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  1. geoff7877 added a post in a topic Paint Questions... (Paging Dave T.)   

    Thanks for the tip Dave. I think at $10.00 bucks a can (bottle) for the HOK base alone, I think that I might try the mica blue over either a dark gray primer. I don't enter contest, but I do want a great looking end result, so I'll try for a happy medium. What clear do you use? I've been away from building for a while, so I'm trying start over again...

    By the way, what color(s) did you use for that #3 Jr. BGN car that has been up on Mr. NASCAR for years? I love the way that came out. The body work was as amazing as the paint. You tuly do some fine work my friend...

  2. geoff7877 added a topic in NASCAR   

    Paint Questions... (Paging Dave T.)
    Hello all! This is my first post here, so be gentle. I was actually doing a search for the #3 OREO Dale Jr. BGN car that Dave T. did years ago (saw it posted at Mr. Nascar a while back) and I was trying to find the color that he used. I'm building the #88 National Guard car and I need a little direction on the best blue to use. My first instinct was mica blue, but I've seen a lot of variation in that color but I gues that could because of the primer color.

    Anyone have a good match for the #88 blue? Thanks...

    And Dave if you read this, what chassi color are you using? The super detailed Rusty car that you did looks like a perfect match... Beautiful detail work as well.
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