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  1. Otaki 1/12 Lamborghini Countach Upgrade

    Dang! I was going to list this car, with two other of the huge 1/12 kits (the Porsche and the Benz), but you maybe make me change my mind!!!!
  2. Tamiya Ferrari 312B Tires

    While going through all the kits from a couple of collections I picked up a while ago, I found that the tires from the Tamiya Ferrari 312B kit were melted. I mean MELTED!!!! One was still in the clear plastic cover on the cardboard that comes in the kits. So, my question is this: what other Tamiya 1/12 F1 kits would have the same type of tires? Alternative is does anyone have a set of tires that they would donate? Last option is to borrow a set, one front, one rear, and cast them, and do the long-anticipated article on resin casting tires. Thanks in advance. And yes, I'm still alive, still getting caught up, no back is worse, still waiting for surfer #8, and my left knee is now on strike (sometimes I can walk, other days in bed). Thanks for your support and patience.
  3. Is Model Cars Magazine still in production?l

    sorry for not seeing this earlier. Yes, the magazine is still alive. No, I haven't had that eighth back surgery, yet, don't know when it will be. A quick update, as of this week, August 21, 2018, I am working 25/7 on getting the mag back up to speed. Still don't have anyone helping with the art/layout/design, so I will be borrowing what I can from Harry's old layouts, tweaking and using what he taught me over the years. As for the history of the mag, it's a little off, but that's a story for another day. I thought I had put the whole timeline up here a while ago. Yes, it costs a lot to print and mail the mag, and it's a constant battle to follow up on billings, not to mention the endless updates to the circulation data/files, all the filings, forms, and other legal/beagle things that have to be done. Figure Golden Bell had 12 people upstairs who did all of this, full time. No, I'm not giving up. Yes, there are those who would love to see the mag, and me, go away, but too bad, not going to happen. As for some other issues, as stated in private emails, this was supposed to have turned over to "Solicitors," but nothing has ever happened. Yes, I keep EVERY SINGLE EMAIL, received and sent. I also have now, I think it's up to seven, file cabinets of all the paperwork from the mag over the years. When will the next issue be out? Soon, is all I can say. Once I'm physically able to do this, nothing will stop me, and I won't take any more crud from anyone. I do want to thank everyone who has stood by, and behind me, over these past few years, and even decades. The mag will be 20-years-old in 2019, which is amazing. So, 2018, I know I'm late, again, but watch out, here I come!!! k den Gregg
  4. Some really cool stuff by Dave Dickash

    That is his real last name. Why would you even bring something like that up?
  5. MCM T-Shirts, New Colors/Sizes

    MCM T-SHIRTS, NEW COLORS: Grey & White, plus some more sizes We have our MCM T-Shirts once again, and this time (after many many requests), we have them in ash grey, and trial run of six (6) X-Large White shirts. We also have the big boyz sizes of 3XL and 4XL. We made a few medium black ones. Unfortunately, we have the Black Large and X-Large stashed away in storage, and we won’t be able to get those back out for another month or two. They are black Hanes Tagless, and they do run a bit large. I used to take an X-Large, but now the Large fits me better. They are $18 for Large and XL, $20 for XXLarge, $22 for 3XL, and $24 for 4XL. Shipping for each shirt to a U.S. address is $4.00. Visit the site, MCM T-Shirts to order yours today! There is a limited amount of the shirts available, and in the two days they have been available, I have sold ten already! I only had a total of 48 shirts made this time, but if they sell out quickly, I'll have my new screen printer James get started on another batch, this time with more shirts, more sizes, and maybe some other goodies if he can work on them for me. Mahalo!
  6. Issue #205

    Thanks And we just lost Tom West as well the other day. Sad days
  7. So you want a shiny Cadillac eh?

    I do have an article/series coming up on the chrome paint, picked up the whole system a while ago. One of these days I'll be able to start it. It's a long, hard, and dare to say, physically demanding way to do chroming.
  8. Gregg I fixed my PM thanks anyway.



  9. Gregg I turned my PM off by mistake how do I turn it back on?


  10. Issue #205

    Thanks, Lee! Today may also have been the last hurdle Will know in about a week or two If this is true, than Haole Lu Yah!!!! Yes, my pocho play on words.....
  11. Issue #205

    I hope you are being sarcastic Last issue was mailed out 8/21/17
  12. Issue #205

    Issue #205 was sent to printer last week Doing the last of the paperwork now, it's been plated/printed, and should be mailed out once they get the rubber check for postage from me. Heads Up: There are two misteaks that I know of that I missed in one bit, it's my fault, no excuses, but this was a very hard issue to do. It's Harry's last issue, and every time I worked on the bit it hurt, I know, sappy to say, but that's the way it is. So, now it's 26/8 on Slot Cars #7, and then work on 206 AND Contest Issue, at the same time, hopefully I can sit up long enough to do this. Thanks for your patience, and support
  13. Welcome, Kevin. An attorney, hhhmmmm.... :-) Don't know if you checked out the Big Boyz section here. Facebook also has a big scale group. 3D printing is real big now, pardon the pun, I have done a few articles on this, and I have a few 1/16 projects featuring 3D printed parts coming up in the mag soon.
  14. NNL West

    NNL West (Santa Clara, CA) Saturday, February 3, 2018 Santa Clara Convention Center 9am-4pm NNL West
  15. Wanted model chrome for very old cars

    George who? :-) One of the guys on the forum who I absolutely love being around!!!! You tell em' GB!!!!