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  1. torinobradley added a post in a topic Information on Monogram's Exotics Series   

    IIRC, The Monogram Cobra was a 289 (or a 260?) wire wheeled car.
    Also, loved those Monogram cars for those Pirelli tires!  I remember them being the lowest profile tires you could get at the time and once the back fill was trimmed, most wheels fit them.
  2. torinobradley added a post in a topic 1:25 scale kits with figures ?   

    Wasn't there a Chevette that had a couple of figures with the road rally setups?  Found it.  Stupid expensive for a couple of figures...
    I bought a set of Prieser G Scale female figure "kits" where you get a few sprues of arms, legs, torsos and heads so you can put together your own dream girl.  The good part is all the parts are pretty much designed to go with each other so you are not limited to the figure's pose.  The bad part (or good depending on your personal preference) is that they have no clothes on...  There is also a male version out there too.
    Other than that, I have found a few others in toy aisles over the years (like Homies).
  3. torinobradley added a post in a topic Balancing (too many?) hobbies/life?   

    And I thought I was the only one spread across multiple hobbies!
    I gots one wife and one ex-wife but they are the same person (long story)
    Three kids, two grandkids. One kid's a teacher, middle one is in last year of pharmacy school and just got engaged, third is a sophmore on the varsity swim team
    One job
    Three houses (two are rentals) and the associated maintenance on those
    Models (cars and some others)
    RC vehicles
    Light gardening
    Halloween propmaking and haunted garage setup
    1:1 scale cars (maintenance on 4 and project '68 Torino)
    Used to collect comics, cards, diecasts & a few other bits and pieces but now in the process of liquidating a lot of that.
    And we have a pretty active friend and family life full of birthdays, graduations, retirements, marriages, dinners, concerts, trips both near an far, camping trips, Fiesta events, shows, movies, etc...
    When I actually get some time to myself the only thing I tend to do is turn on the tv and fall asleep...
  4. torinobradley added a post in a topic What do you drive?   

    I got this one late last year.  2014 Taurus SHO with the Power Package.  365 HP twin turbo EcoBoost and AWD.  She likes to run.  Here she is playing in the rain and embarrassing a few of them.

  5. torinobradley added a post in a topic Have you guys seen one of these before?   

    A buddy of mine in High School used to drive one every once-in-a-while.  Seats were fixed and they were short so I 6'1" rode with my forehead against the roof...  Lots of fun though; rolling up under the school bus since the front was so low...
  6. torinobradley added a post in a topic 69 Mach1 interior in 1/43   

    Check out a sewing department for some glass headed pins.  I saw some this weekend that were rather small.
  7. torinobradley added a post in a topic New To Me Kits From Model Show   

    I recognize several of those kits as you picked em up from my table.  Glad to see them go to a good home!
  8. torinobradley added a post in a topic Whoops! Heat and plastic, not a good mix.   

    I had used the lightbulb method a few times to speed up drying but then tried it on a thin, heller 1/43 body with enamel paint.  Checking it the next day looked like it was t-boned in an accident...
  9. torinobradley added a post in a topic Lite-Weight Race Car Trailer   

    Going to have to remember this if and when I get back to the Executor and decide to build the truck & trailer too.  The pics show a very small trailer such as this though I think a bit shorter, seeing a cobra on the trailer you're building.  Thanks for the ride-along!
  10. torinobradley added a post in a topic '68 Shelby GT-500 (20 Feb - Under Glass)   

    Looking great so far.  One suggestion for the front suspension to make room for those wide motors is to do what many in the 1:1 world do and do a tubular IFS swap.  Then you can remove the shock towers and put in a big motor.  You can get the parts from some of the street-rod kits or even an old white metal R&D Unique IFS setup.
    I do like your 1:1 coupe and noticed the relocated battery, solinoid and all the other under-hood clutter.  Looks clean especially with that nifty Monte Carlo bracket!  When you go four link, are you going to mini-tub?
  11. torinobradley added a post in a topic Building a '70 Chevrolet El Camino?   

    Correct me if I am wrong but don't you also need the dashboard out of the '70 Monte Carlo for the Elky?  My '73 and '75s both had Monte Carlo dashs.
  12. torinobradley added a post in a topic MODEL CAR CLUB IN SAN ANTONIO TX   

    Sadly, there is no organized group of automotive modelers here in San Antonio.  The next show for us is the February yearly Modelfiesta.  There have been a few attempts at getting a group together but to no avail.
  13. torinobradley added a post in a topic Easy reflectors for round headlights   

    I found these a while back. They are bearing cups or something for building fishing lures.  They have a hole on the crack and in the bag we're the little disks from the hole. Here is a cup, lense, and disk:  
    %5BURL=http://s153.photobucket.com/user/torinobradley/media/1966 Penske Sunoco Corvette L88/DSC01503.jpg.html]http://i153.photobucket.com/albums/s223/torinobradley/1966 Penske Sunoco Corvette L88/DSC01503.jpg
    will have to look at those earrings next visit to HL
    will have to fix the link when I get home, sorry (mobile).
  14. torinobradley added a post in a topic Least popular kits   

    I actually have one of these van's in the collection...  Wow!
  15. torinobradley added a post in a topic Mustang Upgrade   

    I find this funny as most of the videos for this car show it is not going in the direction it is pointed...