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  1. lorider added a post in a topic Im Done   

    Maybe this thread should be pinned to make things easier...
  2. lorider added a post in a topic 1949 MERCURY WITH 1959 CADDY REAREND   

    They look like two completely different cars. John Teresi, your paint job is killer and the rear end flows on that car. Keep up the imaginative work...
  3. lorider added a post in a topic 1932 ford   

    I've never seen a forum that required a specific browser to use. I'm not complaining or trying to start anything, I just can't understand that if there was nothing wrong with the old forum, why did it change?
  4. lorider added a post in a topic Shopping online for kits   

    Model Express is the way to go. Great prices and great customer service and fast shipping.
  5. lorider added a post in a topic Revell 1/8 deuce--different boxes, same kits inside?   

    Did anyone notice that the first two boxes have the same man and woman looking at it, but the second box they look older? At least that's how it appears to me.
  6. lorider added a post in a topic The Internet Craftsmanship Museum   

    Thank you for sharing this. What a cool site.
  7. lorider added a post in a topic You know we love our vintage cars but..............   

    Completely nonsensical. A lot of people (myself included if I had the space) would love to have a beautiful old '59 like that to restore or customize. What a waste.
  8. lorider added a post in a topic On the way to doing something I've wanted to for 50 yrs.   

    I think that kit comes with the six lug wheels. That's one of the the things the Black Widow is famous for. At least I think the kit comes with them. I have it, just haven't opened it up yet.
  9. lorider added a post in a topic Free drag slicks.. Sorta   

    Also if you leave the grooves on the cap they can be used for custom wheel covers, in trunks or on the back of the car.
  10. lorider added a post in a topic CHECK IT OUT****THE LINK IS FIXED****   

    I ordered two kits from Ernie and got them today. He gave me a good deal and shipped them out fast. The parts bags were still sealed, instructions and decals were there. Definitely ordering more when the cash can be scraped up.
  11. lorider added a post in a topic Assistive technology in model building   

    What I keep hearing is that this hobby is shrinking (though it seems to be going strong at the moment). But I've never understood the attitude of people being negative against each other when they are all part of the same group. To me, a source of modeling tips, information, inspiration, etc. etc. is a source of modeling tips, information, inspiration etc. etc.

    Unfortunately, social psychologists say that if there is more than two people in a group, there is a strong chance of one of them being hated by at least one of the others. It's human nature, unfortunately. And sure, people trying to make others look bad in order to make themselves look good and feel good about themselves has been around since the beginning of time. That's obviously why there's so much hate and anger in the world, something the world does not need more of, especially during these times.

    Well, those are just some thoughts on the gossipy old-ladyish attitude of "we're better than you" some people like to live their lives by.

    I saw Jim Haught's article as a way of saying that if one judge uses a magnifying optical aid, maybe all judges should. Maybe optical visors should become a standard at contests or have a hard fast rule that they are not allowed at all. Realistically, any model, and it doesn't matter who built it, will have at least one flaw detectable under microscopic scrutiny.

    This is a hobby, something intended to be relaxing and self satisfying, like collecting stamps or scrap booking or oil painting. When the pursuit of glory or money is involved, it ceases to be a hobby. That's why there should be no contests. Just opportunities for like-minded individuals to get together, express themselves and have fun doing it. Like the NNL shows.
  12. lorider added a post in a topic Crummy Bare Metal Foil   

    I bought a sheet of BMF that looked like a dry-lake bed (didn't know any better, first time trying it) and of course it came off the back in little pieces. Went back to the LHS and they said I had already used it so they couldn't exchange or refund (they're out of business now and I understand why). I contacted BMF and they sent out two replacement sheets at no charge, they didn't even question it or ask for the old sheet (which I kept and use as suggested for touch-ups and masking). As long as you are polite with them they are really good to deal with.

    A couple of things I have tried when using it. I cut a stiff piece of cardboard the same size as the sheet and slip that in the envelope with the foil sheet so it is less prone to flexing and bending. Also if I don't not need really long pieces, I will cut the sheet in quarters and just use one quarter at a time. This also causes a lot less flexing and bending when actually working with it. BMF themselves suggest keeping it in the 'fridge when not using and yes, this really extends it's life. BMF is really easy and cool to work with.
  13. lorider added a post in a topic Window tint   

    You can also use food coloring in boiling water also. Or mix food coloring in with Future and spray it on.
  14. lorider added a post in a topic White Sandable Primer   

    Michaels crafts stores carry it also if you have one nearby...
  15. lorider added a topic in General   

    Michaels 50% Off Coupons
    Today I went to the Michaels here in Tempe, AZ to buy crimp tubes to use for fuel lines. While there one of the ladies I know there on a friendly basis gave me two coupons for 50% off one item from Sunday, May 25th through Saturday, May 31. The store is supposed to give everybody one when they buy something but I think you can also just ask for them. When I made my purchase they gave me another one. Now I've got three.

    The terms are limit one per customer per day. Michaels is the only place around here besides the LHS's that carry model kits, so I'm gonna get at least three for half price.

    I don't know if this all of the Michaels that are doing this, but if anybody wants a discount on model kits or anything kind of expensive craft-wise, it might be worth checking out.
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