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  1. torinobradley added a post in a topic Hobby Shops in Fort Worth?   

    Anyone know if Wild Bills is still there?  I try to go by there every time I'm in DFW.  Here's there addy:
    535 E Shady Grove Rd, Irving, TX (972) 438-9224
  2. torinobradley added a post in a topic 50s & 60s custom parts   

    If you have the front and rear custom roll pans for the AMT '57 T-Bird I'd be interested in those.
  3. torinobradley added a post in a topic Are you ready for the (Gold) Rush???   

    That is a cool and interesting find!  Good luck with the build.  I look forward to seeing this one built as mine didn't get that far...
    When I was young and not all that talented I was making this one into a IMSA racing van.  I hollowed out the rear fenders so the wide back tires would fit up into them and narrowed the front so it would also sit down low.  I also swapped the motor out with a blown hemi under a clear dome.  What caused me to give in was while trying to fill the side doors, I ended up sanding off the body character line.  It was boxed and still sits somewhere in the plastic graveyard.
    Maybe I'll drag it out and find a donor kit for a transplant.  Would still make a wild ride!
  4. torinobradley added a topic in General   

    Anyone Using Makeup to Add Weathering to your Models?
    Several years ago a ex-girlfiend of mine that used to build models had almost finished her Elvira and asked me how to do the makeup.  She had tried just painting it and drybrushing it but it came out clownish.  Not good for the Mistress of the Dark!  I suggested that she actually use makeup.  She did and Elvira's smokey eyes and rosy cheeks were photo-perfect.
    Has anyone ever used them or seen them used for weathering other scale models?  I would think they would be great especially in all the different color pallets available.  You could find the perfect colors for your exhaust, leather seats, grimy and stained engines, etc...  The only concerns I could see are reactions with the base paint or clear coats and of course, the propensity to rub off when handled.
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  5. torinobradley added a post in a topic WTB: 1968 Torino GT C-stripe decal   

    Was going to suggest Keith Marks as he has a '69 set in several colors but the '69 does not have the arch over the rear fenders.  Then looked for the pace car decals and again, they are the straight lines without the arch.  The only one I've seen with the arc is the Gooche one for the Coleman's Super Ford and I don't know where you'd find that.
  6. torinobradley added a post in a topic Cobra Decals   

    I was myself looking for just those very decals.  I got in touch with Kieth Marks who makes decals for Mustangs and Cobras and he added some onto a cobra set for me for my Executor Cobra build.
    Here is his link:
    Several of us modelers have ordered from him and the decals look nice.
  7. torinobradley added a post in a topic Model project ideas you WISH you could get around to if you had the time.   

    I have a huge list of projects but a couple of the more radicals are:
    Pininfarina 50's Thunderbird
    32 Ford Highboy Roadster Biplane with a supercharged hemi driving the prop.
  8. torinobradley added a post in a topic 63 corvette parts   

    The rears for the Accurate Miniatures Grand Sports are Disk
  9. torinobradley added a post in a topic If you could afford to have a kit designed   

    Cobra Daytona
    DeTomaso Pantera
  10. torinobradley added a post in a topic The Equus Bass 770   

    Looks like the base of the car might be the Dynacorn Mustang replacement body.  Modified, obviously...
  11. torinobradley added a post in a topic Anyone bought the newest AMT Studie release?   

    Wouldn't Watanabes be better wheels?  I think those vans are running them and they are available from Fujimi in the model scene.
  12. torinobradley added a post in a topic 1968 Fairlane hardtop   

    Oh, one point of detail.  '68s had black gauges while the '69s had silver and the gauge lenses were cone shaped.
  13. torinobradley added a post in a topic 1968 Fairlane hardtop   

    I like it (see avatar)!
    I have a 1:1 '68 GT Formal in kit form (disassembled in the garage) I bought the Modelhaus kit to build for.  I too will be watching this one for tips on when I can get to the little one.  I also bought a '67 Fairlane to use for the chassis under it.  I bought a '69 formal body before I found out about the '68 kit so I have that one to build too.
  14. torinobradley added a post in a topic Bird of Paradise   

    Anyone know how many of the chassis parts in this bird are carry-overs from the 68-69's?  I have a '68 gluebomb in need of a few parts.
  15. torinobradley added a post in a topic Miniature luggage for model cars   

    Do a search for "G Scale Luggage" as this is the scale most like 1/24-1/25.  I believe it is actually 1/22.5.  There are some available but most will probably need some repaints or figure/interior painting methods to make them look good.