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  1. samdiego added a post in a topic Wish Lists   

    Classic Indy and F-1 cars from the 40s - 60s. Transporters and large trucks from the same era. Early Bonneville cars. A belly tanker. A '64 Corvair. '67 Ranchero. An Airstream trailer. Vista Cruisers. The early 60s Ford pickups. The Exner New Yorkers and letter cars
  2. samdiego added a post in a topic Moebius '54 Hudsons   

    Tower Hobbies shows the Drag car but that isn't the kit they are shipping now. I'm a little disappointed that neither the Cragars or the drag decals came in this stock only kit.
  3. samdiego added a post in a topic Revell 1957 Ranchero?   

    If Revell really loved me they would do a '67 Ranchero
  4. samdiego added a post in a topic 1/8 MPC Honda 750 Four & Trail 70 Mini Bike   

    I'm not crazy about the vinyl tubing, but have found that a gentle dose of heat will soften the tube, allowing easy install. Then it contracts a bit when it cools giving a fairly secure connection. I didn't glue the tire halves, I just let the rim halves pinch them together. 
  5. samdiego added a post in a topic MPC's Honda CB750 WIP   

    Thanks guys. The gauge cluster fits onto the tongue sticking out of the triple tree. Not well represented in the instructions. It does have enough surface area for a good bond and is fairly sturdy when done. The instructions are also a little vague about clocking the inputs of the gauges. I haven't run those cables yet so I don't know if pointing them straight back was a good idea or not.  The tires are one piece but the fit to the rim is poor and they are a bit misshapen.
    I'd recommend it, It does finish nicely and there are tons of reference online. I can't remember the last time I saw one on the street.
    I got this from Tower Hobbies online. Waiting way too long before ordering it Tuesday the 22nd of December. Taking advantage of their free shipping, I figured I'd have it by the end of the following week. Seems they saw fit to ship it on a faster drone and it actually arrived on Christmas Eve. Nice touch and I really appreciated the gesture. Just sayin'
  6. samdiego added a post in a topic MPC's Honda CB750 WIP   

    There really aren't any pitfalls. You can assemble the lower end of the motor before installation. Lots of chrome removal or dullcoating. One aspect that gave me a few minutes of pause was the gauges. The characters are raised on the backside of the lenses. It finally dawned on me to mask the faces and shoot the backs with a thin coat of black. When this had set, I polished the high spots clear with a piece of 1200 grit, picked out the needles with orange and back-painted  them with white. They came out just as good as I had hoped. The handlebars were made from an old T'rantula header, close enough diameter and it had the right curves. Clubman style bars were hot in the 70's. The air cleaners are ribbed caps from tiny craft glue tubes, painted white. I'm not revealing how I re-jetted the carbs.
  7. samdiego added a topic in All the Rest   

    MPC's Honda CB750 WIP
    It was going just fine until the same urges hit that occurred when I was riding in the 70's. Header, air cleaners and jets, handlebars. Now I'm deciding on whether or not to bob the fenders and paint them to match the tank (probably). The tank and seat aren't fastened and I've got plumbing to do. Wish the tire fit was better. This kit is typical 70's MPC. Not bad, not great. A nice couple of weekends.

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  8. samdiego added a post in a topic Amt 36 Ford?   

    There was a build review a few years ago but I can't remember which MC issue or who wrote it. Oh yeah, I wrote it, but I still can't remember which issue it was in. I do remember that it was run in black and white, which made my mostly flat light blue look like grey primer. Not a bad kit, upper tier for the time I would say.
  9. samdiego added a post in a topic Stardust....Digger Cuda   

    I'm in the finishing stages with mine, wish I had seen this post first. I built mine like an airplane kit. Everything inside was finished and the body halves sealed around it. I Masked the windows and openings and shot the body. It came out pretty well but would really benefit from the Deeks cycle wheels. Does this car have any basis in realty?
  10. samdiego added a post in a topic The HAMB is reporting that George Barris has died   

    Another Icon? THE Icon! Yeah, he was a little wacky but I'm going to have to throw in that he was the best known custom builder in the country for a few decades. You don't get to that point by laying low. I've been in the sign business for 30 years, vaguely similar, the shop owner always takes the credit. The Hirohata Merc may have been more Sam than George but it's my favorite Merc. Can't believe the Hollywood Reporter didn't catch the caption reading Chuck Barris instead of G.B., a little harsh. I think Chuck is still here. The man deserves more respect than that. I figure that very few of us here know the true stories. I don't, so I'm not going to slam the man post-mortem.
    I do remember an episode of Chop, Cut, Rebuild. They revisited the Supervan after restoration. Dan, the Host sees GB's sig on the nose and comments. The shop owner repiles "Try and stop him! I turned my back and he was signing everything!"
    The King of Promotion, he was really good at it.
    RIP, George. Thank You for the years of modeling that you made possible for me. 
  11. samdiego added a post in a topic Honda 750 MPC Released   

    I Wish it had been done in the same scale as the Tamiya (1:6) so I could use the parts I have from the Tamiya original release. I still have the bag of chain links, Too fiddly for 10 year old me back in the day. I'm planning to build mine with the mods most of us made to our riceburners in the 70s. Header, lower handlebars, a mild shaving of the unnecessary parts. Rejetting the 1/8 scale carbs could be challenging.
  12. samdiego added a post in a topic 1/8 MPC Honda 750 Four & Trail 70 Mini Bike   

    Nice, now can anybody post pics of their 1:1 CB750 Four?
  13. samdiego added a post in a topic Regarding your questions on the AMT Dodge Deora kit reissue...   

    A masterpiece of the Alexander Brothers. I've always liked this truck a lot. It's awesome that it's still around and still so appreciated
  14. samdiego added a post in a topic Regarding your questions on the AMT Dodge Deora kit reissue...   

    I think the HotWheels Deora II was a new design from HWs. Foose may have had something to do with a full size realization of that car. The main design feature was that it used a Taurus wagon for the front much as the original used a Ford Station Wagon. 
  15. samdiego added a post in a topic Amt 1958 Impala Vs Revell 1958 Impala   

    Another vote for AMT. Even with the door alignment issues.