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  1. That is a tough looking truck, and I'd be proud to have the 1:1 in my garage. Well done.
  2. Your new lid will probably fit much better than the kit-supplied one. Out of the box, there are large gaps and fit isn't 100% optimum anyhow. An acceptable fit with the kit's trunk/rumble seat lid requires building up the sides with styrene to close those gaps for a proper scale appearance.
  3. Nice build- I like what you've done. https://expertautoappraisals.com/for-sale/1970-plymouth-aar-cuda/
  4. gman

    Sweet Victoria

    I was going to say "Wow" with the Tamiya paint job, but would have to retract that statement gracefully once I saw the new/improved one
  5. gman


    Just checked my parts box, have a pair of those that I can get at easily- the down side is they have sanded treads. I will look through my stash in a couple of days (if you don't get any local takers) and see if I have some unmolested specimens I can send down from the frozen north.
  6. Could be mold release on the surface- scrubbing with something caustic may help. Westley's Bleche White used to do the trick, but I hear the formulation has been changed. You want something with a good amount of sodium hydroxide to cut and remove the mold release so it doesn't cause fisheyes in your paint.
  7. gman

    T - Touring

    That build definitely deserves being finished. The paint work and mods you have done look great. I will be watching. I had that issue of the kit back in the late 80's, did some similar mods. Sadly, many of its suspension pieces made their way to other builds and it was never finished. If I luck upon a reasonably priced kit one day, I'll give it another go. The last time I saw a complete one at a model show/swap meet, the seller wanted some extreme $$$ for it.
  8. That looks great- only needs more pictures
  9. Your Deuce is looking fantastic, BTW
  10. Where I had the reaction using SEM, I was spraying an ABS dash bezel for my old Jeep Cherokee- it lifted and cracked anywhere the OEM paint remained on the dash. I assume the OEM paint was a type of acrylic lacquer, as the only thing that would strip it off was 99% isopropyl alcohol. Over primer, the sheen wasn't the same as over the bare ABS, so as you mention I ended up stripping the dash bezel and shooting the SEM over bare ABS with much more OEM-looking results. I took that to heart when using the rest of the can on various projects. Yes, they are expensive cans of paint. The upside is, they have factory correct colors for a variety of interior surfaces on a number of vehicles, and once you get the hang of what not to spray them over, they give a nice effect. Need a factory correct interior color for a model? SEM usually has your back, with enough paint in that can to do several projects.
  11. Nice save- I experienced some issues using SEM paint touching up 1:1 automotive dash surfaces. That paint, while the sheen and texture is "right" uses a fairly hot solvent, which can affect underlying paint coats.
  12. That is one helluva paint job- looks great on that.
  13. ...as for the distributor cap, that style was included in many Fords in the late 80's to early 90's. If anyone has a pic of Replicas and Miniatures of Maryland FH-20 crab-style distributor cap, it may be close.
  14. You are indeed a lucky man. I was trying to order multiples of those photoetch sets back when the Thunderbolt was a newish kit. Performance Detail Products folded not long after, and I never got the chance to order.
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