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  1. VRM added a post in a topic 1/25 Revell '72 Hurst/Olds Cutlass Kit   

    I mentioned to Ed Sexton about a year ago that the grille was not right for the regular 442, and he was not aware of that.  I pointed out that ebay prices were very high, and that it might be time for a reissue even though the kit was only recently issued.  I also suggested they release it as a '71 442 with corrected grille and '71 taillights.  The interiors can be the same between '71 and '72, but '70 would require more tooling.
  2. VRM added a post in a topic AMT narrow whitewalls for wide whitewalls   

    Are you talking about the tampo printed whitewalls?  I have a couple sets of the wide whites from the set below that I would happily trade for the skinny whites.

  3. VRM added a post in a topic Shelby Cobra Dragonsnake - 10/5 update   

    I am...
  4. VRM added a post in a topic Historic Racing Miniatures Shelby GT350   

    Yep, and the artwork for a certain set of 'Gawdawful Yellow' racecars is already done...
  5. VRM added a post in a topic LF: Resin '69 Camaro SS hood to fit Revell kit.   

    What kit?  I've never seen anything but the cowl hood '69 snap  Are you thinking of 1/32 scale?
  6. VRM added a post in a topic Historic Racing Miniatures Shelby GT350   

    Hey Rex,
    The guy that did the initial work for the HRM 68 Shelby is hard at work on a 69/70 convert, as well as a '67 notchback (to be followed by a '67 convert).  HRM has the first crack at them.
  7. VRM added a post in a topic Model Factory Hiro AC A98 Coupe teaser   

    The Aston Cal Sage shade is not at all close - too much olive.  I got info on the correct mix from the owner of the A98, but it is for English systems - working on converting to a US mix.  I got a bunch of pics of the car at Goodwood a few years ago - MFH did a really good job, except for the wheels.  They should have included Halibrands like in the Revell Cobra - they were coated with Dow #7 gold.  The Revell wheels are too small for the MFH rubber, but I have not had time to mix and match wheels yet.
    The Zero Paint sample looks close.
    This has been a holy grail of mine for years.
    Steve D.
  8. VRM added a post in a topic difference b/t '68 Dart and the '69 Dart bodies   

    The '69 also has rocker panel trim, the '68 does not.  You can make a '69 vinyl roof car be removing the round marker lights, adding the rocker panel trim, and making the rectangle markers (or use decals).
  9. VRM added a post in a topic Hey Hot Rod and Street Rod guys! Need some new product help!   

    The door art is being worked as filler for a gold sheet, and we already have a few done.  The text would be gold engine turn with accents.  
    I have reworked the silver one a bit and have added a strip with a smaller pattern for dashboards.  Hopefully Cartograf can actually print it - some of the resolutions of things I send are close to subatomic and even Cartograf has not figured out how to print at that level...
    It still should be a good sheet, and if the dash size works out I will do another sheet of just that with some other small detail bits.  The blue dots look WAAAY cool onscreen...
  10. VRM added a post in a topic '72-'74 Cuda Grille   

    They have been sent to Kevin at Missing Link.  He told me a while ago that the parts need to be polished up before casting.  Not sure where these are in the pipline, but I do know that he has had a busy summer with his day job.
  11. VRM added a post in a topic Has anyone from the USA bought parts from the Australian site "thepartsbox" before?   

    I have ordered a couple of times.  The resin quality is not bad.  Certainly not up to Missing Link or Replicas and Miniatures standards, but the 2-3 air bubbles you fine will usually be easy to fill, and the flash is minimal.
  12. VRM added a post in a topic Tamiya Mercedes 300SL Announced, new pics added to OP   

    Nope - wheels are good. They are a bit of a PITA for detailing and getting the chrome MB emblem in the middle to work, but they are still very good.
    The only things I found wrong are:
    1. Speakers, but no radio. I wish they had not made a depressed area to sit the speakers as it means I have to wait a bit for the putty to dry before prepping all my non-radio versions. Really not a big problem...
    2. No backs to the seat. Easy fix, but kind of a basic error and shows up in the finished model.
    3. No tie down rail in the rear section of the interior. This will be a bit tough to correct, but I doubt most will notice it is even missing.
    4. Dunlop R5s (tread pattern in the kit) not available until the year after the 300SL coupe ceased production. Really a minor point - the rubber Tamiya gives you in the kit is excellent except for the lack of sidewall detail.

    Overall - these are nits, and nothing that keeps me from buying a single kit.

    Steve D.
  13. VRM added a post in a topic ’68 Camaro   

    First time I've seen this thread - very cool. I would be interested in 3-4 hoods if they were ever cast.

    BTW - I have seen original cars with the hood with the shorter point just as this one has. They seem to be on more of the '68s. I have also seen original cars with the longer point as in the pic of the blue car. Those hoods seem to show up more often on '67s.
    There were also some very early 'stinger' hoods that only had the '67 Vette style scoop area - no front point at all (though they did still have the raised centre ridge of the regular Camaro hood).
    At least two companies made original stinger hoods, Fast Glass and AA Fibreglass, that I know of.
    I'm not sure if Nickey, Yenko, Motion etc had a preferred vendor, or who it was if they did.

    So pleeeaaase can I get some hood copies??

  14. VRM added a post in a topic Some more Round2 surprizes!   

    So does anybody know if the AMT Vanishing Point Challenger actually had a hardtop that did not have the vinyl texturing?

    Steve D.
  15. VRM added a post in a topic Hey Hot Rod and Street Rod guys! Need some new product help!   

    The engine-turned area is about 4.5 inches by 5.5 inches and will be silver chrome - it is actually pretty big and will cover a lot of area. The strip is a small band on one side.

    Here is a close up pic of one of the 1/24th Midget sheets. You can check out other decals here: