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  1. I agree with the kudos- nice job. Good looking long roof. ^^ this photo illustrates what CometMan was getting at should you want to change anything
  2. Modified re-issue suggestions based on Revell's existing tooling I would love to see: '29 bodied Ford Model A roadster/5 window Stock height '30 Ford Model A 5 window '40 Ford Tudor Sedan '48 Ford Tudor sedan '57 Ford Ranchero any later-model variants of the Dodge Dart/Plymouth Valiant '87 Olds Cutlass RWD '90 (or other model year variants) of the Fox platform Mustang with corrected roof height Station wagon versions of almost any recent tool Modified re-issue suggestions based on AMT/ERTL/Round 2's existing tooling: '41-48 panel truck based on '41 Ford woody tooling '55-57 (or even '58-'59 variant) Chevrolet or GMC panel truck or Suburban Tahoe or Yukon 2dr based on their late 80's and 90's truck platform Stock or drag (flip front) version of '75-'76 Datsun pickup :no monster truck: * more parts pack issues (new tools), especially an all-new Ford flathead with vintage speed parts cheater slicks hot rod big & littles with vintage mags, pie crust slicks
  3. Can't speak for Moebius specifically, but if the sprues and bodies are packaged too quickly without having enough time to cool out of the mold, warpage becomes an issue.
  4. I didn't mind the way Revell used to do things not too long ago- a stock release of a certain kit, followed by a custom release, with re-issues sometimes being a "2 in 1" combining both stock and custom parts in one box. I used to buy what came available if it piqued my interests, and if something really pressed all the right buttons, I'd buy a few more when later versions got released. With some pending new releases (the 48 Ford stock-height coupe for example), with some kit bashing from various versions you could probably do stock and custom or rodded versions of the convertible, woody and the coupe. If that is a profitable formula for the manufacturer to keep releasing new kits + modified versions of older releases, count me in for many more purchases.
  5. Well done! Beautiful weathering job- can't wait to see more.
  6. One of these would make an excellent modified re-issue for Revell (hint-hint)...with some vintage speed parts for the flattie :o
  7. I'll take at least two, maybe more :D Always wanted to be able to build Fat Jack's ill-fated '46. Bought a Testor's/IMC '46-'48 many years ago, got it home and the body was pretty busted up with poor chrome, so that project never got off the ground. The new Revell '48 should have some good bones to build upon.
  8. That colour combo looks great. Would love to see it finished.
  9. I have a 1:1 65 Rambler Classic 770- great job on that
  10. I like it- looking forward to seeing it in paint
  11. I have always liked those- 1:1 and in kit form. Good luck with your build.
  12. Nice job- beautiful wood tones. Which paint did you use on the bodywork?
  13. gman

    67 Corvette

    What type of clear did you use?
  14. Yes- thanks for the review and the shots of the built versions. I wouldn't normally purchase or build one of these, but after seeing your treatment of the subject I can really appreciate the kit.
  15. Yes, the tinted glass was in one of the MPC boxed releases. I had two kits purchased about a year apart in the 80's that looked identical on the packaging with the tinted glass and quality of the chrome job being the only difference under the shrink wrap. I made one built model out of the two kits as one had a few broken parts on the chrome tree and some puddled chrome over excess clear under the plating.
  16. Nice job, and excellent photography to bring all of that detail and superb model building into crystal clear focus (so we can appreciate it) .
  17. I built this kit back in the 80's, and all in all with some work it makes for a nice model. Be prepared to deal with some poor attachment points on chrome parts and be careful removing them from the sprue. With some extra detailing and attention to basics it will build nicely- wish I had one in my stash right now.
  18. Those pieces for an incomplete "traditional" front suspension where there from the 1st release in the late 80's. They weren't spelled out in the instructions back then, can't say if that has changed.
  19. http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=83067&hl=%2Brevell+%2B49+%2Bmercury+%2Bwagon The search function should bring up a few "built" threads. http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=97152&hl=%2B49+%2Bmercury+%2Bwagon http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=96506&hl=%2B49+%2Bmercury+%2Bwagon http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=89180&hl=%2B49+%2Bmercury+%2Bwagon It is a nice kit, requires some careful sanding on the right rear "C" pillar to fix a minor molding issue but other than that is based on Revell's 49 Mercury custom (another great kit).
  20. Saw the Lambo in a local hobby shop yesterday- $1100 (Canadian)
  21. gman


    Sharp looking Fairlane- like the color combo and scheme.
  22. That is some beautiful paint work- like this build very much.
  23. Beautiful! Is that a PS spray (for polycarbonate)? If so, did you use regular primer?
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