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  1. stump added a post in a topic Just finished - Trumpeter 1:12 Ford GT40 MK II   

    Nice clean build, congrats on a fine example of "model completion." It is something I've not done in over 5 years. (soon to change......)
  2. stump added a post in a topic 1:12 1969 Camaro Z/28 as seen in the August '69 issue of Car Life.   

    Great work so far Mike. Your attention to the finer details is faultless and encouraging, I like where this is headed.
    Loving the idea behind the "wider" rear tyres too, I think this is something most of us have tried at some point. I have an idea a mate may actually be casting them? I will have to check with him.
  3. stump added a post in a topic 1/12 Baldwin Motion ZLX-427 Phase 3   

    Thanks for the picture link John. I do have those, plus an assortment of others which I've managed to find online. Not the most photographed car ever. lol.

    Jeff, thanks for your kind words mate.
    The 3D parts are rough, but not unworkable....The trans I left "as supplied", it has a kind of cast look to it, so I was happy to use it as it was.
    The main engine block could have done with some smoothing, but again, I was happy to leave it alone. It is painted black and will not be overly visible when everything else it bolted on and around it.
    The heads have had minor clean up, but only on the surfaces which would be "machined" smooth (or flat) on a real motor.
    For what it's worth, I believe Shapeways have now added (or will be very soon) a NEW material process which is supposed to get the details even finer. Will be interesting to see how much better parts will become.

    The tube for the headers is Plastruct 4.8mm which scales up to approx 2.27inch in 1:1. It's a tad large, but still works for me, they are supposed to be a set of "competition headers", so a bit of give and take.
    Looking thru some parts lists online, I found some which are tagged as 2.1**inch (on real set), so they aren't that much oversize.

  4. stump added a post in a topic 1/12 Baldwin Motion ZLX-427 Phase 3   

    After a few solid hours over several weekends, the headers are almost looking like, well.....headers.
    The tube scales out at a tad over 2inch and snaking them around engine components sure tested my mind....starter motor, oil filter, steering box.....all clear.

    There is still a massive amount of work to do yet, most of the joints are not yet glued, then I have to make the collectors.......

    And we are finally caught up......a long journey continues.......
    Thanks for stopping by and feel free to fire away with questions or concerns, critique etc...
  5. stump added a post in a topic 1/12 Baldwin Motion ZLX-427 Phase 3   

    Still with the chassis, as I had cut this off the main floor, the floor was patched and I had to make new mounting boss' to support the mid point...

    Started on the Hurst shifter mount...

    I them commenced the tedious work on the Hooker headers....(Note; the entire motor has had NO glue so far, all bolted together with Scalehardware Thanks Bob)

    ALL holes were very carefully drilled and tapped.....

  6. stump added a post in a topic 1/12 Baldwin Motion ZLX-427 Phase 3   

    Oh my.....nearly 5 years.............................................

    Took me over an hour just to track down this old post. LOL
    Oh my goodness, how life can be so full at times......been back at the bench with a couple of old builds for a little while and been hanging out at that FB place....
    I have had the pleasure of meeting they guy (thanks to Facebook) who found this car years ago in a barn, before it underwent the rebuild. Quite an interesting past, to say the least.

    To get the ball rolling I purchased a new TDR 427 BB and 4-speed Muncie rockcrusher box. I rebuilt my own scatter-shield to suit both pieces and mated it all together.

    The entire front chassis has been rebuilt (fully removed from main chassis floor), added solid engine mounts to bolt the new motor in place.

    Gearbox cross-member now has slotted holes to allow adjustment and was lengthened to enable bolting it to the chassis.


  7. stump added a post in a topic 1/12 69 Camaro ProMod   

    Woah, nearly 2 years has passed.... How life gets in the way sometimes, huh. One day at a time I say......
    Well, a few changes and twisties along a bumpy road, progress on the TDR Camaro has regained some pace......still only in low gear.
    I hope Dave (Comp) will be pleased to see this resurface, tho I know he will also feel sadness, as I haven't been able to utilize ALL the amazing "parts" which he so graciously provided for this build.
    Weakness is a major flaw I have, and not being capable of "making" some basic rubber molds for wheels and tyres, I weakened and laid out some $$ for some from MicroNitro. Tyres I got from Rafael, thanks mate.

    The body was the big aspect of this build which scared me the you know, the surface texture really is quite grainy, and I have had numerous tips and ideas on the best method of attack.
    In the end, I chose to just go with paint, or primer in this case. I purchased some automotive grade sprays from my local parts store, some high fill surface Primer-Filler....It was ok, but the graininess was still there.
    Back I went shopping and ended up with some Spray Putty. The difference was like chalk and cheese.
    The following few picks just give an indication of how things will eventually look.....Bear in mind, all parts need to be sanded, and recoat with the spray putty. The front on shot of the hood has one side sanded, one not.

    The primer-filler......

    All coated with the spray putty.....

    Half sanded.....

    Still a good ways to go, but at least its a start.
    Thanks for stopping by, and feel free to ask Q or post any queries you may have.
  8. stump added a post in a topic 1/12th scale Quick Change or Junk Red Baron   

    Hi Elvin, this is not a kit part, but it appears to be highly detailed. I have some parts from these guys and with careful prep they look amazing.
    TDR market these parts thru Shapeways. They are 3D printed.
  9. stump added a post in a topic Datsun 240zg. In no way shape or form is this stumps build😊   

    Gary, thank you for the very kind link to my build, but please....take nothing away from yourself and this epic build mate.

    What you have done so far looks darn brilliant mate, I LOVE it. (two thumbs up from me )
    I'm liking how you molded in the wheel arch flares too.....very sleek.
    What have you got planned for motivation?

    Oh, and that rear hatch. Can you scribe out the excess super glue very carefully with the back pf an X-acto blade??
    Looking forward to seeing more Gary.
  10. stump added a post in a topic 1/12 Tamiya Datsun 240ZG   

    Thank you Lucas, I appreciate your thoughts mate.

    Nothing to update at this stage I'm sorry..... Be back on it soon enough tho folks.
  11. stump added a post in a topic 1/12 Tamiya Datsun 240ZG   

    Thanks Casey, it is pleasing to have it back on da bench.

    Thank you Gary.
  12. stump added a post in a topic Another Super 7   

    Great work Mark!

    That dashboard and tail light assembly are works of art alone......Always inspirational, that will never change. Thank you.
  13. stump added a post in a topic 1/16 Scale Army Vega Funny Car - Updated 7/16/2016   

    Simply............................A W E S O M E !

    Chris, thanks a million for showing the best possible way to execute the fabrication for that compound curve on the inspection cover....Brilliant Sir!

    Now, go and take your meds as directed.

    Can you give us an expected completion date yet mate???
    I just want to make sure I have an airfare booked so I can get over there and check this puppy out.....eyeball to eyeball........
  14. stump added a post in a topic 68 Mustang Twin Turbo Outlaw.... (updates 06/03/15)   

    Tyrone, this is one Horse that won't let itself get flogged.
    Looking great man, LOVE the detail attention you squeeze into these smaller (to me ) builds mate, simply inspiring is all I can add.
  15. stump added a post in a topic Super Gas SS Camaro   

    Sensational stuff Leonard. The rack'n'pinion looks very impressive. Is it functional? Sure looks great mate, as does the whole build of course.