate for hopping up an early flathead? No, but many later model flatheads made their way into early rods & customs.
  15. That is an accurate description. I was lucky enough to get a few different pairs at a local hobby shop. Well-cast, look great.
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