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  1. GSL Table Shots

    I need help from someone who is okay with using Photoshop. I need to have the numbers to the group photo from GSL. It's a huge file so far. Need to be able to copy the format that I have started, putting numbers in front of everyone in the group shot If you know how to use Layers, and got some time, I would appreciate the help. This is the screenshot of the Photoshop file as it is now If this makes sense to you, great. If not, that's fine, I need someone who can just jump in and finish the numbering, in the layers, as is. Thanks.
  2. Left-Hand Drive Dashboards

    I found similar stuff at the local craft store. Was going to try it also. As for the article on the dash boards, it's gotten bigger from when I started, and now I'm trying to find someone who can help with the 3D design part of the article.
  3. GSL Table Shots

    My infamous GSL Group Shot:
  4. GSL Table Shots

    I have to thank Steve Mohlenkamp for the tutorial in the different wide angle view shots. Stephen Miller from Canada was a huge help all day, helping out with the spec sheets, photo cards, and keeping everything going. Thanks, guys!!!! You really made this show so much better, and I really do appreciate all the help.
  5. Model Cars Magazine, The Future Ahead Of Us

    What a lot don't understand, or can't grasp, is the fact the with the direct dealer sales, MCM can pay for itself, each issue, if I can get the dealers to pay on time. No other magazine that I know of can say this. They all go through distributors, who now charge 60% of the cover, plus poundage fees. I do all the invoicing, billing, accounting, etc., MYSELF. There is no middle man, or anything that gets in the way of that cash flow. Does this not make sense? Or is the argument now going to be: What about us subscribers, we paid for ....... Yes, and a lot of that money went to Golden Bell Press. I did not see a single penny from before I took it all over. I don't know what else I can say, explain, or type. This will work, with the support, trust, and push from all of you, whether or not you subscribe, buy from the hobby shop, or get digital copies.
  6. GSL Table Shots

    Here's some quick pics, just a sample, I have to work 26/8 on the rest of the Contest Issue now:
  7. GSL Table Shots

    That's a great idea! Always wanted to be that cool guy with that cool hat, maybe a nice Fedora?
  8. GSL Table Shots

    Would have been great to get a picture of the iPhone shot I took for backup!!!! Seen some other photos you guys took of me. Dang! I am so BALD!!!! The hair ain't what it used to be, especially when you see the video Kurt did. That's when I was REALLY GOOD LOOKING.... :-)
  9. Model Cars Magazine, The Future Ahead Of Us

    One thing that I brain farted on was the amount. It's $150 for a limited number of 200 Lifetime Subscriptions For some reason, the number 200 stuck in my head, and I didn't do the coding for the payment button the way that it should be. If everyone is going to dwell on the past, then obviously, then please don't post such negative comments. Yes, I know everyone has a tough time, some more than others, but the past is the past. I'm going to do whatever I can to go forward, and if that's not good enough for you, I'm sorry, really sorry. But don't spread your negativity here. I'm trying to move forward, and every time someone bashes something I've done, or not done, it really makes me think about why I'm doing this.
  10. Model Cars Magazine, The Future Ahead Of Us

    I don't know if this was an honest question, or something got lost in translation. What do you mean owed from the past? Every single subscriber who has a paid subscription has, and will, continue to get their issues. The subscription is for EACH ISSUE, not per year, although it's been a long time in between issues (last count was one year plus since last issue), I'm not going to quit. Unless that's what you want me to do? Or, was this question a sarcastic comment?
  11. GSL Table Shots

    These are just a bunch of quick table shots that we took. Still trying to get up to speed, I only got up now (been asleep for almost 24 hours now...) It really was a great show! Got to see a lot of old friends (yes, pun intended), and met a lot of you who have supported me and the mag over the years. I'm really glad that I was able to go, even though the physical toll may be with me for a long while, the memories will be with me forever. Mahalo nui loa! And, no, I don't know who won, I was only there for 26 hours, had to leave before the breakfast/announcements.
  12. GSL-XVIII (#18 2001) video

    Kurt, what a great video!!! Didn't know (or maybe more like I didn't remember) that you did video. This was so good!!! I'll send you an email, got some questions for you. Great seeing you at the show.
  13. I wanted to post this here first on the forum, since the forum is, and has been, the backbone of the magazine. Many of you have wondered what’s going on, not only with the magazine, but myself as well. Well, there's good news, and bad news. First the bad news. This past February I had my eighth back surgery, where they implanted an electrical spinal stimulator, and so far, it’s been a failure. The temporary test/trial period in January had good results, but the permanent implanted one has not given the same results. Hopefully, it’s fine tuning, or reprogramming, but for now, it’s still laying down most of the time, I’m still on way too many pain pills, and now I’m just trying to deal with it. Now for the good news. With this surgery behind me, and no real hope in the near future for any sort of pain relief, I’m going to be going full steam ahead as if nothing is going to stop me. I’m putting all my efforts into getting the magazine back on track, back on the newsstands, and back in your hands. However, I need your help. I’d like to offer a limited amount of Lifetime Subscriptions to our loyal readers to get the next three to four issues printed and mailed out. This will only be for 200 subscribers, for a limited time. There will be some neat swag to offer, Lifetime Member Model Cars Magazine patches, dash plaques, and t-shirts, and the big news will be unlimited access to all the current digital back issues that we have. So, what’s this going to cost? Right now, crunching the numbers, we are looking at a Lifetime Subscription to go for $150 (sorry, I had put $200, which is the limited number of orders. My brain cell (the last one), got stuck on that number. It's $150 for Lifetime Subs). This will raise the capital we need to really get going, and to hire some help so that we can work on the rest of the digital back issues. Currently, we have easy access to all digital files only back to 2012, but we have all digital files down to 2003, but they have to be converted in a time-consuming process. Long story short is I first did the layouts for the magazine using the computer program called Quark, but I lost the original CDs/DVDs for the first three years. The 2003 and later files need to be converted from Quark to InDesign using proprietary plugins that have been purchased. Some have asked about the viability of doing a lifetime subscription offer, and that that would hurt or affect subsequent renewals. With a “regular” magazine, that may be the case, but one thing about Model Cars that makes us special is that with our direct dealer sales, those sales almost pay for the full printing and mailing of our regular issues. Granted, once our numbers go up, and they will, we will be better equipped to deal with the increased circulation, and go after even more newsstand and dealer sales. I hope this all makes sense. I’m not trying to pull anything over on anyone. I want to make this magazine work, and if the past twenty years have shown you guys one thing, it’s that I don’t give up. Twenty years, wow, that’s a long time. This October 2019 will be our 20-Year Anniversary, and that will be huge and special issue. Thank you for taking the time to read this. If you want to become one of the only 200 lifetime subscription members, you can go to: www.modelcarsmag.com/lifetime and use the PayPal form. I’ll also set up in the next few days a mail-in form for those that like doing things the old fashioned way. Mahalo nui loa (thank you very much) Gregg
  14. Not complaining, and I have been finding  old  Model Cars Magazines, BUT, I sent you payment for 3 years of subscription the spring of 2018. Hope all is well .

    Still waiting patiently,

    Bart N

    Andover MA


  15. Slot Cars Magazine

    Every single day I've been dealing with the post office. Not complaining, just with the switch of ownership of Slot Cars over to Model Cars (long story), now we can mail Slot Cars under the Model Cars permit, which will be easier, hopefully save some money on the rising costs of the shipping, and get the mags to everyone faster. Build? I can't even see the workbench. All I see is paperwork, paperwork, and PAPERWORK!!!!!! Thanks for everyone's patience, and support.