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  1. Sorry, Not in my book

  2. That is outstanding Chris! Well worth the seven years build time! My builds take longer than that and they’re not even half as good! LOL
  3. By “educated consumer” you mean I’m supposed to know exactly what’s in the box before I open it? Or would an educated consumer be very skeptical about something after being burned two other times by the same company.
  4. You guys may like getting fooled on packaging but I don’t! As stated above, I bought those MR2 and Ford pickup kits specifically for the BBS wheels and they’re not in either kit! They do exist, I’ve seen them. You guys are dumbing it down! If I sold you a Corvette kit and in the box was was a Chevette kit, that would be wrong, right!? There’s a thing called truth in advertising! No matter how you want to justify it, Revell had no right putting those pictures on the boxes if that’s not what’s inside! You might settle for good enough, I don’t!
  5. A Suggestion to discuss...

    I don’t get why there’s trading but no selling? You’re still giving something for something and you can still have a bad transaction with trading?
  6. Ulrich Model Kits 1/25 Mini Men

    Instant people, just add water!
  7. And FYI, the box top was the ONLY picture available on Facebook and Google when I looked.
  8. Funny how everyone on here complains about every tiny incorrect detail on a kit, like the roof on the Mustang LX but when I state something, obvious I’m crazy. The car on the box top isn’t what’s inside, plain and simple! I don’t care what’s on the sides. If it’s just a stock, factory Impala SS then put that on the box top. Pretty simple! The same people here justifying the box art will be the same to complain about everything when a new kit isn’t perfect!
  9. This is why I’m disgusted with the misleading box art! I bought both of these kits specifically for the BBS wheels and neither kit had them!
  10. So then in theory, what should be in the box is a Calloway Impala SS. Am I right or wrong? If you picked up a Mustang kit that showed a GT500 on the box art and inside was a plain ol six cylinder mustang, that would be misleading box art even though they’re technically the same car.
  11. Not accusing of false advertising (even though it is any way you want to justify it) Just tired of misleading box art. They had the regular art from previous issues, no reason to use the better looking version except to sell kits to people expecting exactly what’s on the box top. If the car didn’t look completely different, I wouldn’t have noticed. If the kit did look like the new box art, I’d buy it. If it’s the same old kit, I already have two.
  12. Did Revell tool up new wheels for the Impala SS like their new box art shows or is it just the same old kit in a new misleading box?
  13. I’ve been all through the Lexington at least five times. It’s here in Texas. Funny seeing it like that!
  14. Why AMT?????

  15. AMT Construction Bulldozer

    I had the correct tracks drawn up for print on Shapeways for my D9T high track dozer. The D8H idler wheels need to be widened a bit to fit the tracks properly. The white version is just five links for test fitting if desired.