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  1. Awesome survivor and cool story to boot. I have one and don't remember if it was Johan or AMT but it has later model taillights (four round-ish ones). Mine, however, didn't fare so well over the years. I bought the correct taillights and bumper, like the ones you have, from Modelhaus before they went away so I can update it to match the actual. Also have the Rodders Journal (IIRC) that has the photo spread of the car and a good set of both original and Cady decals. Just needing to find a suitable chassis and then the fun begins. Great stuff, these old OOP kits!
  2. Just an aside, over Christmas, saw The Christmas Chronicles with Kurt Russell that had a car chase between a Challenger and a police Taurus. This one I agreed with as the Interceptor Taurus is an AWD 365 horse car which would have easily kept up with any Challenger on wet and icy streets of Chicago (I think is where it was).
  3. 70 Mach I for the engine, Shelby Series 1 for the ZF, scratch or source the rest from similar running gear.
  4. One of my pet peeves in these movies is when the primary characters in their souped up cars can't outrun something mundane. In one of the Expendables movies, Stalone's character in his souped up 50's Ford pickup hot rod can't outrun a busted-up S15 Blazer. Drive Angry was pretty cool in the vehicle department and had William Fichtner as the Accountant whom made the movie a favorite for me. "You know what this badge means, right? Federal Bureau of get-the-f...-out-of-my-way."
  5. I added plug wires to the Smoothster and you can't really see them once the kit is complete. Not a good time spent/value added trade off.
  6. Considering how much time I've been able to devote to modeling the last few months, all my projects fall under the "stalled" category!
  7. Hopefully all you paint woes are in the past. On the bright side, you can build the first body with the second chassis as a before/barn find/in need of a major rebuild!
  8. Why not put a dual coil Spaulding Flamethrower magneto in there for some true '60s interest?
  9. That magazine in the video is an article about detailing the model car. So there is either a kit of this beast or an article about how to create it...
  10. EZ tack can also be used to check assembly and don't forget on those Torinos, the winshield trim goes all the way across the A pillar.
  11. I have the light blue one as well but don't remember the manufacturer. I think it was Gunze. One thing for sure is that it is not the Marui as I have that one as well. My Marui was molded in black IIRC and had the cannonball run (ish...) box. I played with the idea of making the blue one a funny car at one time. Glad I didn't though... Still want to take the 351c from the '70 Mustang, the gearbox from the Series 1 and do a bit of scratching to make a full detail one. Just gotta flip the gearbox (from what I heard).
  12. IIRC, The Monogram Cobra was a 289 (or a 260?) wire wheeled car. Also, loved those Monogram cars for those Pirelli tires! I remember them being the lowest profile tires you could get at the time and once the back fill was trimmed, most wheels fit them.
  13. Wasn't there a Chevette that had a couple of figures with the road rally setups? Found it. Stupid expensive for a couple of figures... I bought a set of Prieser G Scale female figure "kits" where you get a few sprues of arms, legs, torsos and heads so you can put together your own dream girl. The good part is all the parts are pretty much designed to go with each other so you are not limited to the figure's pose. The bad part (or good depending on your personal preference) is that they have no clothes on... There is also a male version out there too. Other than that, I have found a few others in toy aisles over the years (like Homies).
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