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  1. Very cool! I love all the little details you added.
  2. Cool! I'll be following this build. You may inspire me to dig out one of mine.
  3. Too cool! I love all the details you did.
  4. That was it, I just couldn't remember exactly. Thanks. BTW do you still have the Hearse?
  5. A very unusual and cool build!
  6. That's going to be cool, Jeff! Didn't you do something similar a couple of years back?
  7. Very creative and nice. Love it!
  8. Very cool, Ira! Great touch with the "C.M." logo. Thanks for the updates.
  9. I've been watching this one from the start. It's going to be another one of your cool builds! The vents are great. Thanks for the updates.
  10. WOW, Ira. You manage to out do yourself with every new build. This one came out great!
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