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  1. Ben added a post in a topic FINISHED!!!! ERTL CO 4070A Transtar.   

    Thanks guys! I appreciate the kind words! :)
  2. Ben added a post in a topic FINISHED!!!! ERTL CO 4070A Transtar.   

    Thanks guys!!! I'm trying to stay hard at it and finish more! :)
  3. Ben added a topic in Under Glass: Big Rigs   

    FINISHED!!!! ERTL CO 4070A Transtar.
    I actually finished a model! :-0
    I started this ERTL CO4070A Transtar back in 1980! I built the complete engine (remember this was in 1980, I thought back then it was supposed to be Alpine Green so I custom mixed it and painted it Alpine Green) and about 70% Of the chassis. A few years ago, Leo Vanderstelt offered to paint the cab for me. I had always wanted a box art build of this truck so I sent it to him to paint. I got it back with the excellent paint job you see here! That was supposed to be the catalyst to get me to finish it. With my health issues, it was just put back in the box though. Fast forward to three weeks ago. I got to a point on my Peterbilt 359 build, that I was waiting on parts so I pulled this one out and decided to finish it. It's built very close to box stock with the exception of.....
    Real, machined aluminum fuel tanks (hollow) from Jamie Rahmoeller that are exact copies of the kit tanks.
    Real aluminum stack, upper pipes.
    A brass release handle added to the fifth wheel.
    Fuel filler caps and exhaust clamp "bolt blocks" from KJ Humphreys.
    Detail Master, printed dash gauges with photo etch rings and I'll be adding a set of Earl Miller's coiled air lines/electric cord when they get here. The interior was painted to replicate the 1973 Hi Line interior. I'm really happy with how it turned out!
    Here's more "in progress" pics.
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  4. Ben added a post in a topic Tower Hobbies free shipping?   

    Yeah, I've noticed the $49.00 free shipping as well. I like to catch the free shipping and then use the coupon code 01A15 which gives you $15.00 off any order of at least $50.00. With the free shipping, you're basically saving $24.99 if your order is at least $50.00 worth of stuff!
  5. Ben added a topic in General   

    Tower Hobbies free shipping?
    Does anyone know how often Tower Hobbies offers free shipping on kits? I have the Super Saver Club but I don't want to have to order 99.00 worth of models to save 9.99. Every once in a while it will say "Free Shipping" next to the kit listing. I'm just wondering if this is a random thing or do they do it in set intervals?
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  6. Ben added a post in a topic Fireball Modelworks Experience   

    I need to get everything he offers for that Bronco kit! I'd love to build that Stroppe Bronco!!!!!!! Joseph's parts are awesome!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Ben added a post in a topic Headlight lenses   

    In my opinion, the photo etch lights with resin lenses are the most realistic light available! There are companies making them for HO trains and they can be used for tailights and such. Czech Truck Model has a good selection of photo etch lights! They are designed for trucks but would work just as well on cars! I'm using them on my Monroe Handler Mustang build.

  8. Ben added a post in a topic BJ and the Bear kit   

    The AMT Mack R685ST and the AMT Movin On Kenworth ARE being rereleased very soon!!!! Check Round 2's website for details.
  9. Ben added a post in a topic Offbeat Places You Have Purchased Model Kits?   

    I've bought them at a large plumbing supply place we have here in San Antonio, I got about five, MPC Force 440 police car kits and then I was renting a dozer in Boerne Texas about 40 miles from my home and they had two, original issue John Deere 410 backhoe kits, bought both of those. Back around 1980, I went in our local International dealership and saw that they had the, brand new at the time, 1/32 IH 9670 cabover snap kit. Snatched that up and the guy said he had more kits in the back. He took me back with him to a tall, two door cabinet, like a double locker. Inside it was filled with pretty much every ERTL truck kit that had been produced. Being young, I didn't have a lot of money so I could only afford the snap kit. I never forgot about those kits though! Years later about 1987, I had a job and more money. Just for fun, I went back to the dealership and asked the parts guy, what ever happened to all those kits you had in the back? He said, we still have em! Been trying to get rid of them for years!!! I bought every kit they had for a steal!!!! They were just glad to get rid of them!
  10. Ben added a post in a topic Chrome platers and resin - revisited   

    What's the contact info For Bob's chrome?
  11. Ben added a post in a topic Peterbilt 352 Daycab with Double Drop Deck Trailer -- More Tractor Pictures   

    LOVE IT!!!! I want to build that 352 kit exactly the same, except a single axle! Same paint scheme!
  12. Ben added a post in a topic New Chevy/GMC Truck Rally Wheels   

    I got my sets today! Outstanding work as always!!!!!
  13. Ben added a post in a topic Fireball Carbs?   

    I just got several sets of his brand new GM truck rally wheels today! I think i'm in love!
  14. Ben added a post in a topic Fireball Carbs?   

    Trust me, you'll love EVERYTHING Joseph makes!