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  1. Ben

    GMC Syclone

    Awesome kit. The rear ride height needs to be raised up a little, the wheels need to be dechromed and painted aluminum. The body is gloss black but all the ground effects panels, front, rear and sides are semi gloss black. When this truck came out, it was the fastest U.S. production vehicle made. Even faster than the Corvette of the same year. It was 87 if I remember correctly.
  2. No, the single axle Torsion Bar suspension is different from the dual axle. On the dual axle, the mounts on one axle face inward. The mounts on the other axle face outward. Auslowe has a copy of the AMT Torsion Bar suspension.
  3. Jamie Rahmoeller has small fold down steps but they’re smaller than the one pictured. Moluminum.com they might not be on his website but he has them.
  4. Wow, that’s a very impressive build! great work!
  5. No, Harald made the set himself for a glass carrying truck he was building. He just happen to make a few extra sets. I bought two of them.
  6. Ahhhh, I never knew that. I only had a couple Pinecrest kits back in the 80’s . I was just getting into resin parts.
  7. Is anyone offering a 4x2 front suspension for the Monogram/Revell 1/24 76-77 era truck kits? They're all 4x4’s. Or does someone know of a different kit with a chassis that will work?
  8. That looks great!! I sold my original issue a couple years ago.
  9. Great work! That was actually Steve’s (Ron Howard) Impala. Toad was just borrowing it. Love that movie!
  10. Those look great!!! Nice work!
  11. Jamie Rahmoeller (moluminum.com) makes them in aluminum. By far the best out there!
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