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  1. This is based off a Revell kit with a lot of body mods. I didn't like the stock look of the Revell body. I proceeded to chop, cut and section the front bumper and tv panel. Moved the rear bumper back and extended the rear quarters behind the tires to make this as accurate as I could to a superspeedway version. Added the trunk and window rails along with an overflow tube
  2. Salvinos kit with doubled up decals to eliminate bleed through. MCW paints with 2k clear polished out
  3. Single decal on the rockers and quarters
  4. Levi Garrett Pro Stock Camaro built from a Monogram kit. Box stock minus decals. Had to cut down the rear tires to get the ride height I wanted along with removing part of the tubs. Just some detail painting to tope it off. Tamiya paint topped off with 2k clear. Enjoy
  5. A little cutting, sectioning and pulling to get the front and rear of this body to be as accurate as possible. Its close to the real Mccoy. She does look fast sitting there
  6. This a reworked 1993 Lumina body i masterd and had cast. Lemme know your thoughts. I intend on selling these
  7. Excellent work on the whole build but, that alternator is beautiful
  8. Getting closer to wrapping this up. Lowered suspension to get a better ride height. Decals next and some minor details and it should be wrapped up in a day or two
  9. If I can help in anyway, let me know. There's a lot of good refrence on Google for this and the other BMWs
  10. I'll cross my fingers. I did use the decals as reference on where to stop. The part of the tubs that angle down is what I removed
  11. This was a labor of love and determination. Full carbon interior and engine compartment using the Studio27 templated carbon sheet and Scale Motorsport 1/20 twill weave carbon sheets. Hobby Design Photoetch set was used in this build as well. Paint is all urethane from base to clear. Very pleased with the turnout of this build. Aoshima kits are great to build and offer very good detail. Only issue I had was the exhaust fit. Made some make shift "clamps" to cover the connection.
  12. Basically a box stock build with paint work and black washing. I cut the tires and part of the wheel tubs to lower the ride height. Anyone who's built one of these Camaros knows they sit high in the rear. Not esthetically pleasing. Valve covers were shot with gold and Alclad clear yellow for the anodized look. Four link/wheelie bars were painted Alclad polished aluminum with black wash. Rims were stripped and painted Alclad pushed aluminum as well If anyone has reference of this car I'd greatly appreciate it. Wanting to know if the tin work was raw aluminum or painted matte black. Anyhow, on to the pics
  13. Build the rollcage before paint, tape it the the chassis and test fit it. I hacked out most of the top of the cage. Found it unneccessary. Seems as though it's the wheel well/ crush panel area on the chassis
  14. 1988 Davey Allison Havoline Thunderbird. Powerslide decals a mix of Tamiya and urethane paints, custom mixed gray for the roll cage, body fits terrible on the chassis, Detail Mastwr fittings, Model Car Garage brake rotors, Pro Tech braided line and some other details
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