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  1. My new and improved model bench

    Are you able to sit down at it?
  2. I’m doing a build of a stock 81 Toyota pickup SR5 and really want it to have the SR5 wheels so I asked Joseph at Fireball Modelworks if he could make them. He did an outstanding job (as usual) and they will be available soon on his website. These are being made to be used with the upcoming reissue of the AMT 1980 Toyota pickup and are a huge improvement over the kit wheels! Joseph has tires to fit them as well. Contact Joseph if you’re interested in some! http://www.fireballmodels.info/
  3. Turned Aluminum Rims

    Doug Wagner just made a post on Facebook asking who might be interested in getting the Tube type five hole wheels in 22.5”. https://www.facebook.com/groups/340799519321223/permalink/1883279131739913/
  4. Turned Aluminum Rims

    Yep, me too! To me the wheels can make or break a model. I actually did machine a plastic kit wheel to use as a prototype of how the aluminum wheels needed to look.
  5. Turned Aluminum Rims

    Here’s a pic of the five hole wheel. The two wheels together are preproduction prototypes.
  6. Has anyone painted a candy paint over the Molotow Chome yet?
  7. Turned Aluminum Rims

    You’re correct, those 20” tubeless wheels are copies of the kit wheels only in size. I made all the modifications you mentioned. If you check with Doug Wagner, he may be able to have another run of them made. As far as I know, I’m the only person that bought them. Too many people think they’re too close to the kit wheels to justify the price.
  8. Turned Aluminum Rims

    I designed those wheels for Doug. I was very picky about getting them just right. We also did Peterbilt oval style and blank with no holes. I also had them make direct copies of the 20” split rim ten hole wheels like those found in the AMT Kenworth kits. The chrome rings from a kit are used to complete them. While we made those, we also made them as five hole wheels as well.
  9. Walmart Prices ?

    LOL, they’re outa their minds with those prices!!
  10. Has anyone painted or clear coated over the ink (paint?) if so, what were the results?
  11. IS IT JUST ME!

    Supply and demand
  12. Why??

  13. eBay part seller now gone

    Looks like nobody is entitled to their opinion on this thread unless it’s kissin this guy’s hind end! Anything else and your ridiculed and laughed at. I hated the guy, his prices and having to wade through ten thousand of his auctions in my search results! I could care less what anybody thinks of that!