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  1. Gregg added a topic in General   

    Latest Issue of Model Cars: EXPIRATION ISSUE
    Yes, there was a glitch. On the latest issue of Model Cars, the top of the label says: EXPIRATION ISSUE: 
    and that's it.
    It was supposed to say: EXP ISSUE: , and then your expiration issue number
    But for some reason, the printer didn't get it right.
    So, no, the issue you got is NOT your last issue, this is not your EXPIRATION ISSUE.
    Sorry for the confusion, scare, and headaches.
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  2. Gregg added a post in a topic Model Cars Magazine Renewals   

    Different companies. Same idiot behind the companies, but still, different legal companies. Can't rob Peter to pay Paul's printing tab. Different books. Same printer in Denver.
    #203 is printed, should be mailed out this week.
    Had good news yesterday, but that's for the idiot to gloat on...
    Wait, I'm the idiot....
  3. Gregg added a topic in General   

    Changes at Model Cars Magazine
    Model Cars Magazine
    Restructuring/Publication Schedule
    First off, no, we are not shutting down Model Cars Magazine. Yes, it probably would be a lot easier, less headaches, and the smarter thing to do, but we don’t quit. What we have decided is to restructure and overhaul the printing/publication schedule for Model Cars.
    Since 2001, we have printed nine issues a year. We had started off the first two years doing only six issues, but the magazine took off, and we went up to nine issues a year. With Golden Bell Press in Denver shutting down in December 2015, the magazine was dumped in our laps, lock, stock, and barrel. There were over 2,400 subscribers, about 1,900 dealers/hobby shop copies, and at that time, around 500 copies sent for distribution through major newsstands/bookstores with a distributor (Ingram). So with a print run of 5,000 copies, it looked like it would be something we could do. About a week after the turnover, Ingram increased their order from 500 copies, to 1,800 copies, literally overnight. This would be great for the circulation/numbers for the magazine, but there was of course increased costs involved. So from a normal print run of 5,000 copies, we were now at 6,500 copies.
    We were under an obligation to fulfill all the existing subscriptions, with no cash flow coming in. Dealer/hobby shops are billed with an invoice after the magazines are sent out, and they pay their invoices after the magazines are sold.
    We were spending about $10,000 per issue to print, polybag, and mail each issue, and we have done four issues since the closing of Golden Bell. Model Cars was on a nine issue a year subscription base. So, after a year, we have made a decision. In hindsight, always 20/20 mind you, we should have done this at the beginning, but that is just the way things have worked out.
    Change In Frequency/Printing Per Year
    We will be going from nine issues a year down to six issues a year, and the Annual Contest Issue will now be a separate stand-alone issue, NOT included with the annual subscriptions. We are raising the cover price of the magazine, from $5.50 to $6.50 (it has been the same price for over 17 years), and annual six issues a year subscriptions will be $23 per year. DON’T SCREAM AND YELL. You will not be ripped off, lose any issues, etc. When the change happened, Golden Bell was using a proprietary system for the subscriptions. We didn’t have $6,000-7,000 to pay for a dedicated subscription software system, so we are using simple Excel spreadsheets to do the database/subscriber information. When the data came over, the expirations were in months, and since we knew we were behind already, we changed the months over to the corresponding issue number. So, if you have eight issues left on your subscription, you will still get eight issues. It may take longer (please, no sarcastic comments/jokes inserted here), but you will get ALL of your eight issues, irregardless of the date/month of the issue. The new rate will be $23 per year, for six issues. At the old rate, nine issues were $34.65, which breaks down to $3.85 per copy/issue. At the new rate, $23 for six issues, that comes out to $3.83 per copy/issue. So basically, your subscription base rate is staying the same, albeit with a two cents price difference.
    We are also putting the distribution through Ingram (Barnes & Noble and other newsstands) on hold for now, until we get back up to speed. We had thought about just carrying on with just printing and mailing to the paid subscribers, but that would be like shooting ourselves in the foot.
    So, yes, we should have done this before/sooner, but that is what it is, as they say. Yes, there are a lot of things we could have done different/better, it has been a learning curve, for sure. It would be a lot less headaches if we just walked away from the $50,000 that we have invested so far in this, and try and live “normal” lives, but then, we are not normal, right?
    We are not doing this for the money. We are doing this because we love the hobby, plain and simple. This hobby has done so much for us, and this is our way of giving back to it.
    Thank you so much, everyone, who has stood behind us, and next to us, along this journey. Model Cars has been published for over 17 years, and we hope to see it published, and printed, for another 20 years at least!
    Mahalo nui loa
    Gregg & Darryl
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  4. Gregg added a topic in Contests and Shows   

