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  1. Yeah, I was surprised as well!
  2. I contacted Round 2 to let them know and they drew up an addendum. It was incorrect in the original instructions as well.
  3. You’re close on the first issue 4070B, part number 8017. It was first issued in 1976 in a one piece, flip top style box with pictures of the Paystar dump and Payhauler dump on the bottom. The first run started out with the air bag setup but was changed mid run of the first run, to the walking beam suspension. The second issue, two piece box, blank cardboard bottom was released in 1980 and continued on with the walking beam suspension. The third and final issue was released in 1996 with a different part number and featured only light gray and chrome parts. So far on the first issues, the way to tell if it has the air ride or the walking beam suspension is to look in the lower right corner of the box top next to the ERTL emblem. If it has a “TM” next to it, it’s the air ride. If it has the the little C in the circle, it has the walking beam suspension. The reason that the air ride was changed to the walking beam is that International Harvester discontinued the air ride on their real trucks. IH didn’t want people building these trucks thinking that the air ride was an option so they made ERTL change the rear suspension. We just had a big discussion on this over in the Facebook MTDG group.
  4. Just a heads up if you’re intending on building any of the three MPC Classic Krate kits. The instructions show the rear wheel being installed backwards. The slotted disc (chain guard) goes on the right side of the bike. The solid disc (disc brake) goes on the left side.
  5. Deals are out there. I’ve bought four Transtar II’s, Mint, sealed for $50.00 each over the last couple years.
  6. Outstanding builds! His toter is a lighter duty than mine. Looks like he used old Pinecrest Resin cabs on it and a couple other trucks in those pics. Does the museum own them now?
  7. I remember seeing that 4300 logger years ago. Love it!!
  8. I can not believe someone built an IH mobile home toter almost exactly how I’m building mine! ( the 1/25 one in the last pic.) The only things different is that mine will have white front fenders and chrome two hole wheels. Even the bed I built completely from scratch looks exactly the same?? Just when you think you’re building something unique!
  9. Each bunk (the things the logs are resting in) pivots as the truck turns.
  10. Very nice build!
  11. Joseph at Fireball Modelworks has much more accurate truck rally wheels. They’re in three pieces so they’re much easier to paint as well!
  12. Looks like a Monogram stock car kit carb.
  13. Has anyone ever made the decals to replicate the Chevy van ambulance that Bill Cosby drove, in Mother, Jugs and Speed?
  14. Here ya go. It’s an excellent kit!! Comes mostly assembled but still has lots of parts to complete it. https://public.fotki.com/lotso/gary-wallace-124-ro/
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