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  1. After seeing this, I decided to get the HobbyBoss version. I was not happy when it got here!! The sorry POS in China literally wrapped the kit box with cardboard to ship it.......from China! There was not a speck of padding between the kit and the outer box! I told the seller I wanted a new kit sent properly with a postage paid label to send this kit back! He offered a refund of $30.00 so I took it. Nothing was broken in the kit, just bent, mainly the trailer gooseneck. Nothing I can’t fix. What I am still not happy with is the box! I like to have decent kit boxes! I can barely even open and close this one! So I ended up paying a total of $50.00.
  2. Identify this resin piece

    That is a KW W900L hood that was originally mastered by Bill Drennen. It is designed to be used with the AMT Kenworth T600 kit only. Now there is a resin, more accurate KW cab that fits it though. It was sold by Clint Freeman and then by P&P Resin. Bobby Griffin cast a few as well. It is now available from Jamie at Moluminum.com. This is actually Bill’s second master of this hood as the first release had no inner bracing. The one you have appears to have been cast by either Bobby Griffin or P&P Resin.
  3. Any interest in these?

  4. Looking for Aurora 392 injected engine oil pan

    If you’re on Facebook, join the “dedicated to the preservation of building 1/16 drag racing models” group. I bet someone on there has one.
  5. '90s GMC TopKick C7500

    On those rear hubs (I mastered them) they are designed for American trucks. You’re using European wheels with a much larger center hole. Jamie has much, much better wheels and tires that would be much more accurate for your build.
  6. It’s been a few years. I bought a few packages that have a few different sizes in each pack. Then I used the closest to the existing cab rivets.
  7. Beautiful job!! For future reference, Joseph at Fireball Modelworks has very accurate Mopar police car wheels with hubcaps!
  8. So, on the parts that are wrong, part 20 goes where part 21 is located and then part 21 goes where part 20 was? And part 20 is reinstalled at a 60 degree angle? Is that transfer case unique to the M1070 or does the M911 use it as well?
  9. Joseph is awesome! The best parts I’ve dealt with!
  10. I’m wanting a real one myself! I’m in a Facebook group called First Gen Toyota Pickups. They have complete trucks and parts for sale on there all the time. And yes, rust is their worst enemy. Cab, bed and frame are the worst areas.
  11. I bought two of these 1/35 Real Model Detroit Diesel kits a few years ago. (They come with a new floor and firewall for the M1070 cab for clearance). One for my M1070/M1000 kit and one for my Hobbyboss M911 kit when I get it. You think that Meng Detroit is detailed, look at this! It comes detailed with the hoses and everything molded in! Makes me wonder how they even molded it!?

    Very nice!! You should also put in the “under glass” section.
  13. Story of Jo Han models.

    What was the very last Jo Han kit manufactured?
  14. Ahhhh, I see it now. I have four but I’ll be getting at least two more! Love those kits!