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  1. Ben added a topic in Truck Aftermarket / Resin   

    Modelltruck Scania R730 8x4 heavy haul, mint, never opened.
    If interested please email me. Bwicker@satx.rr.com

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  2. Ben added a post in a topic Kalmar Ottawa Yard Tractor   

    Those five hole wheels on the real one are available from Jamie Rahmoeller.
  3. Ben added a post in a topic Any sources for ribbed styrene like on this bus?   

    Check with Evergreen or Plastruct.
  4. Ben added a post in a topic Hating Hurricane Harvey   

    I'm in San Antonio. We pretty much dogged a bullit!
  5. Ben added a post in a topic Scam 'Bay Listings?   

    I mean, they need to come up with something that keeps them from making another account. Verification systems, etc. 
  6. Ben added a post in a topic Scam 'Bay Listings?   

    It sure is funny how so many of us know about it and i'm sure many have reported it but Ebay hasn't done anything about it!
  7. Ben added a post in a topic Late Model Mack Cruiseliner Conversion. Does anyone offer one?   

    Looks like a Superliner grill.
  8. Ben added a post in a topic New IH Casting In The Works   

    Loadstar, nice!
  9. Ben added a post in a topic Gapp & Roush Pinto Pro Stock   

    I have this kit as well as the Mustang II prostock from SMBC. Awesome kits!!!
  10. Ben added a post in a topic Revell Heavy Trailer   

    Yep, I mastered a more accurate three spoke wheel and Jamie Rahmoeller made better tire's for them. You can get them at http://www.moluminum.com

  11. Ben added a post in a topic 1/87 Freightliner build   

    Thanks guys, It's actually not finished yet. I just got a Detroit 671 engine and Fuller transmission to put in it, i'll be scratchbuilding the air start tank for behind the cab, redoing the fuel tanks to remove the seam and they'll get real metal tire chains hanging off them. The wheels will be changed to little two holes as well. Here's a pic of the Cummins HBDS-600 that I bought for another truck. (to show the size)

  12. Ben added a post in a topic Lathe and spray booth question   

    I have a Sherline lathe and a booth as well. The booth will emit a little overspray and get on the lathe if close enough but the lathe creates a lot of very fine particles that would kill any paint work! I have mine in separate rooms.
  13. Ben added a topic in The Truck Stop   

    1/87 Freightliner build
    Did some 1/87 choppin today! Converted an Athearn Consolidated Freightways, single axle sleeper cab Freightliner into a shorter single axle day cab. Chopped the cab, air dam, interior and chassis, drilled out the tiny air horn and exhaust stack, relocated the fuel tanks, added a battery box, added detail to the interior and cut out the lower half of the engine and trans so I can install a tiny Detroit straight six with a tiny Roadranger transmission. (pics are in reverse order, it won't let me change it)

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  14. Ben added a post in a topic What do you drive?   

    Two of mine. I have an S10 extra cab, stepside as well.

  15. Ben added a post in a topic Unusual wheel painting , old school ?   

    Now they put a white stripe on the tire to check for wheel spin.