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  1. Gregg added a calendar event in Model Car Shows/Events   

    NNL Nationals #37

    NNL Nationals #37,  Saturday October 8, 2016,  10am-4pm, admission $10,  Theme Color, Chrome & Fins - From the Studio  to the Street Concept Cars of the Jet and Space Age.
    Sylvania Exhibition Center, 7060 Sylvania Ave., Sylvania, OH 43560.
    Held in conjunction with John Carlisle's Toledo Toy Show,  separate $7 admission to toy show,  toy show hours 9am-2pm.
    Join us for the oldest continuously running model show in the world !
  2. Gregg added a post in a topic Model Cars Magazine Renewals   

    Jim, I do appreciate any offer of help
    However, Like I have stated 329 times, email me, let me know what you can do, and we can go from there.
    I just did a full search of emails, the only one I show from a "CrazyJim" is October 2014.
    I don't mean to sound like an ungrateful ass, but look at from this point of view.
    Yes, you want to help.
    What can you do?
    Can you set up an easy to use system, maybe using Excel with pivot tables that can pull up all subscriber info?
    Can you set up a FileMaker Pro template to use with the Excel data?
    Or something else?
    For me to explain how to do something would take longer to do than to do it myself.
    Plus, I don't fist the forum often, hardly at all.
    I save 93.487% of all emails.
    I have over 32,000 in the inbox still, and that's not counting folders.
    You want to help?
    I appreciate the offer.
    Email me.
    What can you do?
    Seriously, just saying you want to help, then only posting that on the forum, and then really just laying it on me for not responding?
    Sorry, but this gets me, big time.
    Marcos, Tom, unnamed and witness protection people, mahalo nui loa!!!!
    As for deadlines, cough up $50K to get the next three issues printed and we'll all be happy.
    Yes, things are getting on track.
    It's worse than starting from scratch.
    When you start from scratch, you get the initial subscriber monies that come in.
    I had to honor over 2,000 subscribers, and rely on renewals, and dealer sales.
    The percentages I was hoping for in submitting renewals and invoices paid are not even close to the projected numbers I ran.
    how did Golden Bell do it?
    Easy, they did it all in house
    I have to pay, up front, the printing and mailing costs.
    Am I complaining?
    Nope, stating facts.
    Am I making excuses?
    Nope, stating facts.
    Why not go to all digital?
    Nope, never going to happen.
    So, either you are in it for the long haul, have faith in what we all are doing, and will do what you can, when you can, 
    or you're not.
    Sorry for the rant
    Probably my longest post.
    Just got back from the main post office, had to take care of the filing forms for sending out the mag, through USPS, not fun, and I will probably forget what I'm supposed to do.
    Which is why I don't like phone calls anymore
    I don't mind talking, I just won't remember what was said, what I'm supposed to do, or sometimes even who called.
    Okay, I pau
  3. Gregg added a post in a topic Barnes & Noble and MCM   

    Thanks for the updates.
    Still trying to get into their data system, to see what stores get how many copies.
    Too complicated for my last brain cell.
  4. Gregg added a post in a topic Barnes & Noble and MCM   

    The Barnes & Noble order went from 500 copies under Golden Bell Press to now over 1850 copies.
    Huge jump!
    I can't get to the data yet to see what stores have it, still working on that
    Yes, asking your local hobby shop would help.
    let me know what shop it is, see if I have contact info also.
    Send me an email:
  5. Gregg added a calendar event in Model Car Shows/Events   

    Lower Left Coast NNL

    Lower Left Coast NNL
    Saturday August 13, 2016
    Carlsbad Senior Center, 799 Pine Ave., Carlsbad CA
    9:00 am to 3:00 pm
    Sponsored by Model Cars Magazine
    A fund raiser for Operation Silver Star to assist disabled U.S.. military veterans
    For additional information and forms go to
    Please use the new phone number 619-284-0494 for any questions
  6. Gregg added a post in a topic Model Cars Magazine Renewals   

    I have asked many times NOT TO REPLY to me on the forum, SEND AN EMAIL.
  7. Gregg added a post in a topic Model Cars Magazine Renewals   

    Jim, the sarcasm is greatly appreciated.
    Shows great support.
    I really do appreciate it.
  8. Gregg added a topic in General   

    Digital Downloads
    Skip, this one is for you, finally!
    I have finally got a handle on the digital downloads for the magazine (I hope).
    If you go to Digital Download Issue #200 I have put up a copy of Issue #200.
     Let me know if there are any problems, I think I have it worked out.
    I will start uploading not only the current issues, but the recent ones as well.
    Let me know about the download speed, size of the file, loading, viewing, etc.
    I don't have the links embedded in the PDF's yet, I will try and work on that for the next things to do.
    Thanks for your support, patience, and of course, putting up with all the changes going on.
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  9. Gregg added a post in a topic Model Cars Magazine Renewals   

