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  1. tbrooks387 added a post in a topic 1967 VW VAN (INSANE IN THE MEMBRAIN)   

    awesome sheet metal skills wayne. im jealous. (4 kids and no shop) i shoulda chased the cars not the girls. lol
  2. tbrooks387 added a post in a topic 1967 VW VAN (INSANE IN THE MEMBRAIN)   

    after seeing this post, i went and googled all the large images of your vw i could find,i wouldnt step on mikeys toes, he started the build 1st, but i would really love to attempt to build this one too.
    very cool dragster, and awesome that you joined the site and posted some great info.
  3. tbrooks387 added a post in a topic Another Casualty Of The Economy   

    i dont think of a hobby town, michaels, or hobby lobby as a local hobby shop. so i rarely shop there unless im desperate. i prefer online shopping, and ive never felt that i was being overpriced on the shipping. i am a ups driver, and i like the salary i make, so im all for you guys using both the local and online shops.
    there is a small hobby shop i found in stockbridge, ga about an hour from were l live. and the model prices were about the same as ive seen online. so that shop will get some business from me once a month. they had about 1 million rc planes in the shop, so im thinking model cars arent there big money maker. lol
  4. tbrooks387 added a post in a topic Ford Mustang 67 Eleanor   

    if i could just get the wheels or a set in 1/24th like it, i could do all the body work myself. i was going to get one of the kits, and have a friend of mine copy some of the parts so that i could build a few of them. but might have to go back to the drawing board on this one. i emailed kevin over at strada to see if he can still get it. i know he doesnt have any in stock.
  5. tbrooks387 added a post in a topic Ford Mustang 67 Eleanor   

    juergen that paint job came out real nice. i hate to spend the money on it, but ive decided i have to get this trans kit now. thank for posting your build
  6. tbrooks387 added a topic in Drag Racing Models   

    Newto the forum/ Nova Project
    i started on this project about a year ago, and now that i have some time im going to do some more work on it. ive lost touch with building the last few years since i got into making decals. id like to take something to the nnl in atlanta this year, so im going to work on a few started projects.

    also started on this trans am concept. i believe there is a resin out there, not sure what it looks like. i was using an old revell 70 trans am for parts for the hood scoope and side vents.

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