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  1. Acres and acres outside of Tucson. Looks to be a little of everything.
  2. The song and the style are two different things. You cite the 1-4-3 riff, I would add the Bo Diddley beat. Songs today are heavy on studio production techniques that alter the note played to the note heard. As a result plagarism cases sometimes don't come down to does one song sound like another but rather are there similarities in the writing. They actually refer to the sheet music and compare them side by side.
  3. White Rabbit - Jefferson Airplane Time Has Come Today - Chambers Brothers Gloria - Van Morrison
  4. That became an issue, some didn't want to ship internationally.
  5. Well I tried to get things back on track. I should have known better.
  6. Link to the story for anyone interested. Manure-powered garbage truck hits the streets of Ontario | CTV News
  7. I believe the use of warm water and the hair dryer is to keep the adhesive warm throughout the decal application process.
  8. While they have a long way to go to reach critical mass it's amazing just how often I have one sitting in front of me at a traffic light waiting for the green.
  9. Saw this on eBay the other day, same vintage.
  10. Sadly mental illness only has to win once for tragic results to occur. R.I.P. Anne.
  11. Looking at the money tied up in these cars I'm guessing it's just the cost of having their car the way they want it. It's just parts and money. Would doing donuts and burnouts in a parking lot be more acceptable? The world is full of rational people doing irrational things.
  12. It would be a much better conversation if people would lower the temperature of their comments. If something isn't to your personal taste to agressively label it as hideous, stupid and idiotic doesn't leave alot of room for someone to opine differently in a respectful manner. For the most part when you buy something it pretty much becomes yours to do with as you please, not what others deem acceptable. The contempt for and the offense taken at something that really comes down to personal choice and taste really seems misplaced to me. The result is the usual dogpile of grievences that these topics devolve into. We build things here but all too often the urge to rip something apart seems to dominate.
  13. I think you've mentioned it once or twice.
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