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  1. Final stages. I'm having issues with the front fender. The bracket didn't end up in the right place, I'll probably just cut it. I can't see where I did something I shouldn't have. The cables. The black hose provided is very flexible, much more so than the old vinyl tubing MPC used to provide. It looks way too large and it should be a light grey or white. I still have old, white wrap wire I may try.
  2. Thanks again, guys. Sorry Mike, no clue as to the origin of the vise. I've got a 50 year old parts stash. I'm vaguely remembering a van kit from the 70s that had tools, maybe 1/20.
  3. With windshield. Great fit from the outside. i still need to detail the Cragars. I'm also working on some bed filling stuff
  4. Odds and Ends is under the Krylon brand. Found it at Hobby Lobby. I've heard that at least part of that line is the remnants of Pactra.
  5. The paint is Odds and Ends "Rain Drop" And Tamiya white. Rain drop is pretty close the Ford green from '66
  6. Thanks, guys! The ladder is some scrap balsa from a ship model, toothpicks and some photoetch for the hinges and spreader bracket that I still need to add to the side that's showing in the pics. I've also figured out that removing the mounting flanges and putting the windshield in from the outside is way easier than following the instructions. I'll also be putting that front bumper back on for the third time.
  7. Super excited about the Krates! But I think that some of those names on the decal sheet are supposed to be black. The Lemon Peeler anyway
  8. samdiego

    Gama Goat

    Did you scratch build that top? nice
  9. samdiego


    This was a fairly simple build. There are no instructions, just a box art illustration that's mirrored for some reason. Standard clean up for a good resin kit. The white metal motor seems a little small but I can see fit problems if it were larger.
  10. samdiego


    This one is billed as 1/25
  11. I am. I remember being quite unaware of these until one rolled up beside me at a traffic light. I was on a '78 Suzuki. The Katana was alien spacecraft stuff compared to everything else at the time.
  12. I just got this one. It seems smaller than 1/25 to me. I got all 6 from a coworker for free. I'd like to know what year it's from
  13. I started the High tech Messer Cabriolet years ago. It's a bit of a bear. Seems over-complicated to me. I'm betting the lower tech kit is easier to finish
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