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  1. Lookin great!!! Will the one piece side door be an option?
  2. Modeltruckin.com already has those Winslow stripes as water slide decals.
  3. I would like to trade a mint, sealed ERTL IH Payhauler kit for the ERTL F-2674 dump truck kit. The F-2674 can be open but needs to at least be sealed inside. Prefer to trade within the U.S. to keep shipping costs down. I will need to get references on you if I’ve never dealt with you before.
  4. I have the ability to build much better but I didn’t want this to be a long, drawn out project. My goal was just to finish it, as it was started back in the 80’s but I also wanted it to be more accurate. The hitch and mirrors are the only big changes other than new paint and decals. When I get into really making everything super accurate, I lose interest and it goes back in the box. This Peterbilt 359 that I’m building is a prime example. It was my 2017 New Years resolution to totally finish it! Didn’t happen! LOL I have a lot of projects like this! I have an issue where I tell myself I’m gonna finish something for sure and then notice something else and jump to it! LOL Here’s the Pete project: https://public.fotki.com/lotso/peterbilt-359-project/page3.html
  5. Hi Charles, I agree, it is a bit too big but in trying to build it using smaller materials, I found it to be very fragile. A lot of those mirror bars were/are home made so really, anything is possible in their construction.
  6. What’s up with that 76 Chevy stepside? New tooling or just a reissue on the Monogram Kit?
  7. This is a project I started back in the late 80’s. I knew very little about mobile home toters back then. Recently I decided to get it out and finish it and while at it, make it more accurate. This has to led to a complete rebuild. The entire bed, sliding hitch assembly and the extending mirror bar are scratch built built from aluminum, brass and styrene. Still a ways to go on it. It’s going to have a white cab/hood, red mirror bar, bed and hitch assembly. More pics in the in progress album here: https://public.fotki.com/lotso/ertl-f-2575-s-serie/
  8. Here’s what I do. I throw all the mirror parts in bleach, Super Clean, etc. and dechrome them. Then, after washed and dried, clean up all mold lines, spruce attachment points, etc.. Then take the mounts and drill holes for two tiny pins. These will match up to holes you will drill in the doors. This will make them easier to mount and make the attachment points stronger. Assemble the complete mirrors, fill any gaps that shouldn’t be there with a dab of putty, sand smooth and then carefully wash them. Then just spray the mirror assemblies with Molotow chrome.
  9. I wish! I didn’t think of taking in progress pics back then. I take them now though!
  10. Tamiya makes chain kits for their motorcycle kits. Not sure about the size differences though?
  11. Very nice!! here’s one I stripped and repainted. Still needs to be finished.
  12. Looking for suggestions on a very flat clear coat. I’m looking to clear over some black vinyl decals. They’re decals for truck mudflaps. I’m hoping to make the black rectangle the words are printed on to blend in with the flat black mudflap. any help is appreciated!
  13. There’s supposed to be a manufactured date on them I read but I haven’t looked yet.
  14. I just added new pics of the regular cab, short bed Ford F-150 to the album, Under Glass Pickups.
  15. I built this back in 1990 and finally took some good pictures of it. I started with the Monogram F-250 extended cab, long bed kit. I shortened the cab, interior, chassis, inner bed, outer bed sides, fuel tank, exhaust and driveshaft and added aluminum tubing tips to the exhaust. I also cut the “2” from the F-250 side emblems, cut two tiny “1’s”, covered them in Bare Metal Foil and added them to the emblems. Other than that, it’s straight from the box.
  16. I’m gonna try to get some better photos today if the sun comes out. If I do, I’ll post them here.
  17. One more thing, the Molotow chrome is time sensitive! I have two pens that went bad. They only produce a dull silver now.
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