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  1. dyno56ca added a post in a topic Harley Davidson decals   

    Ok I will get that done and send you the file, what format would you like it in?
  2. dyno56ca added a post in a topic Harley Davidson decals   

    Alan could you redo the decals from the Revell 1/8 scale Harley Davidson 1200 Sportster Custom, the stripes for the fuel tank and fenders are orange and gold, I need them in silver only, trying to replicate a friends bike. 
  3. dyno56ca added a post in a topic AMT `68 Roadrunner   

    Hey ACE sorry to say but the 68 Roadie's with a stick also were available with the rubber taxi cab flooring, do you  remember my 68 Roadie the dark green one  it was a stick car and that is how it was equipped
  4. dyno56ca added a topic in Welcome! Introduce Yourself   

    Just saying hello
    Not really sure if I introduced myself or not. Can't be any harm in doing it again. From the Great White North Hamillton Ontario Canada. Been a lurker here for quite a while and just getting the itch back to pull out some plastic I have stored in the closet. Past builds have been mostly drag stuff with some Formula 1 thrown in for something different. Use to drag race with a couple of fun little cars that ran mid 11's, then got bit by the golf bug lol! Now that age has caught up to me its time to slow down and do something a little less stressfull. Lots of neat stuff posted on this site with a hug group of extremely helpful people.


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  5. dyno56ca added a post in a topic Oil line plumming on a funny car   

    The line coming from the pan is your oil pick up line from the bottom of the pan, it goes through the pump into the filters, out of the filters and back into the pump into a oil galley drilled in the block and from there into the main oil galley.