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  1. Thank you Carl. Sure appreciate it. We're still under a tropical storm watch but everything is quiet and most of the business places are still closed.
  2. Looks like we're OK in Citrus County. It was scary last night.
  3. We're good right now. Just a little rain and a few wind gusts. I think the worst is going to be later tonight with heavy rain and higher winds. Hope the power stays on.
  4. Looks good in SHINY 🙂🙂🙂 yellow.
  5. I'm done with storm prep. The last item was gas for the generator. We now have 20 gallons plus 5 in the tank. I think we're ready.
  6. I'm going to be spending today trimming a couple of branches near the pool, removing potential projectiles from the yard, topping off the generator and bringing it to the garage along with a bunch of extension cords. Try to figure out a way to secure the garbage can. Marcia has flashlights and batteries ready to go. This afternoon we'll be as ready as possible. Hopefully the power won't go out for too long.
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