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  1. olzeke added a post in a topic The Lot Lizard   

    Really nice, I chop up all my trucks now also. I like to make dragsters and freaky things.
  2. olzeke added a post in a topic The Lot Lizard   

    Nice work, I have done 3 of these as drag trucks. I have not went into detail even half as much as you. great build
  3. olzeke added a post in a topic Scooters "Size Doesn't Always Matter"   

    nice I remeber 5 of them, but not the one in fronk thanks for the post
  4. olzeke added a topic in On the Workbench: Big Rigs   

    Drag truck hauler
    Starting to build my 3rd truck, kinda new at this. my first truck was a box stock Pete 359, the next one was the same only modified for drag racing. Now I am starting a race truck hauler.I hope the pics work.thanks for looking. well guess I will need help from my daughter later
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  5. olzeke added a post in a topic '55 Mack B61(Integrated Sleeper) with 28' Dorsey Reefer   

    WOW, brings back a lot of memories. Great job
  6. olzeke added a post in a topic STYRENE ADDICT--A FRANKENSH-STEIN GASSER   

    WOW an E ticket ride for sure
  7. olzeke added a post in a topic '39 Chevy Coupe Kustom   

    WOW never thought of a pie chop, awsome
  8. olzeke added a post in a topic "Easyriders" L.S.R.H. Streamliner   

    John, you are fantastic and thats putting it mildly. I am proud to say somewhere on that beautiful streamliner my name should be on it and also my exs name.all your builds are great. Thanks for sharing. Cecil Shockley