    GSL-XXVI Schedule Of Events
    Here is the recently uploaded schedule of events for the GSL, April 27-30, 2017, as a downloadable PDF:
    JPEG Images:

    Web site:
    GSL Web Site

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  5. Gregg added a post in a topic ACME Southern Nationals Nov. 12th, 2016   

    Here's a link to the table shots from the show
    Got a lot of them, not all.
    Was a great show!!!
  6. Gregg added a post in a topic Revell 1966-1977 Bronco   

    I'll try and finish it up tonight. Haven't been able to touch it since I posted the pics. I was hoping to do a 24-hour build, but wasn't physically able to.
    So, I stopped the clocks, and when I start back on it, it may still be less than 24 hours.
  7. Gregg added a post in a topic Revell 1966-1977 Bronco   

    As you can see, I was a bit too aggressive on the sanding before I primed it with Tamiya Grey. I should have primed it first, and then wet sanded it. The details are so fine, so crisp, just that small sanding on the driver's door removed the door key/lock. You have to watch all the ribs/tops of the body, even the back of the hood has the hood hinge part molded in. The rear of the body has a small lip for the hardtop to sit on. Everything is done right. There are mold/pin marks under the hood and hardtop. Also, the hardtop is really thin, so thin it could be broken easily while sanding/painting it. It was hard to remove the ghost line on the hardtop, where a soft/half cab roof would be (future release?).
    So, yes, ResinBronco.com will be history, or maybe just be hidden reason for this new Revell Bronco?
    Yes, I know, I'm nutz....
    k den
    I will hopefully finish it tomorrow.
  8. Gregg added a topic in On the Workbench: Pickups, Vans, SUVs, Light Commercial   

    Revell 1966-1977 Bronco
    Just got this today, posted on the main site, Facebook, etc.
    Now, it's time to build it!
    Had to stop, clear I had no good. Will shoot clear tomorrow and finish it up.

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  9. Gregg added a post in a topic Our Harry needs help   

    Kelly's dad had the port, and we knew it was there, but he said it didn't bother him.
    He's now 85 (on Monday), and still cheering for the Dodgers....
  10. Gregg added a post in a topic HELP HARRY   

    Charley, thank you so much for all your support of Harry, your friendship, and your insight on all of this.
    It really means a lot. 
    I owe you big time, and hopefully, one day we can get together for a drink and a laugh, with Harry of course!!!!
    Mahalo nui loa!
  11. Gregg added a post in a topic email from Harry, marked URGENT   

    A couple of friends just sent me copies of emails that I supposedly sent to them, from the back up modelcarsmag at yahoo.com email address.
    If anyone receives an email from the MCM Yahoo account, it is fake, and some have had a link in the email. I have seen two so far.
    Say it what it is: A Scam.
    Someone wanting something for nothing.
    Another sign of the entitlementelitistswanteverythingfornothing crowd.... That's a tough one to read without the spaces!!!!
  12. Gregg added a post in a topic Changes at Model Cars Magazine   

    Chris, #202 is on Magzter.
    I will also upload it to the MCM site.
    So many little things, I need a bigger To Do section of the desk...
  13. Gregg added a post in a topic Changes at Model Cars Magazine   

    I forgot
    thanks for the bump
    email though, faster :-)
  14. Gregg added a post in a topic email from Harry, marked URGENT   

    after some research, it looks to be part of that big Yahoo email hack/attack. Didn't know ATT email was with Yahoo. The timing is just ironic. Coincidence? Probably
  15. Gregg added a topic in General   

    email from Harry, marked URGENT
    If you got this email from Harry, disregard, it's a fake. Subject line is all caps, URGENT

    I am very sorry I could not inform everyone about my trip to (Manila,Philippines) for a program because it was impromptu, the program was successful but my journey has turned sour I was mugged at gun point and all my valuables were stolen cash, credit cards and phone, where I went for sightseeing before leaving to the airport since my return flight is in few hours. Luckily I had my passport in my hotel room to get me home.

    It's was a bad experience I need your help financially to get back home, I need to settle some outstanding hotel bills and also take a cab to the airport, I have contacted my bank but the best they can do is to mail a new card which will take 3 days to get here, Please let me know if you can help me out? I promise to make the immediate refund when i get home.

    All hopes on you.

    This is fake. The email return address is to a different account, not his.
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