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  1. Great work, Jay. Very nice !! I'm with you, Mark on watching ARCA. Went to the race in Nashville in April and had a great time and saw an awesome race. Got to talk to some old friends like Ken Schrader & Frank Kimmell. Met some of the new kids like Raphael Lessard, Shane Lee and Austin Theriault. I have really enjoyed watching this series this year. As for the cars, they can still run the older bodies as well as the new "composite" bodies (more like Cup). Gives the lesser funded teams time to "catch up" on the change over. The Schrader team has run Chevys, Toyotas and they are switching over to Fords as they can afford to build new cars. Now if some decal maker would up and do some ARCA decals ..... I'd enjoy building some of those cars. New Ford for Theriault. Before & after pics........
  2. Is this still a go for next month?
  3. Nice work by the Riff Raft guys on the show Saturday. Very nice venue, lots of great looking entries, several vendors. Had a great time met some nice folks, saw some old friends and bought some cool "stuff" too. Definitely looking forward to the next event.
  4. Sounds good....... Looking forward to it !!
  5. Any updates to this ? Would be good to have a show here again. Vendors?? Location??
  6. Those are killer, Bruce. I went to many BGN races in those years and was standing in the 2nd turn at Bristol when Mikey crashed. Unbelievable !! Also, not to correct, but the V-6 were limited to 274 Cu In. They "could" run a V-8, but they were limited to 311 Cu In. The V-8 cars also had to weigh 3300 lbs, 100 more than the V-6s. Good memories, from when it was fun...............
  7. Awesome, Bruno !! Great detailing.....
  8. HA !! Yea, Jimmie, my Mom spelled my name that way too...... (Not that anyone else ever did) Nothing wrong with modified lovers from North Cackalacky
  9. Thanks once again, guys. I think this is my favorite one so far......
  10. It turned out great, Mark. I always look forward to your builds. TRW was the best company I ever worked for.........
  11. That is so cool, Sean. Very well done. That was a Pat Foster built car.
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