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  1. Gotta throw my hat in the ring here. If you all spent as much time building models instead of arguing about them and real cars your skills would be phenomenal and you could design your own "custom" cars. Man the drama. Sounds like a bunch of women in a beauty salon bickering about their husbands. I miss the old days when folks built things and compared notes.
  2. The kicker is if this happens is no $15 "vacuum formed" window. Man the slot car guys will go nuts if this happens and I stand to be busy. The price tag will be a lot less than what I was quoted on the resin piece as well. Can't wait!
  3. With the thread that was posted about which project will not be finished this year here are my contributions. Some of these I have been tinkering with for over a year. I have been painting slot car bodies for guys and that is where my time is being dedicated. I just enjoy the extra income.
  4. Anyone know what my deal is? I went to cut and paste like I did before but it doesn't work know. The changed somethings around on Photobucket and I am lost! Can anyone offer some insight on this?
  5. The wicked clowns will never die! What is a Juggalo? 1st concert I was ever at along with Coal Chamber, Twiztid, and Biohazard. It was awesome!
  6. I grew up doing this as well. I raced in just about every alley Reading had to offer. We had the spongies and "Classics" with the wobblies up front. Cars weighed between 6 and 8 ounces. My favorite alley was on 19th street on the south side of town. The cars just flew in that alley. I ran into a guy around 2000 and learned that guys started racing again on Locust street next to Northeast Middle School. Not sure if they still do it but as of a few years back they were. Fun times back then.
  7. That thing is just cool as hell! I would love to have one of those bodies in resin. Very cool project.
  8. Yeah, you should ask Jack who really built the Camaro while I stand next to him. I am glad he took the project of mine and finished off to what it is. Congratulations Jack on your tropies.
  9. I know the guy who actually built most of it. Started out as messing around project that was 3/4 of the way finished before I sold it to a club member. Glad to see it got finished and won its class.
  10. Good topic here! I enjoy dirt track racing (east coast modifieds and sprint cars) drag racing(was at the Toyo Tires Nationals last week-AWESOME!) Enjoy watching and playing hockey, going to the gym (33lbs to go)painting slot car bodies for customers, and of course my biigest weakness...........women! Good music 60's to 80's rock to 80's to early hip hop, metal and gangsta rap.....yeah boooooyeeeeeeeee!(lol) Good movies that aren't way over the top and is a lovedramadey suspense and what other element they can fit into one movie. Please hollywood make up your mind! Some other things as well.
  11. Be careful using the Solvaset at full strength. Dilute it maybe 60/40 with water. Solvaset is strong stuff and will turn your decals to mush.
  12. I have shot HoK over top with some not so good results. It could have been a few things though. Temp, humidity, or maybe not letting the primer set up enough before I shot the paint. Who knows could have been all three!
  13. I like how this came out. It is a definite improvement from when I first seen your posts. Keep plugging away and use the negativity as motivation to be come better. The next step is polishing out that orange peel and waxing it to a pretty shine. Keep up the good work!
  14. Do you have an airbrush? I so go get some Mr Hobby filler primer.You can concentrate it to certain areas and it doesn't go on that heavy and sands easily. You can sand it in about an hour or less. Food for thought Tamiya primer is great when used with Tamiya paint. I can't seem to get anything else to work with it though.
  15. Care to share some info as to where you got the car or how it came to be? I have a customer that would be very interested in a few of them.
  16. Very nice work. I like the styling on the car as well. Very sleek and slick at the same time.
  17. Nice work! That grill must have been a pain in the butt to do.
  18. My issue was with you Don is I contacted you about your LX Mustang and was amazed how much the price changed from your ebay listing price. $15 for a rear window was a bit ridiculous. The way you spoke to me about my customer on the phone was even better yet. That's my beef. I was looking forward to having a conversation to see if we could come to an understanding at the NNL East. Oh well maybe some other time. As you say "modeling is meditation" I am going to go meditate now.
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