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  1. Thank you. I drilled holes in the side of the dash and pinned the doors.
  2. Unique subject matter. Nicely done
  3. Just windshield wipers. Thats it on this. Tricky build with lots of pieces. Aoshima kit with C1 Models body kit, Aoshima detail set, Scale Motorsort carbon fiber topped off by a custom blend of House of Kolor oranges followed by gold pearl top cote. Enjoy!
  4. Ron Olsen on Shapeways I believe
  5. Dale Jr's Budweiser Pepsi 400 winner. Pearl White and Tamiya Pure Red as it was the closest color to the decals. Decals are a mix of Racescale and Powerslide, No Bull photoetch upper/lower grill, spoiler and wicker were made from Evergreen plastic sheet, K&S aluminum tubing for the overflow, 3D printed exhaust dumps with thin Evergreen plastic sheet to make them look the part. Evergreen plastic rod and Plastruct were used for inner window bracing Enjoy
  6. This build was completed using my resin body, MCG photo etch grill and valance, Detail Master hood pins. I added speedway rails to the trunk and windows. Exhaust is from 3D Specialties with a thin piece of plastic to make it period correct
  7. Fantasy build here. Thought it would look and be appropriate scheme for the car. Kit it Fujimi Porsche 911 GT3 R painted using MCW Gulf colors topped with Medallion Teke Elite clear polished out and Studio27 decals applied. Carbon fiber "skid" plates using Scale Motorsports 1/20 twill weave topped with Testors flat lacquer
  8. A little update on this. Got the carbon fiber cleared with flat lacquer. I chose flat to give it contrast to the high shine the body will have after clear
  9. I mastered the body and have them cast for sale through myself. Price is $50 shipped lower 48
  10. I have not tried to detail them yet. I know they're tricky. Thats a great reference pic.
  11. The Terry Labonte kit is just a bit different than this body. In fact, the this body and the kit body aren't even close. The kit bumper sticks out past the fenders, this body is flush. The TV panel has been pulled out to replicate a 93 body. The quarters behind the wheels have been extended properly. Look closer
  12. I will take that under advisement. Not all carbon fiber is glossy. The body will by nice and shiney using 2k clear. Carbon will be flat/semi gloss. Lacquer is "hot". Chemicals in it react with the decals which causes them to melt if there's too much applied at one time.
  13. This is take two after destroying the original body while polishing. Custom blend of HOK Sunrise Pearl and Bittersweet Pearl topped with factory Cadillac CTS pearl top cote. Has a C1 accent kit covered in carbon fiber
  14. Alright fellow modelers and nascar lovers, this is a mock up of my Neil Bonnett Lumina. Still have a few things to add. Exhaust, speedway rails on the rear window, finish hood pins, and side windows and fix the bow tie on the hood The body is one of resin cast as accurate as you will find 1993 Lumina bodies. Hope you like it
  15. Thank you for the kind words
  16. Very cool story. Thank you for the kind words
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