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  1. cool project..
  2. My best guess is yellow paint cost more in a Micro managed world
  3. Looks nice, love the color.
  4. Looks good ,Love the suicide shift,now lets get this thing to paint and powder coat.LOL
  5. I wonder if I could ever finish one or would I push pause half way thru. lol.
  6. Do you have any engine pictures??Nice looking model,looks real.
  7. Great work on the body,the pictures are beautiful.
  8. I have yet to meet somebody who got rich from an old model kit?????Build em...
  9. yes ,but I haven't found any dead animals in my stash yet tho.
  10. On my kit,Molded in white, every tree is off, even the body is slightly thicker on one side.What a mess.
  11. The orange crate kit. The two mold half's are off by 1mm .I don't mind flash but this is off so much you have to grind half the part away to make it even.I'll never buy that one again.
  12. Nice finish,I love the front end work.
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