    It is printed and mailed
    if anyone wants to donate $10K an issue to get it caught up, let me know.....
  10. Gregg added a post in a topic Model Cars Magazine Renewals   

    thanks, Guys!
    Like I have said (many times), if you want to, contact me by EMAIL!!!!
    I don't get to the forum often, only when alerts pop up.
    For the renewals, when Denver gave me the first mailing list, they did so without renewal numbers/account numbers.
    By the time my last brain cell figured this out, after a mailing, it was too late to go back and redo the whole 2,000+ list.
    So, I have been updating my list (they used proprietary software, I use Excel), one by one.
    If you know your account number, put it down.
    If not, no worries
    Help, yes I need help
    I need over $10K an issue to print and mail the mag, just to get it out the door.
    That's just to get it out, not paying anyone.
    A software system for the subscribers is either 1K, or the good one is $6K, plus a 1K a year fee.
    Will Excel work, it does, for now, but it's limited.
    Can it be shared, yes, but it's risky.
    Will the mag continue?
    Yes. Why stop after 17+ years?
    I don't need my retirement account anymore
    Darryl loves throwing money up in the air.
    I love eating saimin, it's cheap, and tastes great!!!!
    Yes, I'm being facetious, it's part of my charm....
    If you have complaints, questions, etc. EMAIL ME.  or
  11. Gregg added a post in a topic Model Cars Magazine Renewals   

    Renewals are being sent out again, for the future issue expirations.
    We have also made the decision to go ahead and restart/accept the foreign subscriptions/renewals
    All current foreign subscribers were being sent their copies, of course, it's just with the change, and the insane prices/costs of the foreign mailings, we put renewals on hold until we had a better idea of what we were dealing with.
    There is still some issues with this, but we believe it will work out, so we are starting the renewals up for the foreign subs.
    But, with the cost of foreign mailings, for the renewal letters, we are asking that all of our readers who have subscriptions, that have, or will expire, to please use the online renewal link: Renewals For Model Cars Magazine.  Let me know if the link/PayPal checkout doesn't work for the foreign subs. I know I had a problem with non-US addresses before, so this may be a trial-and-error bit for a while.
    The subscribe link still works, I just set up another duplicate page with it's own url/name, to make it a bit easier.
    I will be updating the rest of the site soon also.
    Yes, I'm late, I know, not getting any better, but I am not going to give up.
  12. Gregg added a post in a topic Status Update: Model Cars #201   

    Time to end this.
    Everyone will have their own opinion.
  13. Gregg added a post in a topic Status Update: Model Cars #201   

    Then, please, explain to me why our distributor for newsstands recorded the highest sell through for magazines in a long long time over the past holiday season?
    Don't believe everything you read.
    Digital is a tool. Not a replacement.
  14. Gregg added a post in a topic Status Update: Model Cars #201   

    Heh, no big words....
    Not allowed....
  15. Gregg added a post in a topic Status Update: Model Cars #201   

    Thanks, Guys!
    If I "had" to go digital, I would shut it down, or sell it.
    I don't believe in digital only mags.
    That's not a magazine.
    That's a web site.
    Big difference.
    A magazine without a print presence is nothing in my book.
    Yes, harsh words, but I'm very opinionated on this, very passionate about the print industry.
    It's not going away, and either am I.
    As for the donation setup, that was tried before, and it just creates more problems, issues, etc., than the hundred or two dollars that it brings in.
    We are talking big money here, well, at least to me.
    A few dollars here and there doesn't really do much difference to the main picture of it all.
    We're talking thousands, not hundreds, and I know, every little bit helps, but I would rather drain my wallet, and piggy banks, again and again, then give anyone false hopes.
    Right now, funding is in place for this next issue, #201, but then, again, the next two issues are ready, and then that's another $25K give or take. It takes time, but it will happen. 
    Plus, I get accused of "ripping" people off, with the other mag, and I don't want that to be an issue (pardon the pun) here.
    It will work out.
    Need to get off my back, haha, and get up and do more of what can be done.
    Someone said to delegate, but problem is, with the way everything is set up, I can't afford the $6,000+ software that would be needed to handle delegation of the system/database/subscriber/dealer lists. It's all done in simple Excel, and it just wouldn't work. Something will slip through the cracks.
    Just look at the changeover from GBP to MCM,LLC. When they sent the subscriber list, they didn't include the account numbers for the subscribers.
    I didn't realize it until after I had set it up for the way I could do it (they had proprietary software, which I could not get) and did it all in Excel.
    After all the conversion, I noticed the account numbers from an old list, but it was too late by then.
    Yes, a programer could probably do a pivot table, or dupe find, and combine it all, but then, again, that's another grand or two.
    So, these are the cards I'm dealt with.
    I appreciate the offers of help, but there has to be a system set up and in place that would allow the sharing of the data, in real time, so that nothing gets missed.
    I'm not a control freak, I just don't want to lose anything, and have to start over, again.
    wow, that's a lot of mumbo jumbo....
    Maybe that guy in New Jersey who won the lottery likes to build  model cars and has a soft spot for the underdog?
    a hui ho!