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  1. VRM added a topic in Trading Post   

    67 Camaro Stinger hoods...
    I have 2 Revell 67 Camaro Stinger hoods available that I would like to trade for 2 of the Revell '67 Camaro SS hoods with chrome inserts.
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  2. VRM added a post in a topic Revell 1984 Olds 442   

    Well, the one bid up to $77 may have a shill...
    r***c( 7 )
    that has only ever bid on this one auction.  Couple others have low bid counts too...Going to be interesting to see if this bid is retracted at the last minute.
    I have such faith in humanity...
  3. VRM added a post in a topic 69 Olds F85   

    Well, to me it is...keeping the centreline is beyond my skills.  I dont like doing bodywork, and any time I have to do anything really complicated it just ends up going back in the box.  I would rather do the painting.
  4. VRM added a post in a topic 69 Olds F85   

    Yep, needs a B pillar too.  I did not see that as a real problem to do myself.
  5. VRM added a topic in Car Aftermarket / Resin   

    69 Olds F85
    Hi All,
    Does anybody know of someone making parts to convert a '69 442 to an F85?  I'm mostly looking for the grille and hood.  The hood does not have a depression in the middle like the 442 hood in the kit does.  The grille has vertical fins...probably not too difficult to convert the kit grille.

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  6. VRM added a post in a topic `67 Camaro Revell_Rare Racing Part Kitted_"Rear Sway Bar"   

    From Camaros.org - probably the best authority out there for this type of stuff.
    All 1967 models used monoleaf design rear springs.
    For 1968, only models with the 12-bolt rear end received multi-leaf springs. This included all SS models, the Z28, and the L30/M20 327/275hp 4-speed. All other 1968 models used monoleaf springs.
    In 1969, all models with 12-bolt axles received multi-leaf springs and all models with 350ci engines (10- or 12-bolt) received multi-leaf springs. Vehicles with 307 and 327 engines received mono-leaf springs.
  7. VRM added a post in a topic `67 Camaro RS/SS NICKEY-Revell   

    Emerald and Tripoli are different, but it is hard to tell unless you see them next to each other.  They are both pretty stunning.
    Just curious for the Camaro fans - what level of interest is there for Revell to do a convert based on the '67
    Options might be:
    Pace car.
    6 cyl with flat hood and steelies and drum brakes.
  8. VRM added a post in a topic So anybody pick up the 69 Barracuda re-issue yet?   

    Are those still the Recall Wheels on the chrome tree?
  9. VRM added a post in a topic `67 Camaro RS/SS NICKEY-Revell   

    Emerald is the lighter shade.  Check here:
  10. VRM added a post in a topic `67 Camaro RS/SS NICKEY-Revell   

    Some things you all did not seem to catch from the instruction sheet - Deluxe interior, Torque Ds, tail panel with backup lights, intake, etc.  And the important Stinger hood and new grille.  Looks like a good one!
  11. VRM added a post in a topic What are the best kit Magnum 500s with trim ring?   

    Thanks guys - got some in the Charger kits that are good.
  12. VRM added a topic in Car Kit News & Reviews   

    What are the best kit Magnum 500s with trim ring?
    Hi All,
    I'm just wondering what the general consensus is regarding the best 1/25th Magnum 500s with trim rings.  Any opinions?
    Steve D.
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  13. VRM added a post in a topic I Would Like Someone To Make Me Some 1/24 Webers   

    You can try TDR and see if they will do it in a scale other than 1/8th.  You may be able to get the manifold, carbs, and stacks all in a single kit.  
  14. VRM added a post in a topic Shelby Cobra 427 '66 Sebring - 4/21 Finished   

    Yep, I have the S27 set too...they really missed a lot.
    The side markings are all wrong - even the Autolites have a black border - should be red.  S27 did not include the Scuderia Bear, Gulf, Sebring Tech, or Pocono stickers.  They also did not do the hand painted red hash marks (the red curved Roman numeral III looking thing right above the stripes).  Those hash mark are crooked and uneven because the real ones were too.
    The real car did not get the restoration right either if they tried for as raced at Sebring.
    Ahhh...the joys of counting printed rivets...
  15. VRM added a post in a topic Shelby Cobra 427 '66 Sebring - 4/21 Finished   

    Well, unfortunately, the screwup is with CSX3016.  The red and blue stripes that are attached to the numbers need to be reversed.  The one on the right goes on the front - the blue stripe should be on the right.  Dummy me...
    Get some Silver Mink on your model and if the revisions have still not come back I will sell you a set with the extra stripe segment from my personal sheet (doing the Targa and SF cars) if you dont mind chopping up the stripes a bit.  The caveat is that you have to send me some good pics when it is done that I can use on the website.