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  1. The '19 Silverado is just awful and don't even get me started on how they ruined the Camaro for '19. That being said, the GMC is the much better looking twin and has been now for a few generations.
  2. Excellent work on the conversions necessary to bring the body up to Grand Sport/Z06 spec. Also thanks for the heads up on Plamoz. Several things in their inventory that I need for various Vette projects
  3. Nothing like a slump buster to get back into the groove of things.
  4. No more CAD pics after this, I promise. I found some additional info and tweaked my original designs. I made the distance between the ears of the shackles wider, completely redrew the shackle anchor to make the base 4" x 3" (this seemed to be more in line with several of the 1:1 bolt-on kits) and while in the course of doing some research on tow hooks for the winch I ran across several articles that pointed out the superiority of using a safety thimble and shackle versus a traditional clevis hook so I went that route instead. I don't have a huge interest in off-roading with the exception of a soft spot for Jeeps so a lot of this was plain old eyeball engineering.
  5. And the shackle's matching anchor.
  6. This is printed in the white versus the frosted ultra detailed correct?
  7. Finished up the CAD for the light bar.
  8. LOBBS

    '56 Bel Air

    Excellent work
  9. Body meets chassis for the first time. Turn signals and tail lights all that's left for the body itself. The roll cage that comes with the kit is an awful representation of the one of the Jeep from Tomb Raider. Not sure yet if I want to build a Poison Spyder cage or use the main hoop from the kit and build out the rest of the cage properly. No one makes a 50" LED light bar in scale so that may be my first venture into 3D printing. Need a hook for the winch on the bumper and tow shackles for the bumpers as well...And I told myself this was going to be a quick little project outta the box to get my skills back into shape 🤔 Oh and it needs dirt and mud, a camp/tent bag and a sleeping bag for the back seat...
  10. That's exactly what I was looking for to finish up my Jeep Rubicon. I need a hook for the winch and four clevises for the bumpers.
  11. LOBBS

    Camaro SS-X

    Love the SS-X concept myself. Great execution
  12. I'd think a light tan or saddle brown would be in order for that color combo if you were going to lean away from the green.
  13. Looking much more like a Jeep. Unfortunately, I ran into an issue on Thursday night with binding as I slipped the body over the chassis that is causing the body to balloon out. Being out of town Friday and Saturday, I didn't get the Jeep done in time for the Heartland Nats today. Oh well, I have a chance now to build the custom roll cage and light bars I wanted instead of the kits pieces I was going to use to make the show.
  14. Please, please a modern tool of the '67-72 Chevy truck. Short bed preferred.
  15. I just saw the '17 Camaro SS 1LE at the LHS and am severely disappointed that it's a snap kit. It appeared the rear spoiler and front splitter were separate pieces. What I really need to know to do a kit bash with the full detail '16 Camaro SS or the '17 Fifty Edition is if AMT actually took the time to tool up the wider wheels and tires of the 1LE or did they just fit the new wheels to the old SS tires. The 1:1 1LE tires are 40mm wider up front and 30mm in the back which is more than 1.25". It's a pretty major visual difference and one that model car companies are notoriously lazy at keeping up with.
  16. I like where this build is headed. Great work
  17. Cup o dirt that my daughter just brought me. Sure there's chalks and whatnot to simulate muck in scale but nothing looks more real than the real thing. Time to grab the strainer and keep the finest silt and get some filth on the chassis of the Jeep.
  18. Final coat of clear on. Second attempt at the body as the cat knocked it over on the final wet coat last weekend. I'm really impressed with the white Jeep decals in this kit. I've had white ones in the past that were printed too thinly and the base coat showed thru. These are strong enough that's it almost impossible to tell that they're decals at all. On my first attempt, I used the black but glad I went with white this time. Plays off the OD Green theme really well. I'm not terribly concerned with a show car finish given it's an off roader but I had a little orange peel that I'll have to polish out so into the dehydrator for a day or two nap.
  19. Interior coming together. First time using embossing powder. A heavy brush coat of XF-1 gave me the sprayed in Line-X bedliner look I was after on the interior tub.
  20. Not sure why I keep getting locked out of the site for stretches at a time when I try to log in from my phone but assembly is now in progress. Dry brushing some trail damage to the underside of the Jeep is complete. Once I get the wheels on and up on all fours I'll add in some real dirt for more effect.
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