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  1. Ben added a post in a topic Cabin fans?   

    You are very out of luck on getting those sets from Harald Weber. They were in a specific set for the freightliner cab over kit. He only made a very small run of those sets. I bought three sets as I knew they would be very rare! I have never seen those little fans offered in any other photo etch set. They were offered in an AMT truck kit on the Chrome tree. It was either the Watkins Kenworth or maybe the Freightliner I forget at the moment.
  2. Ben added a topic in Truck Aftermarket / Resin   

    Looking for aftermarket big rig parts?
    Go to there you will find the best aftermarket truck parts available! Wheels, tires, load binders, on and on! All kinds of cool stuff!!!
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  3. Ben added a post in a topic painting mixer drums   

    I have not actually tried it but if I was to try it, I would use half inch wide Tamiya masking tape and I would start by putting to tape rollers together side-by-side and then applying two strips of tape at a time, making sure the sides of the tape stay  right next to each other all the way to the end, essentially covering the barrel completely with tape where the stripes would be. Then, after you get them burnished down really well, simply pull off one strip of tape and this will leave you with a perfect gap from beginning to end.
  4. Ben added a post in a topic Moebius 67-72 Ford Pick-up news   

    I would hold the hood under very hot water, not boiling but as hot as you can get it out of the tap. While holding it under the hot water twist it in the opposite direction of the warp, going a little further then you need to. Then, while still holding it in that position, run it under cold water. This will relax the molecules in the plastic and allow it to go back to shape. You may have to do it a couple times.
  5. Ben added a post in a topic AMC Gremlin Street Freak / Gasser late 70's ShowCar   

    Beautiful!! Nice work!!
  6. Ben added a post in a topic Help identifying a part   

    Yeah, what Mike said! :)
  7. Ben added a post in a topic Shocking news!   

    I have not seen a Dremel yet that will turn as slow as this drill does. It is geared very low so as not to melt the plastic as it drills.
  8. Ben added a post in a topic Looking for these NASCAR wheels   

    Those wheels came in quite a few of the monogram 1/24 stock car kits.
  9. Ben added a post in a topic Smokey & the Bandit truck color?   

    OK I was just messaging back-and-forth with Brad Wike. The guy that built the most accurate real replica of the Smokey and the Bandit Kenworth. He said the truck is not coffee brown, it is black. It was painted to match the Trans Am. He had even confirmed it when he built his replica from the guy that painted the original trailer.
  10. Ben added a post in a topic Shocking news!   

    Yes, I bought mine off EBay. It came from Hong Kong. Took about ten days to reach me.
  11. Ben added a post in a topic Shocking news!   

    That little tube is a clear grease for lubricating the internal moving parts.
  12. Ben added a post in a topic Shocking news!   

  13. Ben added a post in a topic Shocking news!   

    LOL, my buddies always tease me because I have 10,000 projects that I have started but I never finish anything. I proved them wrong today! LOL
  14. Ben added a post in a topic Shocking news!   

    If you don't have one of these, get one! They are really nice! Lots of torque surprisingly! It's very well built too! :)