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  1. That's a good looking build. Great work!
  2. Maybe some do, but they are right. His bodies don't sit right or even look right. Just seem kind of like a model body with things added to them.
  3. Contact Revell with the part numbers through their website and order them. I think you can order up to five seperate parts at one time before being charged. With the C-5 being reissued it shouldn't be problem.
  4. If anyone is interested in other options for cars to build try this website www.scalesprints.com Joe does the art work and subs out the printing. There are options for both non wing and wing cars. I am working with a resin caster to see if we can get some more accurate up to date parts out there. The chassis are relatively the same with some of the bracing located in different areas. Thase guys as well as my self should be able to answer just about any sprint car questions for you.
  5. Defenitely an accurate Fox body notchback 87-93 Mustang. You won't be able to make enough of them. These guys like the 1/25 scale and light. I have seen your stuff in person and you will definitely do these guys right by your quality.
  6. Be aware of the B.S. that goes on there though. Most of the guys I talk to on the board are great people. You got a lot of ego and sometimes it comes down to a measuring contest too. Kris, are you going to the NNL EAST this year?
  7. What kind of drag site are you looking for? Heads up, bracket, scale of racing?
  8. No worries and thank you for the kind words. We have talked at a few shows, most recently at Gilbertsville and I enjoy talking to people that are passionate about what they do. I can' wait to see the completed 1/8 Camaro you are working on.
  9. That is the look I was going for but was to lazy to actually make a motor plate to attach it to.
  10. L.I.A.R.S Show in November up in Freeport,NY. Long Island area. Last time I was there it was on a Saturday.
  11. Here is my 66 Nova. I loved building this car. It was frustrating and rewarding all at the same time. Few things I wish I would have done differently but I learned alot with this build.
  12. I would check out Micro Nitro on here unless there is a specific pattern you're looking for. If you going to spend roughly $35 for Pro Trac you might as well pay the extra $5 or so to get something that will definitely work. Just my two pennies worth.
  13. I have plans to paint a slot car body up like this. It's not that hard just laying out the design is the hard part. Here is an example ofa body I painted that wasn't the easiest to do for a customer of mine.
  14. I am using Speedline's Corvette Sebring decals. The white version. I got them cheap and wanted to just paint the body up to sell on ebay as project car. If you have them that would be awesome. If not it's off to Strada Sports I go. Thanks for the input guys.
  15. Looking to remove decals that were already applied to a model and reuse them. Ii seems as though I got ahead of myself. I put the decals on in the wrong spot on the doors and need to seperate them. What can I use to lift/loosen them with out damaging them for reuse?
  16. trying to post with no success.
  17. I am looking for some advice how to remove decals that were already applied to a car with out damaging them for reusage. Seems I got ahead of myself and put them to close together. The finish is two part clear and the decals are Cartograf if that helps.
  18. So I am putting a Corvette GT car together and got ahead of myself. What I would like to know is how can I get the decals of the doors after they have been applied with out ruining them with the ability to reuse them?
  19. Like to help out, but just not sure what you are saying.
  20. Try searching Big Donkey Resin. Larry deals in all things modified from flat heads to fuel injection style cars. From bodies, wheels, tires, and engines. Hopefully sprint car parts coming in the future. He is one of the best casters out there bar none with great service. He is located in PA and offers great service to go along with his products. Check him out!
  21. Thanks guys for the info. That web site was awesome.
  22. Has there been a car of this year produced in either a plastic kit or a resin body. I would be interested in a resin conversion as well.
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