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  1. mustang man added a post in a topic AMT 1960 Ford Ranchero   

    hope this helps
    60 - 65 falcon same the small high spring front end , small block only ,and have welded shock tower braces on early cars
    66 to the end in 68 Falcon have the mid size car front end ,think Fairlane , 66 and up .This will hold a big block .FE or 429
    69.5 falcon is a cheap line Tornio
    65/66 mustang have the small high spring front .bolt in shock tower braces
    67 to 70 have a big block front end but is mustang/cougar only
    71 to 73 mustang and 70 and 71 Torino have the new large front end ,for the 429
    69 Maverick/Comet and later Grandia have new mid sized engine compartment.
    While most/some front end parts cross over ,
    the engine compartment sheet metal /fire wall were to : each car line and/or body line
    the shock tower stampings and motor mounts were mostly the same ,but not always
    Ford used this setup all the way up until 1980
    As being around these cars since I can walk .
    I would use the AMT new tool 66 Fairlane kit as being the closest.
    RM 70 Torino is way to big The
    new tool Amt 67/68 is no where close and is a joke
    A new tool 65/66 Mustang would be most welcome
    There has not been any engine compartment that is any were near be right , in any of the Ford kits
    Now why did Ford put the high spring front end in the car to start ?
    Thanks MM
  2. mustang man added a post in a topic One Kit, One Island!   

    Hello ,
    I 'll bite AMT Peterbuilt 359 wecker kit . Has the sleeper parts in it .
    I Could build alot of different trucks with out having two the same
  3. mustang man added a post in a topic What, If Any, Model Kit Box Art Takes You Back?   

    Hello, Any of the AMT big rig kits with that art work , that was just as good as the cars were .
  4. mustang man added a post in a topic 1/25 Revell '90 Mustang LX 5.0 2'n1 Special Edition   

    Here's my 2 cent's worth .
    I have/had all kinds of 1/1 Mustangs , I know what a Mustang should look like . Seen parts of a Mustang that unless you are working on them , most people would never know that these parts belong to a Mustang , and when this kit was going to be the real deal , I was happy , Now what happaned ? The body is no wear near being right , A 30 year old reissure ; I can live with that .
    BRAND NEW tool no way and costing almost $30.00 on top of it .
    Was going to buy more than most of you ,Have all kind of my Mustang friends wanting models of their cars . They even said what the heck ? How could a BRAND NEW kit of this most loved/hated Mustang ever ,be so far off ?
    If this was a WW- 2 P-51 and the body/wing was wrong ,there would be huge up roar on what has happen. Why do just buy this stuff when the product is bad ?
    I vote not to buy .
  5. mustang man added a post in a topic Two hobbies, two demographics. A view from the middle   

    I will put my two pennies in.I run a shop that has a group of the last of us baby boomers.
    We are trying to teach the people that mangement brings off the street to fill opening when they come up.These young people can't even check the oil.let alone put gas in,to mow grass,let alone something like ; paint, use hand tools,hammer nails,cut wood,fix anything,Thers no way I would let them use power tools,welding-Ha-Ha !...etc,etc,etc
    I try to teach them something,there's " I have to work ? ", " I have no idea on how to do that" or the "I will get dirty doing that ? ".Got a whole list of things like that.
    But they sure know all about the next smart phone ,I-pad thing , X-box computer game ,etc.
    What is; I wonder about WHO is going to repair/fix all these machines that make modern life so great ? What is going to happen when the power gose out ?
    In the end I do not care anymore.
    I realy tried to teach them.I realy did.
    When it is my time to go.I will shut off the lights and lock the door.
    Thank you for letting me vent.
  6. mustang man added a topic in Welcome! Introduce Yourself   

    New and old
    Hello,been reading posts for a long time, and not saying anything.It did not help that I lost my pass word and forgot my user name !
    I want to thank the people who run the forum for their help in getting me back in.Darn this getting old is not what is cracked up to be.
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