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  1. 1974 Honda CB400F

    Almost finished. I can't overstate how detailed this kit is. The taillight lens is 4 pieces, each molded in the appropriate color. There is detail under the ignition and clutch covers. The oil filter cover can be removable, the oil filter is removable and reveals correct detail in there too. The red fender is from MPC's 1/8 Dick Mann Honda.
  2. I thought the villagers stormed the company and burned that one
  3. IMC Model Company

    My original Dodge cabover truck has IMC on the mudflaps
  4. Desirable Reissues

    MPC's 1/8 scale Drag Bikes. I think there was a Harley, a Triumph and a Kawasaki
  5. 1974 Honda CB400F

    In progress. The box states that the 1:1 was laser scanned. ThenI have to assume that it was cad cammed into the dies. The detail and engraving is pretty impressive. Part halves could fit better, especially the carbs.
  6. 1974 Honda CB400F

    On my front porch this afternoon, a new tool from Aoshima. These were awesome when they were new.The best handling production bikes of their day. This looks like it's going to be a good time. The motor builds as a stack of however many louvers you can see on the box top. There are decal markings for every handlebar control. The wheels are each made up of 4 pieces with some of the thinnest spokes I've seen in styrene. This one came from Model RoundUp, just under$50 with shipping. I've started with putting the tank halves together and trying the license decal
  7. MPCs Dick Mann Honda

    Thanks, Unk. Still plenty of opportunity to leave a gluey thumbprint
  8. Wooden model ships

    And they smell good
  9. Wooden model ships

    I don't think AL does bad kits. I think I know which kit your wife got you. Good starter, covers the basics, minimal rigging.
  10. Wooden model ships

    I'd recommend Atersania Latina. I think the Blue Nose might be a good starter. It's absolutely a different experience than plastic, but it's a good one. Yes the rigging is time consuming, but worth it
  11. MPCs Dick Mann Honda

    Still a WIP. Typical MPC. I picked this up on sale after ignoring it at full retail mostly because I have the CB750 and assumed it would be the same kit with a fairing. Actually there are a lot of differences although not a completely accurate replica of Mann's machine. The reason i strayed from the original was that the deacls will not conform to the compound curves even with multiple apps of different setting solutions. I gave up and grabbed the spare numbers from the Italeri Norton Manx. Much easier to deal with. Most of the chrome needs to not be chrome. I shot the cases with Testors Flat, the tinwork with Tamiya semi-gloss and left the access covers in chrome. Now I hate to cover it with the bodywork
  12. 1/25 MPC Tiger Shark

    Also known as the Python in HotWheels lingo
  13. Heller 1949 Talbot Lago Grand prix racer

    No they don't. I kept seeing 1939 on the instructions because they start with a bit of Talbot Lago history, in French. When I finally got around to reading the story in the English translation, it's pretty easy to figure out. This car is indeed from 1949