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  1. Wondering why

    Geez, I hate it when I go off on a rant and then it turns out that the situation isn't what my perception was. Thanks to the PMers for the explanation. Gregg, if you're listening in, email me, maybe I can help you.
  2. Let's see . . .

    Biting the hand that feeds you (us)?

    treading on thin ice.

    walking on eggs.

    Well anyway, how long before you get a nasty letter from one of Gregg's brain trust? His posse, the moderators. 

    Me personally, I think the way he runs his magazine is deplorable.

    It will be interesting to see what kind of response you get.

    I'm sorry for your crappy service. Just know you are not alone.

  3. Wondering why

    So last November I fill out the online form and send payment for an MCM subscription. About May, I email that I haven't received any issues as yet. Greg emails something about an old address. Apparently, Paypal still had old address info linked to my previous MCM subs. Odd since I've done several transactions at the address that I've had for the last 5 years with no issues. So I ask to at least have the remainder sent to the correct address. That was in July. No response. Apparently MCM has decided to stiff me on a sub. That's Ok, I can get by with my Scale Auto sub. That one came through fine, as well as half a dozen other titles. Wonder why? Hope my old addy is enjoying free MCMs
  4. Dyno Don Funny car coming next year 2018

    Business case? Small Block, Big block, stock, drag, custom, Eliminator, Trans Am
  5. AMT Vintage Silhouette

    They showed Wonderful World of Wheels to us on movie day when I was in 4th grade. I got in trouble for yelling "Hey, It's the Silhouette!" I think Lloyd bridges was the host.
  6. I just discovered that the IMC/ Lindbergh Cougar II is on a small block Cobra chassis. Interesting car, good enough kit.
  7. JO-HAN Maverick kits

    I think those rims are Motor Wheel Spiders
  8. 1970s Revell Top Fuel Dragster History

    For the love of God, don't let her hear you say Cha Cha, trust me
  9. Dyno Don Funny car coming next year 2018

    Well, After spending some time with this kit, yes it's a turd. Disappointing, but I knew this going in. I just let the "Styrene goggles" get the better of me. The body isn't bad but everything else could be better. The decals look good but I haven't tried them at this point.
  10. I blame Tim Boyd...

    I owe Tim an apology from many, many years ago. Hopefully the thing has never crossed his mind and isn't anywhere on his radar so I'm not going to elaborate. But I can blame him for many hours of model history and reviews. Thanks Tim, for the press you've given me, for being with us and for your contributions to this great hobby
  11. 1974 Honda CB400F

    Almost finished. I can't overstate how detailed this kit is. The taillight lens is 4 pieces, each molded in the appropriate color. There is detail under the ignition and clutch covers. The oil filter cover can be removable, the oil filter is removable and reveals correct detail in there too. The red fender is from MPC's 1/8 Dick Mann Honda.
  12. I thought the villagers stormed the company and burned that one
  13. IMC Model Company

    My original Dodge cabover truck has IMC on the mudflaps
  14. Desirable Reissues

    MPC's 1/8 scale Drag Bikes. I think there was a Harley, a Triumph and a Kawasaki