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  1. shadetree added a post in a topic Case Orders   

    Contact Revell directly maybe consumer sales division. Will probably not sell mixed case of models.
  2. shadetree added a post in a topic LOWBOY TRAILER, with fold down goose neck, budget build   

    Nice work can't wait to see it finished
  3. shadetree added a post in a topic FIRE FROG is Finished!   

    Great work as always. Paint, theme, base, excellent.
    Where do you get those wide tires for your builds?
  4. shadetree added a post in a topic Something Completely Different - Vintage Travel Combo   

    Any updates. looking good
  5. shadetree added a post in a topic Car trailer   

    Nice trailer, scratch built, or kit? If kit which one?
  6. shadetree added a post in a topic Boss Trike   

    NIce work, good color
  7. shadetree added a post in a topic 1964 Ferrari 250 GTO   

    Any pics of finished car yet?
  8. shadetree added a post in a topic The Playland Penny Arcade   

    Remembered when you started the machines awhile back. Have not done much modeling myself in the last couple years. But still kruze around the sites.
    Great work as always. Glad to hear about your win.
  9. shadetree added a post in a topic Turning a Fat Boy into a Bobber   

    Great work. Those wheels look real.
  10. shadetree added a post in a topic Model Cars Magazine   

    Its a great mag. Worth the wait, but they are famous for slow ship
    ship times. Put Sherris email in your contact list. And the office number
    in your phone. Keep on building
  11. shadetree added a post in a topic Chili Pepper - VW Altered is Finished!   

    Great work. This was fun to watch. Just like the "old days"
  12. shadetree added a post in a topic BIKE SHOP IN 1/12 by the OLD MAN   

    Realy nice work. A huge investment in time and $$$. Can't wiat to see more.
    Where do you get all the 1/12 scale shop equipment? Can see that some is scratch built but what about the rest?
  13. shadetree added a post in a topic 8Th Scale Triangula - Update: 12-29-09   

    Still waiting on some detailed pictures of that crazy drive train.
    The body is also looking pretty good so far.
    Keep cutting that plastic.
  14. shadetree added a post in a topic new guy need help   

    Try a local hobby shop,see if you can get a discount on a bulk order. Don't know where your closest Hobby Lobby or Michael's are but you can sometimes get 40 or 50% off coupons online also in the newspaper or a rack in the store. Also try Big Lots if there are any in Pa.
    The parents need to be involved. You can't be expected to do this on your own, the costs will kill you. Revell used to have a Make & Take program for car shows and model contests,you'll have to check thier website. You might also check with your city hall maybe they have a community center with a room you can use as a meeting place. Check the yellow pages under volunteer orginazations 'cause you will probably need some help.
    Good luck
  15. shadetree added a post in a topic TIRE SIZES   

    First read the sidewall of the kit tire. This should get you in the ballpark. I have found most kit tires are pretty close to the stated size.
    As an example a 1:1 P225-70R15 is 225 millimeters wide with a 157.5mm high sidewall (70% of width) to fit a 15 inch rim. Also the P stands for
    passenger. An LT would be light truck. So in 1/25 that tire is 9mm wide with a 6.3mm sidewall fitting a rim about 9/16 in diameter.
    For the older alpha-numeric (G70/15) contact your local tire store for a conversion chart or maybe Coker Tire on the web.
    For plain sidewall generic tires measure the tire and multiply by whatever scale your useing.
    Hope this helps,