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  1. Terrific! Thank you.
  2. Thank you Ray, Steven, and Donald. Yes, Steven, the engine is straight out of the kit. It was the low rider kit by the way.
  3. crazyjim

    1971 GTX

    I always loved the look. Very nice build.
  4. Thank you David. Trying to make use of the fine line tape I bought.
  5. My latest is a HOK brandywine kandy '66 Riviera. Primed in black and set down some tape, applied making tape, sprayed a gold base, removed tape and shot the brandywine kandy. And then 2 part urethan clear over it. I like it. The rest of the build is pretty much out of the box except the wired engine.
  6. Welcome Blake. 1. I don't wash anything but I do wet sand most parts. 2. Yes decals need to be thoroughly soaked. 3. I prime all the body parts that will be airbrushed using automotive primer. I use a lot of HOK paint and it's fairly hot. 4. Urethane 2 part clear goes on all my builds. I like the SHINY 🙂🙂🙂 5. Enamel for interior, engine, drivetrain brushed on. HOK for bodies.
  7. crazyjim


    I have several of the plastic multi-drawer units as well as several larger units (3 drawer). Large parts go into cut down 2 liter pop bottles and then into a pop bottle crate.
  8. Good looking. Your friend should be pleased.
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