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  1. samdiego added a post in a topic John Muldowney passed away   

    She had issues with the old Tucson Dragway Management (I worked there back then.) But in my experiences with both they were always good to deal with.
  2. samdiego added a post in a topic NNL East and the most wanted list!   

    And the '67 Ranchero will never get the love it deserves
  3. samdiego added a post in a topic Testor ModelMaster paint bottle lids   

    A bit of lighter flame works well also
  4. samdiego added a post in a topic AMT's '68 El Camino   

    The blue was shot first as the Tamiya primer is pretty opaque. I've started using "Press and Seal" for the major masking duties. It works really well for me.
    Tamiya fine line was used for the edges splitting the trim down the middle.
  5. samdiego added a post in a topic What do you drive?   

    Mostly I drive women wild, unfortunately not in the good way 
  6. samdiego added a post in a topic Revell 1/8th L.A. Chopper   

    Wasn't there a Revell Kawasaki drag bike as well? I'd love to see those brought back
  7. samdiego added a post in a topic A house full of Plastic & Die-Cast   

    Was that Lancer pre-painted Ford body shot with Clearview 2000?
  8. samdiego added a post in a topic AMT's '68 El Camino   

    The original kit of the '68 Elky reminded me of the old promo style. The Nassau Blue was from the can, no primer. It did get a bit darker under the clearcoat.
    There's this too. The body halves didn't fit very well but the plastic is thick enough to take the sanding it took to even it up. Nice to have it. 

  9. samdiego added a post in a topic AMT's '68 El Camino   

    Thanks, guys. I posted that at work and am feeling the need to add a few more comments. My first impression was that the body lines were a little wonky, especially through the quarters. I think it looks better under paint. I'd call it pretty accurate, actually. Hood fit could be better. The window fit is awesome with enough friction at the small locator pins to hold them in place, front and back. The front end chrome also friction fits well, not so for the rear. Better attachment points would be good here. There is really nice detail on the 396. There are brackets on both the alt and the AC compressor. Lines for the AC. Decals for the valve covers and air cleaner. There is a nice open element version on the chrome tree, I haven't reassembled the under hood stuff yet. Dash decals would have been awesome, the gauge on the left may be a tach with a clock in it (I thought Tic Toc Tach was a Pontiac thing) very faintly engraved on two levels. Mine could have come out better. They should also have clear lenses at he edge of the bezel, about a scale inch and a half from the faces. Mold seams run over the chrome trim in places but aren't huge. There are a few sink marks which I ignored because I'm lazy. Right at the point of the body front at the top crease on both sides and in the sail panels under the faintly textured vinyl roof The top is Tamiya fine white primer. The clear is also Tamiya.. I kept the roof treatment mostly because I realized that Trumpeter's Monte Carlo was the only vinyl roof car I've built and I gave that one away after a not so positive review for the mag. And I didn't want to do the work as it would interfere with my current speed building style. About three a month, almost finished. Anyway, I probably needed a vinyl roof car on the shelves.  Looks great up there to me.
  10. samdiego added a post in a topic AMT's '68 El Camino   

    That's Nassau Blue Model Master Laquer. A factory color
  11. samdiego added a topic in Car Kit News & Reviews   

    AMT's '68 El Camino
    It's a pretty good kit, definitely better than the Promo. The body to chassis assembly is nerve wracking. I might suggest leaving the accessories off of the drive until after and leaving the motor loose.  The brake booster and master cylinder also. That's where the interference was. Yes, I'll get to the side mirrors.

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  12. samdiego added a post in a topic More American Graffiti Dragster Replica   

    A movie that's on my short list of faves. Nice job
  13. samdiego added a post in a topic Why Glue Bombs ?   

    My favorite glue bomb. The first step in construction is complicated and involves trapping the working landing gear between the fuselage halves. The builder's technique was to place the part and squeeze cement around it, didn't work and he gave up. No paint either. My Dad had built one of these when it was new. I finally played with it to the point of destruction. After resurrecting this one I proudly presented to him to make up for it. One of my fave planes, a hard to find kit and I got it for $5. It came apart nicely, went back together just as nice and everything works.


  14. samdiego added a post in a topic Sad Sad Sad News: Our Harry Passed Away   

    One of my greatest pleasures in life has been writing for Model Cars Magazine. It was an honor to work with you, Harry. Thank You and Godspeed
  15. samdiego added a topic in Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials   

    strange masking error
    This is the dash for AMT's '68 El Camino. I thought that I had globbed on a thick enough coat of The Detailer's liquid mask to protect the gauges. I shot the black, let it set and pulled the mask. It's hard to see but the one on the left took a perfect coat of black only on the high spots of the numbers. Click on it and magnify. One of those happenings that I couldn't have done if i had tried. I don't know if this is possible to repeat reliably but it does highlight how fine you can get with the liquid mask. i had no idea. The downside is that I was going for white numbers. 

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