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  1. I watched your build from the initial teaser in the build thread- I knew you'd do the concept justice, and the finished model does not disappoint. So much to appreciate- flathead power, killer stance, artful and understated color choices, realistic metal finishes...bravo.
  2. Another winning color (and excellent application), on one of my favorite platforms. Excellent build.
  3. Wow- that paint is an attention-getter. Nicely done, with a very attractive colour scheme going on in the finished build.
  4. I would say the Arii wheel & tire set- big & little slotted mags with correspondingly sized BFG's, but they are long discontinued. The last ones I saw on eBay were going to cost big $$$. I believe Fireball offers the wheels and tires, at a much nicer price.
  5. Three letters- WOW. That is a fantastic build, well executed. I can appreciate the work you put into it, and how integrated your aftermarket parts and mods.
  6. Something like this in the ballpark? The company's web page seems inoperative, but there are some of their products on eBay.
  7. As do I. I have been wondering about Createx's different lines, and as members here who have used it on their builds can attest, I have questions too that they have kindly answered. Information is good, and I am grateful for those who share it. I usually build non-showroom stock- "day 2," custom, or stock-ish, so unless a specific dead to nuts OEM color is called for I have some flexibility with the paint color. I too plan to order some exact match OEM paints for some builds I have in mind, but a happy accidental color match from something readily available is always a good thing.
  8. Nice job on the replica of your ride.
  9. 😆 Yes, there are common themes between the sexes. As much as my wife hates plastic, she loves her shoes.
  10. Any 1:1 photos of the type of cap you are looking to replicate?
  11. I have a can I have yet to try- supposedly "hotter" than the regular TS lacquer spray, and matt finish. It was a cool pearlescent colour bot available in the TS line. You'll want to be careful with any masking, as the PS paint is designed to be flexible (which can cause it to string when unmasking tacky paint), and use over a good automotive lacquer primer. Test compatibility with clear coats- heck, test primer, colour and clear on spoons first.
  12. Compatibility is not always a given when using one primer and a basecoat from another supplier. There are variables, too, like whether the primer coat had fully cured, and whether your basecoat was applied in thin enough coats that were allowed to properly flash off before additional coats, or whether the amount of color laid down was too "hot" for the primer. Lacquers mechanically bond to undercoats by having the solvent soften underlying layers- if there is too much solvent in your first several coats, it can/will react with the primer. It may take some experimentation to get good results with your chosen paint/primer combo. Try spraying thinner coats of color, and building it up very slowly with ample drying time between layers. Do some spoon tests- try some sprayouts over your Duplicolor primer, and other primers to see which is most compatible. If you lay down too much paint too quickly, most lacquers will react with your primer, or worse, with the underlying plastic as the solvents leach down. One of the biggest benefits of lacquers is how quickly they dry, so making sure your undercoats are dry before recoating is key, keeping those solvents to a minimum.
  13. Have this kit, love this kit (and have a secret dream to build a more accurate gasser version than the MPC offering using this as a base). If it turns out anything like your nice AMT '57, it will be a build thread to watch.
  14. https://internethobbies.com/collections/revell-germany-model-cars/1-16-scale
  15. If you like German car subjects, Revell AG's new VW and Porsche 1/16 kits look promising.
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