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  1. burlllee added a post in a topic 60's Dodge Sweptline Pickups?   

    Thanks Aaron, if you hear anything more on the '66, please let me know,
  2. burlllee added a post in a topic Ramchargers Dodge Challenger funny car   

    Very nice Jim and Walter, I love those old drag cars. Great builds.
  3. burlllee added a post in a topic 60's Dodge Sweptline Pickups?   

    Thanks George. I went to their website, they have a '58 Dodge p/u and it looks like a half ton pickup?
    It comes with two beds and can be built as a sweepside or stepside.
    It really looks good in the pics but it is a little pricey, $99.95.
    Thanks again, Earl
  4. burlllee added a post in a topic Ross Gibson Engines... O M G!!!   

    Hi all, I just joined this forum today. Great website .
    I have 5 or 6 Gibson engines and I think they're great. Really nice detail and very little clean up required.
    I put one I bought years ago in a Hemi Dart I'm building. It turned out great.

  5. burlllee added a topic in Truck Aftermarket / Resin   

    60's Dodge Sweptline Pickups?
    Is anybody casting a 60's Dodge pickup?
    I have the 60's A100, but I'd like to have a standard body style.
    Thanks, Earl
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