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  1. How did I miss this post!? I'm a huge cat lover! I currently have five, all rescues. They're my kids!

    orange and white and grey and white are my newest. Orange is Houdini, grey is Skittles. The Tuxedo is Big Boy. All black is Onyx and the Torby is.... Torby!

    The Tiger was awesome! I got to play with tiger and lion cubs as well! Best day ever!!






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  2. I’ve been thinking about doing a restore on my MPC Force 440 police car. Then I was thinking it would be cool to have an exact twin but with four doors. I’m not a Mopar guy so I never knew the two door and four door 78 Monaco’s had a complete different rear end on the body. I happened to be on EBay and there was this Dukes of Hazzard, Roscoe’s police car. The box art shows that the rear end is exactly the same as the Force 440 kit, so I bought it. $57.00 shipped. Then I went on Goggle to see if anyone had done what I’m wanting to do. That’s when I saw that the Sheriff Roscoe Kit is exactly the same as the MPC California Highway Patrol Kit that can be found for thirty bucks! I haaaaaate when the box art doesn’t match what’s in the box!!!



  3. The wheels and tires in those Revell Kenworth and Pete kits are horrible!! As said above, swap them with a Moebius wheel and tire set. They’re more accurate, great quality and look so much better!

    Theres many other options out there as well, two holes, five holes, spoke wheels etc. a good place to find them is moluminum.com

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