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  1. I got my F-250 parts from Joseph today as well. Awesome accuracy and quality! Getting another full set when he starts making them again!
  2. Midget tire

    If you can’t find one, maybe a caster can copy the one you have?
  3. Searching for this little Monogram 1/32 Snap-Tite Jeep kit. Anyone have one they’d like to sell?
  4. Renwal The Visible Automobile Chassis

    I have the chassis kit, Fully inventoried, unstarted in a box in great shape. When I got it, there were a few broken pieces but there was a guy on EBay that had parts and a “how to build correctly” DVD that I got the replacement parts and DVD from. I had the engine but sold it. I bought the visible Hemi engine to go with it though. Pretty sure I’ll never build it, I have nowhere to put it! LOL
  5. They probably are. I would ask Jerry if his have no bleed through. White, kit decals are notorious for bleed through.
  6. GMC Daycab done 10/21

    Great job!!
  7. Moebius F100 4x4- Out of Stock?

    Thanks Dave, I went ahead and bought two off EBay. Now I’m just waiting for Joseph to release all the goodies he’s working on, for them.
  8. I mean, is the Toyota pickup the original kit from the 80’s or is it the new reissue? In other words, is the new reissue out now?
  9. You have this new reissue or an original kit from the 80’s?
  10. Moebius F100 4x4- Out of Stock?

    Anyone know if Dave Burkett has these?
  11. Great Dane Extendable Flatbed

    What decals come with it? Can you please post a pic?
  12. Revell 83 Hurst Olds 442

    Beautiful! Excellent job!
  13. Look awesome! Great job!!
  14. Chi-town Hustler

    I think you might mean 1/16 scale. Looks great!
  15. Oh! The Humanity!

    And now it’s the Doo Doo Vega!