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  1. I am looking for a Missing Link 70 Mustang Mach 1, unbuilt. I have a Missing Link 71 Maverick Grabber resin kit, OR, a Missing Link 70 Torino GT Convertible transkit (with a sealed Revell '70 Torino GT original issue). You get your choice of Maverick or Torino for one Mustang. I would love to get 2 of the Mustangs, so I am willing to part with both of these. I can post pics later if needed, but they are mint, in the original box. Thanks! Steve D.
  2. I have considered decals for this car, and I have a sheet about 2/3 done for SB Cobras. The problem is the car as seen today is not anything close to what is was 'back in the day'. Any preference for which, or does everyone just want to have a hot pink metallic Cobra on the shelf...
  3. Just giving you a hard time Rex.😛 You might not know me, but I am not a noob at research. I like to find the unique and oddball things - the car I'm doing is not the one in the video, but I posted the video to demonstrate that saying things like 'All 69 Boss 429's were one of five colors' might not always be accurate. I am fully aware of the conventional data, I just like to dig deeper - there is almost always something deeper. In this case there is a small handful of prototypes and production '69 Boss 429s with other features. I am doing one of the production cars. I should probably go post it in the workbench section as I make progress. Cheers! Steve
  4. So sure you are young padawan...😎 Check 1:30 -
  5. Well, the updated Revell 69 Boss 302 has a great new flat hood and nose...and the 25th scale 429 seems to fit (snugly, but no mods needed) in the engine bay. Battery is removed and the hood scoop from the 24th Revell does not look too large. Wheels, interior, and nearly everything else are perfect for the Boss 429. I still need to cut a 15.5mm hole in the hood. I do have to redo the fan belt for thermactor, and PS pump, but that should be no big deal. The particular car I am doing is a '69, but it may have had a black scoop like the '70s. The restoration has not yet started, so the restorer has not yet figured out that part. I am setting up the hood scoop to possibly be removed and repainted if he finds out that it was originally black.
  6. The Polar Lights 429 NASCAR engine worked quite nicely. I also replace the Rep and Min front end as the whole assembly would add about 1.5mm less to the front end length. Goes together really well, and the Rep and Min engine has the really good stock valve covers.
  7. I found a Polar Lights set on Ebay that looks like it might do the trick. The 427 blocks have a much larger deck for the intake manifold than the 429. The 429 is really pretty narrow. I will check the fit when the parts arrive and will post here if it works out. I will likely send one on to Nrom at Rep and Min to (hopefully) add to his excellent casting of the 429.
  8. Does anybody have a single carb Boss 429 manifold that fits the Rep and Min (or Johan Comet) 428 25th scale motor? Thanks! Steve D.
  9. Sorry guys - I have been very lazy with getting decal work done. Job changes at my day job and doing a bunch of work at a place in Maine where I have a cottage have taken up a bunch of time that I used to spend doing artwork. The 427 Cobra (and 250TR) sheet had a minor problem with the stripes, and I am printing corrections before I release them. The correction artwork is done, and it is attached to the artwork for the Mopar MOD Tops. The MOD top art is complete, but after receiving a dealer book with original MOD material I have decided to punch up the colours in the art to match the originals. Two out of three are complete, and I am hoping to have the third one done and back from Cartograf by the NNL East. Hopefully, this means that the MOD sheets, 427 Cobra#1, and 250TR sheets will all be available at the NNL.
  10. Yep, the plan is to finish the 65 BB hood, and send to a resin caster with 65 and 66 seats to use as a transkit for the '67. You will have to use the '67 interior tub, but all you really have to do is a bit of rework on the console.
  11. Well, a friend of mine is working on updates for the Revell 67 in order to convert to 65 and 66. He has finished the SB hood, and bodies, and is still working on a 66 seat and the 65/66 BB hood.
  12. Well, add me to the list. Ordered on March 2, ended up filing with Paypal and got my money refunded today. Time to try Splash paints.
  13. It is identical, except that the Academy does not have any Ferrari decals. Its an easy problem to fix...
  14. Hi Rico, How are things going? The grilles are very impressive...I have each one of them. How long did each one take to complete the design work for?
  15. Yep, I have already mentioned that those would be a great idea!
  16. Hi All, This is a resin wheel for 66-67 Dodge and I am trying to figure out what kit or promo it came from. It looks a bit like an older Modelhaus casting. Note the centre cap that seems different from the original 69 Coronets.
  17. The original Gulf colours were old Triumph codes that John Wyer put on the original GT40s and Porsche 817s. They were Marigold for the orange and Powder Blue for the light blue. The Team Davidoff McLarens used a light blue pearl and a florescent orange. Steve
  18. I already ordered 2 sets of grilles. Should have them in another 7-10 days. And 68 GTX door panels and seats? Would not mind a couple interior sets (door panels, front buckets, rear bench) also...
  19. Did anybody ever do one in 1/25th for the original MPC kits?
  20. Finishing up the master for it. Just need to find someone to cast it. Gotta talk Fireball into offering the Carter carb by itself rather than the pair for the Hemi. Steve
  21. I've been convinced that the roundels, wheels, light frames, etc were dark blue for years, but not sure what colour. However, I just remembered something Rob Walker said when I met him at Goodwood; We were talking about the SWB and he mentioned how much he loved the paint scheme of the Jag Indigo blue with white. He told me about a bunch of cars using the same scheme such as Equippe Endeavour and a 'certain elephant' that he said he 'supplied a couple of spare trunks' and that he was 'rewarded with his favourite scheme' after refusing payment. He really seemed proud of the joke. I never really put it together until I read this and saw the dark blue wheels in the pic. Is it true? Who knows...but does not seem unreasonable, especially as he really only racing in F1 by then, and NART would not have been a competitor. Steve
  22. Hi Brian, I got 1 email from you on July 29, and responded on Aug 1. Yes, VRM is still around, my day job has really kept me busy and i have not been able to update the website. Anyway, my response on the 1st was that everything still listed as available on the website still is. Thanks, and please let me know if you have any other questions. Steve
  23. Well, the folks at Accurate Miniatures had plans to do a 289 USRRC, then a regular body 289, then a Cobra Daytona. I had some owners lined up who were willing to let their cars be measured/photographed. I was even going to be providing some artwork for markings and some reference for the slight differences between the Daytonas. I was also trying to talk them into providing some of the Dragonsnake parts in with the regular body 289 (and they were warming to it, albeit slowly). The problem is that they were going to use the sales from the Grand Sport reissues to bankroll the development work of the GS Roadsters, and that would bankroll the Cobras. Sales on the GS reissue flopped (a $35 retail probably was the reason), and Revell ended up buying the remaining stock of GS Coupes for small money - they repacked them (with markings from yours truly) and did pretty well. Unfortunately, the Cobras never got bankrolled...obviously.
  24. Looks like everyone wants these kits back out ASAP, but there seems to be something that nobody seems to have realised...insurance. I would expect that Revell has all of their tools insured, and if damage happened (either by accident or intent), then it is likely going to be a while before an insurance company is going to ante up $300K to cut a new tool. And there may be all sorts of stipulations about the conditions under which any damage occurred. There could also be lawyers involved, which would probably mean that Revell should not legally talk about anything even if they wanted to. Cut Revell some slack - we will find out when we find out. Until then, worrying about it will likely be a big waste of time. Steve D
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